Part III

Akihiko crept forward on his hands and knees till he reached Misaki, taking the back of the boy's neck in his hand and bringing his face towards his waiting lips. The teen groaned as he felt the familiar tongue sweep and probe his mouth, and his trembling hands came up and knotted themselves in thick, silver locks.

Hiroki watched the necking with a slight eye roll, as it was obvious bakahiko and that stupid kid were obviously made for each other. Even still, he felt a little left out of the action and situated himself at the other end of the couch, fingering his drooping cock as he studied the eye candy.

But Akihiko had not forgotten their newest prospect. After a few moments he broke their kiss, giving the flustered, panting boy a smile.

"What do you say Mi-ki? Think you could give Hiroki a little mouth? Or should I say your little mouth?"

Misaki flushed his brightest shade yet, lowering his eyes and sweetly biting on his lip. Akihiko lightly chuckled at his lover's inexperience and turned to Hiroki.

"He's only done it once or twice, so he's a little fresh," The author explained. Hiroki raised an eyebrow, giving the teen a mild smile.

"No better time to learn." The professor murmured. "I gave him a demonstration of proper technique, so now it's his turn to try."

Misaki's eyes shifted nervously, even more so when Akihiko slid an arm under his lower back and positioned him on his hands and knees.

"U—Usagi-san…" He whispered at sight of Hiroki's lower body. He let out a small cry and jerked as the author suddenly slicked his pucker with a hot tongue. Akihiko led a trail of kisses from the boy's milky ass all the way up to his neck and ears, where he whispered in a soothing gruff.

"It's okay love," He cooed. "Hiroki will help you. Just go when you're ready. No pressure."

The boy swallowed hard and looked back to the professor, who stretched out his fingers and brushed them against the teen's cheek, beckoning him forward.

Both Akihiko and Hiroki watched as Misaki leaned down onto his elbows, touching the head of the cock with his lips in a delicate nuzzle. The professor's hands reached out to the boy, his fingers weaving through chocolate strands as he gently guided him closer to his groin. And he watched unblinkingly as Misaki finally opened his mouth and cupped his lips around the professor's member, his mouth every bit as sweet and untried as his personality.

"Good…" Hiroki muttered, not trusting himself to say more on account that blood was already flooding to his dick. There had to be some sort of logical reason why this dimwitted kid could also function as an unbelievable aphrodisiac, but so far Hiroki hadn't found one.

Tiny grunts came from Misaki as his mouth was filled with the professor's thickening cock, and he moaned fully as Usagi began to tease his own member. Although his brain was buzzing with excitement, he had to shut his eyes as he began to slowly drag his mouth further down the erection. It was so thick he felt like he would gag, but Hiroki seemed to sense this and pulled him back a little.

"Don't force yourself so hard or you'll choke," The professor muttered. "Suck, don't swallow."

Flushing redder, Misaki obeyed and began to suck on the head, his tongue and soft inner cheeks pressing sensuously and forming a deliciously textured cavern. Hiroki sighed deeply, stroking the boy's hair and leaning comfortably on the couch.

But the teen's eyes shot open with a muffled cry as he felt Usagi's cold hands take his hips and the man's slick rod press in his cleft. Misaki slid his mouth away with a loud moan as Akihiko entered and filled him deeply and widely.

"Mmmm, Misaki…" Usagi groaned, smiling down at his uke and giving a single rock with his hips. The teen let out a barking cry as his sweet spot was hit and he found himself gripping Hiroki's wrists as the author began to move. Akihiko was a researcher of Misaki, he knew how to get the teen going and how to get him fast. Their position was perfectly intense for getting Misaki to orgasm hard, but he and Hiroki weren't about to let it happen so quickly. The author moved in shallow, slow strokes, letting Misaki feel his girth but not too intensely.

When the teen regained his breath, Hiroki's guided the teen back down to suck him, running his fingers through the sweaty chocolate hair as muffled moans echoed in his ears. Akihiko had increased his pace and slightly changed the angle, rubbing the boy's prostate till Misaki's thighs trembled. As a result of the built up passion, the teen began bobbing his mouth a bit harder, earning a low groan from Hiroki, who had begun to shift forward onto his knees.

The professor took Misaki's head in his hands and began to gently thrust into the boy's mouth, sighing deeply as it slid in and out of the wet cavern. Akihiko shot his friend a sensuous grin and the two worked out a steady rhythm, rocking the delicious chocolate teen in two directions at an increasing pace.

