Author's Notes: Sorry for this chapter being a bit on the short side, but I wanted to end it a certain way and I'm tired and thirsty and sweaty, so this is all you get for the next day or two, unless I find more time.

Korra and Mako stayed well into the night talking things over with the couple. They would contact Katara tomorrow to make sure Bolin was kept healthy and to find how exactly this was all possible.

Once the two left, Iroh and Bolin settled down to go to sleep, but like most nights things got sexual. So they made love and it was better than all the previous times put together. Iroh was doing his very best to go slow and be gentle, now knowing that there was a fragile little baby inside of the man below him. Bolin had tried to convince him that it was fine to do it harder because they had already done it that way before, but right now he was so glad he had not tried too hard to change his mind. The general's pace and pressure were so good. The fact that he was holding back all of his instinct to just thrust away was such a turn on. Every soft and shallow thrust drove Bolin up the wall with pleasure and they were both certain that the neighbors, who were a good distance away, could definitely hear him screaming until the early morning hours.

The result of this was no sleep for either of them. Iroh forced his lover to nap for the next hour or two while he called up for Katara, who was thankfully still in the city. He agreed to meet her at the Air Temple for lunch.

Carrying a sleeping Bolin on his back, the general made his way up the many stairs in exhaustion. Mako was the first to see them and rushed over to help.

Iroh joked to everyone, "The baby's not even born and I already need a rest."

"Tell me about it," Pema said, smiling at Rohan in her arms.

It only took a few minutes of the smell of food to wake Bolin up. Pema had knowledgably prepared much more food than normal because now Bolin ate twice as much as he usually did. The general just sat there, his head in his hands, gazing sleepily with a little smile on his face at the teen eating his fill.

After the meal, Katara, Bolin and Iroh headed to a private room. The healer placed her glowing hands on Bolin's stomach as he lay down. She smiled quickly.

"There is a strong energy from the baby," she then mused on, "There's a good chance it will become a talented fire-bender."

Iroh smiled brightly, "I told you, Bo."

Bolin pinched his arm, teasingly.

Katara continued to press on the stomach, "Though, I am not sure how the baby came to be. It is physically impossible, but I feel the child's hearts beating…you are not mutated in any way, are you?"

"What do you mean?" the teen questioned.

"You're completely a male?"

"Oh! Yeah, totally," he turned to Iroh, "Right?"

The general blushed, "Unless you've changed in the last four hours, you're most definitely a male."

Katara pulled her hands back, "You're body seems to be making the proper hormones to keep the baby healthy, so I do not see that it is in any danger. But…"

"What?" the two said in unison.

"Your body has slightly changed, like the broadening of your hips, but since you do not have the anatomy of a woman, when the baby is ready to come into this world, it will have to be taken out through some cutting."

Bolin paled, "You're gonna cut me open?"

Katara looked sympathetic, "I have helped with many deliveries and this is more common than you may think. With the mixing of nations in these new generations, a small figured, fire nation woman would have the child of a large built earth-bender. In order for them to survive such an ordeal, comprises have to be made.

The teen gave a heavy breath, "I guess if it's the only way…"

She nodded and got up from her seat, "I wish to stay close to watch over you. I'll be moving in with Tenzin to do so. Weekly check-ups are recommended for you and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me."

Before Iroh could even open his mouth, Katara asked, "A question?"

Bolin looked over, interested.

The general blushed at all the eyes on him, "Uh, I was wondering if it's okay if we, um, you know…have sex?"

Katara laughed, "Of course, you can, my dears," she headed over to the door with a mischievous glint in her eye, "I suppose it would be best to leave you two alone after that question."

The couple blushed, dumbfounded as the healer left the room.

Bolin turned on the small bed so he was on his side and grunted.

"Something wrong?" Iroh asked.

"My lower back is just a little sore."

"Let me help."

The general walked over and put his hands on Bolin's back. He started softly and it was reminiscent of last night's events. Bolin pain subsided easily with the man's fingers and as he added more weight on the muscles, Bolin began to be vocal. He murmured out small moans and as Iroh got rougher, Bolin got louder.

"Oh, spirits. That's amazing," he drawled out and continued on with related words of gratitude.

The general pulled off the teen's shirt and focused on giving his lover the most gratification, using his whole body and the warmth of his fire-bending.

Suddenly, the door swung up and both of their heads popped up to see a stunned Mako.

"Oh, damn," he quickly covered his eyes, "Sorry, sorry."

The fire-bender backed up out of the room and shut the door.

There was a quiet, "Ewww," from outside the door.

Iroh couldn't help but laugh, "That was at least a better reaction than the first time he walked in on us."

Bolin picked himself up to sit on the bed and put on his shirt.

"He hasn't walked in on us actually doing it, though."

Iroh smirked, "That will never happen because I think he'd realize we were having sex a mile away and know not to come in."

Bolin pouted, "I'm not that loud."

Helping his lover up off the bed, he chuckled, "Yes, you are, sweetness."

He slid an arm around the teen's waist as he glided them to the door. Bolin looked up at him.

"Are my hips really wider now?"