So yeah, like my other smut fic "The Foursome" I don't know how I came up with this. But all my other stories have been so dark and angsty lately that I realized: Good god, I started off as a smut writer and I've lost my way. I need to get back to my roots and write some PWP!

So here it is. Egoist fans, I am sorry for booting Nowaki out of the picture...But this idea was just too good to pass up, and by the end, I think (some of) you will agree with me.



Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Vanilla

Part I

"Usagi-san, I'm home." Misaki said, setting his shoes and book bag down on the hallway steps. "If you want something special for dinner let me know soon so I can go shopping…Usagi-san?" The chocolate-haired teen said as he glanced into the kitchen. Finding it and the living room empty, Misaki cocked his head towards the upstairs and listened.

But when no answer came, he shrugged and headed up to the second level. Usagi's red sports car was parked in the lot, so he had to be home. He was probably just up in his office working.

Misaki went up the steps and turned down the corridor, but as he reached up to knock on the door, he swore he heard voices. Craning his ear against the wood he could hear the smoky purr of Usagi's tone, and also…someone different. A deeper, more colorful voice with an audible snap.

Misaki's eyebrows furrowed. It was strange but…he almost thought he recognized that voice…

"WAH!" The teen yelped as the door opened and sent him stumbling into the room.

"Ah, there you are." Akihiko remarked, shutting the door behind them. "I thought that was you."

Misaki glanced over at his landlord.

"Sorry to disturb you Usagi-san. I didn't know you had… company…" The end of his sentence trailed off as his eyes slid over to Usagi's desk, where a fiery brunette sat with his arms and legs crossed and a scowl perched on his face. And even without introductions, Misaki recognized him immediately.

"K—Kamijou-sensei?" He stuttered, taking a step back. Hiroki brought a mug of tea to his mouth, eyeing the boy coolly.

"Surprised to see me Takahashi?" The cinnamon-haired professor asked briskly.

"Well yes—er no!" Misaki stammered. "Usagi-san, you could have told me we were going to have company and I would have prepared something."

"No need pet," Akihiko replied, leaning against the door smugly. "Hiroki is an old friend of mine. Besides his visit wasn't planned that long ago."

Hiroki rolled his eyes, taking another swig of tea.

"You see Misaki," Usagi continued. "I'm having a bit of a problem with my newest publication, and Hiroki has decided to help me out of the kindness of his heart."

"Hah! My ass!" Kamijou barked a laugh. "We've already agreed on my terms. Haven't we, old friend?"

Akihiko saw the dangerous glint in Hiroki's eyes, but nodded casually.

"Yes, yes, old boy. As promised I will rewrite those rather embarrassing scenes in the upcoming novel of Junai Egoist."

"Damn straight you will."

Misaki's mouth slowly began to drop, and quickly shifted away from the author.

"Uh…J—Junai novel? Wh—What are you talking about Usagi?" He chuckled. "Hahaha, this must be some kind of joke…"

Usagi echoed the chuckle and a cold current crawled its way up the teen's spine.

"Well you see pet, this does regard a Junai novel…and this particular work involves a scene that I need to do a bit of research on."

At the mention of "Junai Novel" and "research" in the same sentence, Misaki eyes shot open and he knew it would be prudent of him to get right the fuck out of there post haste. But unfortunately, the author was blocking the only exit. Misaki backed up against the desk, trying to somewhat hide his complete and utter panic.

"Wh—What….kind of 'research?'" He murmured, trying to stay strong in the face of all that was horny and gay in the universe.

Hiroki set his mug down on the desk, a smug grunt coming out of his mouth.

"Does he always talk this much Akihiko?" He asked dryly.

"Quite, yes." The author smiled, fingering the buttons on his shirt cuffs. "It's one of the things I like about him."

Hiroki stood with a slight sigh.

"Well, I suppose it'll have to do."

Hiroki stepped over in front of the teen, and Misaki shrank slightly under his scrutinizing gaze.
"K—K—Kamijou-sensei, I—" But his words were cut off as Hiroki grabbed his chin with a strong grip.

"Oh shut up." The professor growled, locking lips with him. Misaki groaned loudly in shock as Hiroki's tongue roughly probed his mouth, and his quivering hands came up to the professor's shoulders. The teen tried to push the other man away, and after a thorough oral thrashing, Hiroki let him, licking a drop of spittle from his lower lip.