Misaki's mind was a torment of sensation and pleasure as he was sandwiched between the two men. He was trying to breathe through his nose as Hiroki's cock filled his mouth, but each time Usagi pummeled him, he found himself screaming muffled moans. These two were riding him so hard from each end he could hardly take it. His own aching hard on cried for release just as his thin wrists gave out.

"Ahhhh!" Misaki howled, jerking his head away from Hiroki and gripping the couch cushions as he came. The teen lay half propped up as he tried to regain his breath, which was made difficult as Usagi began to piston into him, making the entire couch shake right before coming himself.

The author let out a satisfied breath as he pulled out, his member still dripping with release. Even still, he smiled musingly as Misaki rolled onto his side, liquid dripping down his slender thighs.

Akihiko leaned forward and kissed the teen on the cheek, tenderly combing back his dark, sweaty bangs.

"Hmph," Came a snort from the other side of the couch. "Brat got to come twice."

Akihiko chuckled at the somewhat behooved Hiroki, who had crossed his arms behind his head. Even though he had been the first one to come, an amateur like Akihiko's pet could hardly make him blow his lid again so soon.

"Now, now Hiroki. Considering the fuck fest we just had with him it's only fair. Not to mention he's barely ever given head to me. I would say you got quite a share out of his deal. And we're happy you could join us." Usagi crooned, licking the boy's ear. "You bring a bit of spice to the party."

The teen gave an exhausted but entirely negative grunt, curling up into a tired, sweaty heap. Spice was right. Even though this was perfectly normal fodder for the author's smut books, this experience had been anything but vanilla for the chocolate-haired teen, and he wouldn't forget this for a long, long time—

In the darkness of the bedroom, Akihiko eyes snapped open and he sat up, his face contorted in complete wonder at the dream he'd just had.

"Dear gay god almighty," He breathed, barely noticing that he'd been sleeping on Suzuki-san and the bear now sported a rather large drool patch, a string of which was still connected to the author's lip. Completely ignoring it, the author threw back the covers and sprang next door to the laptop on his desk. Although Akihiko prided himself on his many fine sex dreams (and others that were so utterly unthinkable he had pushed to the darkest recesses of his mind, like the one with him and Aikawa in a conference room at Marukawa), this one had been the hulk diamond of all dream smut. Who would have thought a threesome with his boy toy and best friend would be so exhilarating?! It needed to be written down. It had to be written down!

But as he was about to open his computer, a thought occurred to him. Yes writing it down would be good…but acting it out then writing it down would be even better!

Flying back to his room, Akihiko grabbed his cell phone off the nightstand and hit the first speed dial. Fifteen rings later, a very tired and drunken sounding voice answered.

"Ghello?" It growled.

"Hiroki, listen to me very carefully: I need you to have a threesome with me and my jailbait boyfriend."

"Are you as drunk as I am?"

"No, I've never felt more serious in my life!"


"Think about it! You know how popular my Junai Romantica books are right? And how popular my Junai Egoist books are? If I combined them I'd become a billionaire overnight! So on the morrow, I expect you to be here and ready to help me gather enough material to write a threesome scene. And in return, I will alter my upcoming Egoist books to be far less embarrassing for you. Well old boy, do we have a deal?"

Silence took over their conversation, though Akihiko could still hear several quiet coughs of utter disbelief in the background right before the hurricane blew through.



The dial tone sounded in Usagi's ear and he snapped his phone shut, not the least bit bothered by the fiery death threat. For one thing, judging by how drunk Hiroki sounded, it was likely he wouldn't even remember their conversation the next morning over the sound of his illustriously punctual hangover.

Not to mention he was relatively sure Hiroki didn't even own a bread knife.

With a quiet sigh, Akihiko grabbed Suzuki from the bed and went back to his office, situating himself on the couch with the bear and opening his laptop to write.

Who was he kidding with practical demonstration? He was fucking Usami Akihiko. He could write a best seller during a bubble bath with a pirate rubber ducky as his muse. He had a sparkling good memory at that, and remembered every solitary detail of his dream.

Even still, he wondered what it could have been like…

Maybe Misaki would react better if he told him first thing in the morning. From the pleasure both of them had experienced in the dream, it was more than worth a shot.

The End.

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