Author's Note: Takes place soon before the season 1 finale. Enjoy and please review!

What Nick Burkhardt didn't know as he parked his jeep outside of Monroe's house one Thursday evening, was that the Blutbad was already in a foul mood. Nick locked the car, slid his phone into his pocket and headed for the front door. The sun was setting and Nick glanced to the treeline when he noticed the moon beginning to rise, the full moon. He looked back to Monroe's home when a face appeared in the window before the curtains were zipped shut. Nick didn't think much of it and knocked on the door, the stained glass wolf reflecting the dim light from inside. He reached to knock again when heavy footsteps landed on the other side and the door swung open. Nick smiled.

"Hey, sorry. I know it's past 7. Hank had a flat tire and-" Nick trailed off as the unhappy expression on his friend's face registered. Monroe's brow was low, and the Grimm could have sworn there was a hint of red in his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Monroe threw out his arms. "Never mind, like I need to ask. Invite yourself in why don't you." Monroe turned his back on him as he rolled his eyes and headed into the living room, mumbling something to himself. Nick furrowed his brow as he shut the door behind him. What was he so angry about? He knew his friend was punctual, but being 10 minutes late was usually within the safety zone. Nick walked into the living room after Monroe. The blutbad took a sip of a green, chunky drink that was resting on an oak end table. Flashing his blutbad face for a moment as he was disgusted by the taste. "Man I hate this stuff. But its the only thing that lets me sleep on night's like these." Monroe raised his brow at Nick as he stared. "So what is it this time? Ziegevolk? Mellifer? Bauerschwein? Blutbad?" He gestured to himself as he headed to a window, shutting the blinds when a shaft of moonlight began to creep in.

"Nothing today actually." Monroe fixed him with a stare.

"Then you're interrupting my night for thrills or what?" Nick furrowed his brow.

"No..." he rested his hands on his hips. "I thought we were supposed to have dinner tonight?"

"What are you on man?" Monroe shook his head.

"I thought you said the 5th, 7 o'clock?"

"I most certainly did not." He snapped, with much more attitude than he would normally have. "I said the 7th at 5 o'clock." Monroe gave the Grimm a dirty look. "Yeah, like I would totally schedule a dinner at my house on a full moon."

"You guys get affected by that? But I thought-"

"Yeah it's wolf thing. Not just a werewolf thing." Monroe sighed itching at his skin as if he felt it wanting to shift. "Its not like I'm forced to change or anything but its in my blood to want to. I keep to myself in the dark with my nasty drink, alone," he glared at Nick. "And I'm usually fine."

"I'm sorry, I guess something got miss-communicated." He glanced to his phone.

"Obviously." He rolled his eyes. "Do you not know how to read man? I don't have a dinner for you, or me. Wasn't exactly expecting anyone." He glared at him.

"Well I guess you weren't."

"Glad we're finally on the same page." Nick bit his lip before shifting his weight.

"I'll just head home then I guess." Monroe stood stiff, before wiping his brow. Guilt beginning to seep through his moody full moon emotions.

"No, just stay all right. I've got some beer on the counter." Monroe headed to the kitchen, "Come on." Nick sighed and followed suit. As he walked into the dim lit kitchen, he noticed beer wasn't the only thing on the counter. Several boxes full of model trains, the price tags still on their boxes stacked the granite surface. "Excuse the mess." Monroe said as he carefully moved one of the boxes, while handing Nick a beer. "Well, not mess really." He leaned over to inspect one of the photos of the model train.

"Was there a sale at Toy's R Us or something?" Monroe slowly looked up at him. Nick's wasn't trying to sound this way, but the mood-swinging blutbad took every word he said with an antagonizing tone.

"Are you an idiot? Like I'd go there for this type of collection. This is pure online. Very carefully sought out. You can't get these kind of goods in store anymore. In Portland anyhow." Monroe uncapped his drink, not even bothering to pick up the cap. Nick knew for certain the blutbad was feeling off balanced.

"My mistake again." Nick raised his brow, taking a small sip.

"What else is new." Monroe carefully put back the boxed train as he stuck the six pack in the fridge. When his blutbad eyes spotted a soup in the corner. "And you are certainly not coming over tomorrow." He closed doors and looked to Nick.

"All right." He furrowed his dark brow.

"I've got plans."

"For that soup, or?" Nick, who was simply trying to make conversation, was saying all the wrong things to the blutbad.

"Yeah. And me, and someone else. So no calls, texts, or unexpected visits. Got it?" Nick held up his free hand.

"Got it." Monroe bit his lip before looking like the regular Monroe for a moment.

