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Jackson stood in the doorway of the old house in the middle of nowhere. This is exactly he needed right now. The middle of nowhere. And the one place that his company wouldn't look was here. He made sure that nothing would ever lead them here and he certainly didn't leave any trails connecting him to it. He's been making sure of it for ten years. Ever since he was sixteen. He's twenty-six now and he's home again.

Jackson always made sure to visit home every so often. He had someone he needed to watch out for now, not just his parents, and certainly not just himself. But he had failed the Keefe job and they were looking for him. They were going to execute him and make an example out of him. Even the best agents fall and even the best get this punishment.

He took a deep breath before knocking on the door three times. He was exhausted and it was already nighttime, had to be around one in the morning. He saw the door open but no one was in front of him. He was a little spooked and ever so alert as he stepped through the door and closed the door behind him. His parent's house was still the same but no one seemed to be around to greet him. Strange. Where was everybody and why did the door open by itself.

Jackson was starting to get pretty spooked as he walked aroound the house but saw no one and heard nothing. He seemed to have been completely alone in the house. Now, he was starting to freak out. His heart was beating fast as he ran all over the house looking for his family. Everything looked completely norma and where would they be at one in the morning.

Suddenly, out of the corner, Jackson spots a small figure launch itself at him. He has a split second decision to make as he catches it. He sighs and rolls his eyes as he looks at what's in his arms. It's Riley and she's giggling up at him. He knows his cheeks are flushed and that makes her laugh even more.

"Boo!" she yells in his ear. He winces as her loud voice screams and goes straight to his head, where his brain aches excruciatingly.

"Shh, Riley. It's late.. And shouldn't you be in bed right now?" he asked and carries her up the stairs, towards her bedroom to put her to bed. He imagines that his parents are asleep and his sister was up all night, waiting for him. Maybe he shouldn't have told her in advance that he was coming home today.

She completely desregarded the question. "Did I scare you, Jack?! I bet I did, the look on your face!" she laughed and tugged on his ears playfully. "I don't wanna go to bed, Jack. I can't sleep anyways! You just got here!"

Jackson sighed. "Fine.. Fine.." he sighed and changed direction, heading to the living room where the television was. He laid her down on the couch and sat next to her feet. He threw a blanket over her and gave her a pillow so she might fall asleep if she got tired enough. But having an eight year old sister was definitely some hard work...

Jackson turned on the television and found a South Park marathon, their favorite thing to watch together. Jackson didn't think it was that bad. Right?

But of course, not even five minutes after he finally got Riley settled, she was back up. She said she didn't want to lay down in case she might fall asleep. So she situated her self on Jackson's lap and leaned herself against his chest. She kissed his cheek gently before settling her eyes on the television which was saying things that weren't appropriate for eight year olds, not that Jackson would know that. Or that Riley would care since he was the best big brother ever in her mind and could do practically nothing wrong.

"I missed you, Jack. Don't leave again..." Riley said and snuggled against him. Innocent blue eyes identical to his stared back up at him and he looked into her sad blue orbs. A pang of guilt resounded in his heart as he saw the pain he had caused her.

"I missed you, too, princess. And no, I'm not leaving for at least a little while, alright?" he kissed the top of her head and leaned back as they both half sat, half laid down on the couch. Riley kissed Jackson's cheek once more before closing her heavy eyes.

"I love you, Jack."

"Love you, too, princess."

A/N: Just a little oneshot. I think I'm going to turn this into a series of one shots about Riley and Jackson. Not meant to actually be related to Red Eye. Just what I do when I'm busy and get writer's block. Not meant to have continuity or accuracy so sorry if you're disappointed. :)