Lin only forgot herself for a moment. It only took a moment for her to close her eyes, and lose herself if the vaguely familiar sensation of kissing Tenzin. And only a moment later, she had earthbent the floor under Tenzin, sending the man flying away from her. Although Tenzin was a master airbender, his shock prevented him from slowing down his fall, and he crashed to the floor three feet away from her.

"Lin…" he groaned, getting to his feet.

"How dare you do that? How dare you kiss me like that? Did you forget that you have a wife? Four children?" she seethed, glaring at him.

Tenzin got to his feet and tried to approach her. "Lin, you have to understand where I'm coming from here…" he said weakly. "I'm honest when I say that I still love you, and that I never stopped. You can feel it. I know."

Lin hesitated. He was being honest. "But how does that change anything? Even if you do still love me? You might have wanted to realize this fact fifteen years ago. Or even before you married Pema. Or even before you had your first child Tenzin. It's too late now. It's too late for anything besides friendship between us."

"I moved on, because I thought you moved on!" he exclaimed, grabbing her by her shoulders. "You never let showed any emotion to me. I thought you stopped caring about me, so I pretended I had stopped caring about you. But you were lying to yourself, and to me," he said softly, embracing her. "Lin, my love for you is too strong to ignore. Especially…especially after what you did the other day. I was going crazy thinking about what might happen to you. Do you have any idea why my family and I got caught? I went back for you, Lin. After we saw that airship with you on it turn around, I tried to keep going. But I couldn't. Not while knowing that you were in danger."

Lin had been staring at her feet this entire time, and she finally lifted her face to meet Tenzin's eyes. She was crying. "You already destroyed me once, Tenzin. Why do you want to do it again? Why do you want to give me this glimmer of hope, that the love of my life may once again be mine, and then just snatch it away from me? Do you get some kind of perverse joy in seeing me like this?" she whispered, her eyes not once leaving Tenzin's.

"Quite the contrary, Lin," he whispered, using his thumbs to wipe away a few of her tears. "I wish to always see your radiant smile. Every minute, every second of the day."

Lin wasn't quite sure who initiated it, but Tenzin's lips were on hers in a terribly furious kiss. Her mind was screaming at her that this was wrong. That he wasn't hers anymore. That he was a married man. But her body didn't care, and apparently, her body didn't forget either. What they were doing just felt so natural to Lin, even though it had been over fifteen years. But of course it felt natural. They had done this many times in the past.

The only thing on Tenzin's mind was Lin as he lifted her off the ground, and her muscular legs wrapped themselves around his waist.

"This is so wrong," she whispered in between kisses. "So incredibly wrong." There was no trace of regret in her voice though, or any indication of wanting to stop what they were doing. She was simply stating a fact.

And indeed, it is wrong, thought Tenzin. "But you're so incredibly right," he grinned, crushing his lips against Lin's once again.

Lin couldn't help laughing at the fact that Tenzin still used those cheesy lines. Some things never change. Our love being one of those things.

"Hush now," he grumbled, a light blush spreading from his ears to his cheeks as he continued kissing her. Tenzin pushed Lin against a wall, and her legs tightened their grip around his waist as both of them were getting more and more aroused.

The night progressed as both of them had anticipated it; in a flurry of passion reminiscent of their teenage years. A passion none of them had felt since their break up.

Lin managed to convince Tenzin to relive some of the previous night's passion early next morning, before she knew he would have to leave.

Tenzin kissed her forehead after he had put his robes back on, the implications of what they had just done going unsaid between them. Along with what their relationship would be afterwards.

However, it had been silently decided that whatever happened that night would never happen again. Tenzin was still living happily with his family, and Lin was just his friend. His very good friend. His very good friend that happened to be dating his older brother, not that he minded. In fact, he was very happy for them. Mostly.

And maybe that's what both of them needed to continue on with their lives. A proper closure to their passionate relationship.

And a couple more closures after said closure.

And a few more after that.

And maybe another.

One or two.

Or more.


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