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Jackson Rippner forced his hostage, Lisa Reisert into the apartment with a growl. There was a fire in his eyes that burned with blood lust but that quickly died down with the call of a small voice from the bedroom.

"Jackson? Is that you?" a girl's voice came from the other room.

"In here, Riley!" he called.

Lisa looked around in confusion. Who's Riley?

A little girl, about eight or nine, walked in from the bedroom to the right. Lisa's mouth dropped. She looked exactly like him. She had long brown hair, intense blue eyes, and defining facial features. She was thin and short, whereas Jackson was thin and tall.

"Hi, I'm Riley." the girl walked right up to Lisa who was still on the ground from being shoved by Jackson before. Lisa was slightly taken aback by Riley's openness. Jackson flashed her a warning glare but she ignored him.

"I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you." Lisa said, holding her hand out. Riley completely ignored her hand and embraced her in a hug. Lisa heard Jackson's exasperated sigh. Riley pulled back and smiled at both Lisa and Jackson.

"Do I get a hug, too?" Jackson asked.

Riley shook her head, giggled, and ran off into the other room.

"Sorry about my sister, she can be a bit straightforward. She's a strange kid." Jackson apologized.

"She's adorable. " Lisa said, smiling.

Riley ran out of the room again and ran straight into Jackson. She hugged him tight.

"I missed you." she said.

"Missed you, too, sweetie."

She ran off again.

Jackson made sure that Riley was out of sight and dragged Lisa by her hair to the couch. She helped but tried to cover it up.

"Now listen and listen good, you don't leave. If you do, I can easily find you and your fate will be worse than before." he pulled her hair. " Got it?"

Lisa nodded and collapsed on the couch as soon as he let go of her hair. She breathed heavily and teas came to her eyes as she realized her predicament. Jackson looked down at her and rolled his blue eyes.

"Suck it up, Leese. Crying isn't gonna do anything."

With that, Jackson turned and left the living room where Lisa's body was heaving with sobs. He went to the bathroom, locked the door, and splashed some water onto his face.

Meanwhile, Riley walked into the living room and say next to Lisa. She hugged Lisa again, who was still crying. Lisa jumped but returned the hug.

"Did Jackson do that?" she asked, upset.

Lisa could only nod and start sobbing again.

"I won't let him hurt you..."

Lisa was surprised. How could this little girl stop Jackson Rippner. Of course Riley was a Rippner as well but she was only eight or nine.

Both their head turned as they heard the bathroom door open. Jackson walked into the living room. Riley got and walked right up to him.

"Don't hurt her." she said firmly.

"No promises, Riles." he said, smirking at her boldness.

"If you hurt her, I'll hurt you." she said, folding her her chest.

Jackson looked at Lisa and uncontrollable anger welled up in him. He bent down so he was face to face with Riley.

"I can hurt you a whole lot more than you can hurt me. One hit is all it takes, Riles..." he said dangerously.

Riley stood her ground and stalked to her room again.

None of them could comprehend what just happened. Jackson just threatened the only person he cared about, the one thing that kept him human. What had he done?

"It's getting late, Leese. I'm gonna go to bed. Couch pulls out. Night." he said, walking away.


"Jackson? Jackson?"

Jackson was awoken by someone shaking him. He opened his eyes and there was Riley. The clock read 3:00 am.

"Riley, you're supposed to be sleeping." he said.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Get in."

Riley climbed under the covers. Jackson rolled over and flows his eyes to go to sleep again.

"Jackson?" Riley asked a few minutes later.

Jackson pinched the bridge of his nose, his patients wearing thin. He rolled over to face her.


"Would you really hit me..?" she asked, her voice shaking. He could almost feel the tears rolling down her face.

His heart broke in two. He had been a terrible terrible brother today. Jackson regretted what he said, knowing Riley would never forget this incident.

"Come here, baby girl." he said, taking her into his arms. "No, I would never ever hit you. I'm sorry for saying that."

She snuggled against his chest and let out a relieved sigh. Both were unaware of Lisa watching from the door, smiling about the brother and sister.

"I love you, Jackson. You're the best big brother ever."

"Love you too, baby. Thanks for being the best little sister I could ever ask for."=

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