Misaki sucked in a lungful of air and began to back away from Hiroki, but stopped as his back collided with the solid chest of the author.

Usagi chuckled and wrapped his arms around his delectable boy toy, nuzzling the teen's chocolate head as he eyed Hiroki.

"Ever done jailbait professor? Or are you one for the older and wiser?"

Hiroki snorted, unbuttoning his shirt casually.

"The latter usually, though I have found I enjoy the younger blood too. I suppose I can surprise even myself."

"Usagi-san…" Misaki murmured as he found himself sandwiched between the two older men. "What on earth is going on?"

"Don't worry pet," Usagi cooed, nibbling on the teen ear. "It will all be clear soon enough…"

"But what do you…" Misaki's words faded as Hiroki drew closer, his lean, ribbed torso now shirtless. The professor sighed, reaching forward to unzip the teen's sweatshirt.

"What did I just tell you Takahashi?…Shut it."

Hiroki took Misaki's head between his hands and kissed him again, dominating the teen with lips and tongue. Misaki grunted as the kiss forced his head back, but the professor's embrace was so skillful and encompassing that he barely had the strength to respond. However, he let out a squeak of surprise as he felt a familiar pair of cold hands tip toeing around his waist and underneath his hoodie. He broke the kiss and quickly tried to regain his breath so he could yell at the stupid rabbit, but said rabbit beat him to it.

"Bite his neck." Usagi said to Hiroki. "He likes that."

Misaki's built up lecture melted into a moan as he felt the professor's teeth chomp sensuously between his head and shoulder, the mouth foreign but the sensation familiar. And his moans began to echo as he felt the author's cold hands slide inside his shirt and tweak his sleeping nipples.

"Uhh!" He gasped, his torso undulating. A slight chuckle escaped Hiroki's mouth.

"That was easy." He mused, nipping at the teen's ear. Akihiko grinned in reply, kneading one of Misaki's reddened buds while his other hand trailed down to squeeze the teen's awakening package. The teen mewled at the touch, all the blood in his body beginning to go south. Two sets of hands quickly pulled off Misaki's hoodie and T-shirt, and Hiroki's mouth found his untouched nipple. Hearing the whimpers and gasps that flew out of Takahashi's mouth, the professor couldn't help but smile haughtily. No wonder Akihiko was so smitten with this kid. His middle name was practically "fuck me."

"Augghhh!" Misaki howled as cool fingers slipped into his jeans and fingered his half erect member. Akihiko licked his lips as he felt the teen's cute little ass brush against his groin, and he made eye contact with Hiroki, snaking his arms around Misaki's waist and pulling him over to the large couch at the corner of the room.

"Wa—Wait! Usagi-san!" The boy protested as he was sat down. But his words were cut off as Akihiko pounced on top of him, unbuttoning his jeans and briefs and tugging them off with Hiroki's help.

Misaki flushed fire engine red as Kamijou eyed his responding dick and tried to push away Usagi as he licked a long line up the teen's trim stomach.

"Well Misaki," Akihiko crooned. "What do you say we prepare for the main act? I'm sure Hiroki would love the first trip up your ass."

The teen mouth dropped in horror.

"Y—You mean we're going t—to have a….threesome?"

"No Takahashi, we're practicing for a Shakespearian play." Hiroki snorted. "So Akihiko, how do you wanna start this off?"

The author chuckled, eyeing Misaki's cock greedily.

"Why don't you play with him while I get him ready? I need my fix of Misaki and can't wait any more."

The professor rolled his eyes.

"Impatient bastard." He muttered. He watched as Akihiko kneeled in front of the teen and pried his legs apart. His mouth enveloped the spry, young dick and Misaki moaned, halfheartedly trying to shove the silvery-white head away.

"N—No Usagi-san!" He cried, his eyes closing in pleasure. "St—Stop…"

The author chuckled around the boy's cock and he stopped briefly to coat his fingers in saliva. Misaki felt a large thumb circle around his entrance and he was about to resuming squawking when he felt a pair of hands take his shoulders and angle them sideways. Hiroki locked mouths with the teen again, his hands nuzzling and squeezing the young flesh. Misaki felt the professor's tongue in its entirety and he found himself a little lost in the menagerie of touches. But when a finger slicked up inside him, he let out a full moan into Hiroki's mouth.

