The next day, Captain Abry meets the team at the airstrip.

"I can't thank you enough for all you did and I can't say sorry enough for all you went through. You've got a hell of a team, Agent Hotchner."

Hotch nods, "Thank you, Captain Abry."

"Um, about Greenaway. Am I doing the right thing by giving her another chance?"

Hotch considers all he knows about her, both the good and the bad. "She was once an integral part of this team. She did very good work. The shooting she experienced changed her, as it would anyone. Maybe we missed the signs telling us how much she was struggling; maybe we ignored them because she was our friend. Either way, I hope the person who comes back from rehab is more like the woman I knew before the shooting."

Abry smiles and nods. "Me, too. Something tells me she'll be more likely to follow orders then."

Hotch laughs. "Then she would be nothing like the woman she was before the shooting."

"I was worried you'd say that," Abry says with a grin.

The two men shake hands and Hotch boards the plane. He sees JJ laying on the couch, her feet pointed towards the back so she can hold hands with Emily, who sits in the seat across the aisle. He had worried that their love could rip the team apart. As he sees them joking and laughing with the others he realizes it has only strengthened the bond this team has. A bond it never quite had with Greenaway. Yes, Prentiss was the perfect addition to this team, regardless of how she came to join it.

He stows his bag and lets the pilot know they are ready to go. It's a long flight across the country and his plan is to sleep for as much of it as he can. He drops down into a seat, props his feet on the one across from it. Using his jacket as a blanket he closes his eyes.

After getting cursory paperwork done, Hotch dismisses the team for the day, including Garcia who may have gotten less sleep than everyone else combined. Her work had once again been exemplary and this time Hotch was going to make damn sure her file reflected that.

As often happened, Emily and JJ fight over who has to drive home. JJ finally comes up with the winning argument.

"But I have a concussion, baby. Do you really want me behind the wheel of your precious Lexus?"

"Oh, alright…I'll drive this time."

JJ smiles. Normally they fight over who gets to drive. Now it was a fight over who gets to rest on the trip home. Either way…JJ loves to win.

When they get home, Francesca opens the door and greets them with a smile and hug. "Oh, my cara's, what am I going to do having to worry about you all the time?"

"Don't worry, Francesca, most cases are not as crazy as this one," JJ assures her.

"Yeah, I mean there was the time you got hit with a shovel and I was beaten by a cult leader, oh, and don't forget when I jumped off the cliff in Alaska. But other than that..," Emily trails off with a grin.

"Emily, if you scare away the nanny I will make your life a living hell," JJ warns.

Emily laughs as Francesca gives JJ another hug. Just then happy gurgles are heard from the living room. JJ turns and sees Henry on his play mat. He is on all fours and rocking.

"Hey, Little Man! Did you miss me?"

As if in response he throws himself forward…and crawls towards his Mommy. Emily and JJ both gasp.

"Way to go, Champ!" Emily hollers, whipping out her cell phone to video his last few feet to JJ.

JJ sweeps him up into her arms. "Good boy, Henry!" She gives him a big kiss. "Mommy is so proud of you!"

"Mama thinks you're pretty awesome, too, Champ!" Emily says giving him a kiss. She looks to Francesca. "When did that start?"

Francesca chuckles. "That was a first, Emily. He must have been waiting for his Mothers to come home."

JJ eyes well up with tears. She had always worried about missing milestones. She is so thankful that she hadn't missed this one.

"I love you, Henry. I love you so, so much."

Emily smiles at Francesca. "How would you like the rest of the day off? I think we can handle him from here."

She pulls Emily into a hug. "If you are sure, cara. Dinner is in the fridge. You just need to heat it up."

"Francesca, you don't have to make our dinner!" JJ tells her.

"I know, cara. But I enjoy it and it gives me something to do when Henry naps. Consider me your nanny, too."

JJ chuckles. "Wow. Um, okay then. Thanks, Francesca."

The older woman gives the mothers and Henry a kiss before heading next door to her apartment. Emily walks over and wraps the two blondes that mean the world to her in a hug.

"How about we get him tired out practicing crawling, then we all take a nap before dinner. I really want to hold you two for a while."

"I think that sounds perfect. And then maybe you can tell me what the hell you did to Elle?"

"Do you really need to know?"

JJ stares into Emily's eyes. She sees a flicker of shame in them. Finally she strokes a hand down her cheek. "Only if you feel the need to tell me. Otherwise I'll just accept that, like you said, she's still walking so it couldn't have been too bad. And that whatever you did, you did for love."

"Always, Jen. It will always be for love when it's about you."

She gives JJ a kiss…and gets a kiss on the cheek from Henry at the same time. Emily feels her heart may explode from the love she feels.

"I love you both so much, Jennifer Prentiss. You two are my world."

"I know. And we love you, too, Emily Prentiss. Now," she sets Henry down, "let's get him practicing his new trick."

Emily smiles and moves across the room so Henry can crawl back and forth to them, his cackles healing their wounds better than any medication ever could.