Author's Notes: So, some actual plot this time. Warning: there is mpreg!

Over the next few days, General Iroh had settled into his new life at Republic City. He made use of a newly repaired mansion that had been abandoned by a group of Equalists. It wasn't obnoxiously lavish, but just large which was in fact needed when he would have meetings or when Bolin would invite Korra, Mako and Asami over to 'play.'

Currently, Bolin and Iroh were enjoying each other's company in the study. The teen was reading up on metal-bending techniques as Iroh made the many calls he had to make.

"Good Afternoon, Chief Beifong," the general smoothly greeted.

Bolin looked up from his book and listened closely, wondering what the two had to discuss. Once Lin replied back, the general began to state his business.

"I have a big proposition for you that I think you might like. I heard you were scouting for some new benders on the force." he paused as she spoke, "I promise I am not wasting your time. There is one person who I think would add a bit of…variety to your force," another pause, "…yes, he will need some training."

There was a lengthy silence as Iroh listened to the Chief on the phone. He gazed up at Bolin as he threaded the telephone wire in his newly healed hand.

"Of course," the general continued, "Thank you for taking your time out."

He then hung up the phone and heaved a sigh, "Well, that went better than expected."

"Who's this person? Is it Korra or something?"

The general shook his head as he stood up. Walking over to Bolin, he placed hands on his lover's shoulders.

"It's you," he smiled unsurely.

Bolin's mouth gaped, "Me? What makes you think I want to be on the force?"

"You want to learn metal-bending, right? You can get some training. And ultimately, it's your choice whether you want to work with the Chief or not."

"Really?" Bolin smiled.

Iroh nodded and sat down on the couch next the earth-bender.

"But there is a chance she'll slam the door in your face when she sees it's you."

Bolin put his hands on his hips, "But I'm exactly the type of person they need! I'm tough, good-lookin' and totally 'down to earth.' "

The general rolled his eyes, "Just try and play nice. You have an appointment with her at eight tomorrow."

"What time is it now?"

After checking his watch, Iroh replied, "It's around five; do you want to have dinner?"

Bolin pouted with mischievous eyes, "I kind of wanted dessert first."

"I think there's some cake left from yesterday," Iroh reported, stupidly.

Flopping back on the couch, the teen groaned, "Not that type of dessert, dude."

The general, Bolin found out, was horrible at realizing when his lover was being suggestive and it got him aggravated sometimes. Said stupid man was staring at him with a frown.

"You mean you want to have sex?"

"You really need to work on your dirty talk," Bolin pouted.

Iroh smirked at the challenge and leaned in to nip at the teen's ear, "How about you help me practice, then?"

It wasn't long before the two were tangled up in one another. Then, Iroh proceeded to fuck Bolin on the study couch for the next hour as the teen screamed loudly from the ecstasy.

Bolin nursed his aching back as headed through the police headquarters' door the next morning. Lin was standing there looking pissed as usual. He nervously walked up to her.

"Um, Good morning, Chief," he stood at attention.

She looked at him and then around the room, "Please, don't tell me it's you."

"…sorry," he murmured and shuffled his feet.

"Well, don't apologize for the general thinking you would have the guts to be on the force," she shrugged.

Bolin glared, "Now, hold on! I can do anything I set my mind to. Don't turn me away just because you think I'm incompetent. "

Lin raised an eyebrow, "Then, let's see some metal-bending."

"Uh, about that…" he weakly replied.

The chief sighed annoyed, "So, this is what he meant by 'some training.' "

"I know all the forms already…I just…can't do it."

Her anger waned at the sight of Bolin's melancholy expression.

"I have a few more minutes free. Come with me and I'll see what the problem is."

Lin led him down a flight of stairs into a large basement looking room. She walked across the room and took a fighting stance.

"Show me what you got."

Bolin mirrored her until she bent a piece of metal from the wall. He dodged it using a stance he had learned and she gave a bit of a grin. After a few more attacks and dodges, the chief stood up straight and fixed the ruined room back to its normal state.

"So, how'd I do?" Bolin eagerly asked.

"You did better than many of the men did on their first try-out."

He smiled at her assessment.

"But I don't understand why a well-trained earth-bender wouldn't be able to use metal."

Bolin's shoulders slouched in discontent, "There's no one else with this problem?"

Lin furrowed her eyebrows and muttered under her breath, "It couldn't be…"


"Just stand still for a minute."

Bolin stood up, board straight, in wait. The chief metal-bended her shoes up and took a deep stance, closing her eyes. She concentrated for a minute, her face contorting from shock to bafflement and then to a calm expression. Her eyes opened back up and she fixed her shoes.

"What is it?"

Lin seemed to have trouble with the words, "You have the possibility to metal-bend…but, I don't think you should try for a couple more months."

"Why? I'm a little lost here, dude." Bolin asked in confusion.

The chief shook her head, "So am I…you and the general…have you two had relations?"

Bolin blushed, "That's a tiny bit personal, don't you think?"

She pinched the bridge of her nose, "A 'yes' to that, then."

Raising her hand, Lin bent the metal floor up and created two roughly shaped chairs for them to sit across from one another.

Bolin resisted the urge to ask her how she did it and just joined the woman in sitting.

The chief gave a deep breath and put a hand awkwardly on Bolin's knee, "I'm going to tell you something that's going to be hard to for you to understand."

"I'm not gonna die am I?" Bolin looked terrified.

"No, darling," her face grew softer and more feminine, "I learned from my mother something about the tendencies of metal-bending. When she was…pregnant with me, she temporarily lost her abilities. It was a hormonal imbalance that prevented her from doing so."

Bolin blinked, "So, I have some weird 'hormonal imbalance?' "

"…Yes, but I think you missed what I meant to tell you there."

"Don't edge around the topic, Beifong. I can take it," he said, determined.

Lin swallowed, "You're pregnant, Bolin."