Akihiko smiled as he mouthed his lover's cock, glancing up every so often at the delicious picture of Hiroki biting Misaki's white neck and perky nipples. He began to bob his head, feeling the teen dick's jump into full hardness. As much as he wanted to make Misaki come, he decided to prolong the pleasure and slid his mouth off. He probed the boy's insides experimentally with his digits and chuckled as he found him to be ready.

Misaki grunted and flinched as he felt Usagi withdraw his fingers, his body tingling with sensation as Hiroki continued to bite and suck on his upper torso.

"Well old boy," Akihiko grinned, licking traces of Misaki off his lip. "Want a trip you'll never forget?"

Hiroki rolled his eyes, getting off the couch and undoing his slacks.

"You're as arrogant as ever," He said haughtily. "Let's see if your claims are realistic."

The professor stepped out of his khakis and slid off his briefs, his thick cock already hard. Hiroki had long prided himself in his speed and resilience, and he couldn't help but smile smugly as Takahashi saw it in all it's glory and gulped.

"Come here pet," Akihiko said, sitting down on the edge of the couch and tugging the boy over to him. Akihiko rearranged them so that Misaki was lying on top of him face up. But as Hiroki climbed in front of him and slid a lubed condom over his cock, the teen began to quiver. Usagi noticed and wrapped his arms around his little lover.

"It's all right pet," Akihiko crooned, kissing the boy's cheek. "Hiroki's an old pro."

Two sets of hands slid under Misaki's knees and propped them up onto Hiroki's shoulders. Trembling from fear and anticipation Misaki shut his eyes, biting his lip.

Hiroki rolled his eyes, positioning himself, though he could already tell the boy was clenching.

"Relax brat." He growled, but this did little to reassure him.

"Shhhhh, Misaki," Akihiko murmured, resting his cheek against his lover's as he rubbed a soothing circle about the teen's chest. "It's okay."

"Usagi-san…" Misaki quivered. The author tenderly craned down and kissed the boy, all the while making eye contact with Hiroki and giving him the go ahead.

Hiroki slowly pushed the head of his cock into the boy. Knowing he was blessed in the area of width, he knew he had to move carefully since Misaki was so small.

"Ahhh….ahhhh!" Misaki groaned as Hiroki buried himself in his warm, wet recesses. Hiroki hummed, the squeezing heat of the boy absolutely brilliant.

"So tight…" He grunted.

Misaki shut his eyes as Hiroki began to thrust, expecting a thorough pummeling like he usually got from a certain rabbit. However, as his body was moved back and forth, he noticed something. The pace was fast, but also very shallow, creating just enough friction without going too deep too quickly. It was so different from the usual sensation that Misaki let out a contented sigh.

Usagi raised an eyebrow.

"All right pet?"

Misaki nodded.

"That feels good…"

The author let out a ringing chuckle, even though the tinniest bit of him felt jealous.

"Nice job, Professor," He grinned at Hiroki who hmphed in return.

Misaki felt himself being moved back and forth as Hiroki drove into him, his head against Usagi's chest as he was probed deep and slow, his mind drugged in ecstasy. His moans then grew higher and faster and the pace built up.

Usagi looked smugly down at the enraptured teen, his cold fingers fondling the erect nipples. He had guessed that a threesome with his boy toy would be amusing, but he'd never thought that he would enjoy the sight of someone else fucking the life out of his Misaki. Just the addition of another skilled person set the air ablaze with excitement, and the author now had more than enough for his novel.

Even still, he wasn't about to stop their fun for a quite a while.

Misaki let out a long wail as he came, his seed catching his upper chest and the side of his lifted jaw. Akihiko smiled as the boy collapsed against his chest, reaching a thumb around to wipe some of the come off the teen's face.

Hiroki straightened up, glancing at the uke with amusement.

"If I didn't know the power of your libido, I'd say this kid was a fucking virgin. He certainly came like one."

Akihiko chuckled musingly.

"No matter how many times we fuck he'd always fresh as his first time. He absolutely enthralls me." The author titled the boy's head to the side and lovingly kissed his cheek, wiping a strand of soaked chocolate hair away from drowsy green eyes.

"I can see why you'd like that," Hiroki snorted, carefully withdrawing himself and tossing the condom into the trash can. "However, I think you'll find that some of us don't come that easy."

Akihiko saw the challenge in his friend's eye, and showed his pearly teeth in a grin.

"Wanna stake a wager on that, old friend?"