"I'm inviting Rosalee over for dinner. Its purely, platonic. I mean, or whatever... Its just you know, its the least I can do since she's helped us out so much." He paused, lowering his head and staring, pointing at Nick. "But just because there was an "us" in there doesn't mean you're invited." He sipped his beer.

"Again, got it."

"I'm using a few herbs from her shop in this recipe. Should be pretty good if I do say so myself." He rested the drink on the chopping block between he and Nick.

"Well, that's a good start." Nick said as he took another sip.

"To what?"

"You know... whatever you want." Monroe gave him a funny look.

"More like a good end, you put the herbs in last. Its a weird recipe."

"I actually meant you and Rosa-... never mind... so, you're gonna invite her over here huh? You planning on leaving all these trains out?"

"Yeah, I'm going to show them to her." Nick bit his lip, trying to decide whether it was worth sharing more of his opinion on the matter. Monroe stared at the quiet Grimm. "They're really rare trains. Like, rarer than the way my Grandma cooked Bauerschwein rare." Nick knew now wasn't the time to ask about his grandma feeding him one of the Three Little Pigs and nodded his head.

"All right." Monroe cocked his head, his brow heavy.

"You have a problem with my trains?"

"I just, think... she might find it a little strange. That's all." Monroe narrowed his dark eyes.

"So the truth comes out."

"I'm just saying for a first date-"

"It's not a first date. It's just dinner." Monroe glanced away, scratching his head. "Jeeze."

"Okay... but if you know, you wanted it to be... Starting it off with showing her your toy trains might come off a little weird." Monroe fixed him with a narrowed stare once more.

"Taking dating advice from a Grimm, yeah that's a good idea."

"So you do admit its a date?" Little did Nick know, but Monroe had been fussing for days on this exact question. What he wanted, or what type of dinner he should make it, what should he serve. Candles? No candles? Flowers? Just soup? How did he feel about the Fuchsbau? And the fact that any friend, let alone a Grimm, was prying into that private matter set him off, even more. Monroe slammed down his beer, his heart pounding as his anger was tugging on his inner blutbad. Monroe's expression contorted as he fought his body from changing. His red eyes flashing for a moment as he kept them on Nick, whom stared, eyes wide.

"Just get the heck out of here all right, Nick? Don't you have a girlfriend to get home to? Or did she dump you when she denied your proposal? Sheesh, who'd marry a Grimm anyhow? Oh yeah, she doesn't even know. Secret keeping, that's a fun way to ruin a relationship." Monroe barked through a wild scowl before sipping his beer. Nick set his bottle down in front of him, eyes wide and unblinking. "Oh and now I get the sociopath stare?" Nick put his hands on his hips.

"I hope your mood swings are over by tomorrow night. Because if not, I've got a feeling that dinner isn't going to go so well." Nick turned his back to the blutbad and headed for the front door.

"Thank you, Detective obvious." Monroe mumbled. Nick looked over his shoulder. As if to say one last thing before Monroe began to approach him with a glare and Nick hurried out, slamming the door behind him. His headlights flashing across Monroe's face as he peered out the stained glass window."Someone's a grump."

It wasn't until the next morning, during his Pilates that the guilt began to sink in from what he had said to Nick. His mind was much more stable and he felt at ease. And after doing an extra set of Pilates (yes, throwing his schedule off by about half an hour) the embarrassed blutbad picked up his iphone and texted Nick:

8:12 AM

Hey. Sorry about last night. I wasn't really myself... I apologize for any hurt feelings.

After Monroe showered, and popped a mini bagel in the toaster he looked to his phone. Still no response. He sighed, spreading jam on the bagel. Had he been that rude? Thinking back on criticizing he and Juliette's relationship and remembering blowing up when Nick had questioned his own relationship er- more like hopeful one with Rosalee made him realize... yeah. He had been. Monroe sighed, picking up his phone again. Still no reply. He texted again:

8:48 AM

We cool man?

Still nothing. And to Monroe's worry, Nick had been ignoring him...

Nick's phone vibrated on the nightstand, making him bury his face in the pillow after taking a glance at it. Juliette shoved his shoulder from her side of the bed.

"Nick, I think you got a text." When his only response was a groan Juliette stopped brushing her hair and pushed on his head. "Come on get up sleepyhead. You gotta get to work."

"I know." He rolled over, running his hand over his face.

"You feeling better this morning?"

"Huh?" He asked, sitting up.

"Yeah, you were kind of in a bad mood when I got home last night." She kissed his forehead before getting up and slipping on her boots.

"Was I? Sorry, just a bad day I guess." His phone vibrated again.

9:01 AM

I was totally out of line. :/

Nick raised his brow in agreement to the text before setting his phone aside. "Well... that gives all the more reason for this weekend." Juliette said as she walked to his side of the bed and sat down.

"This weekend?" Nick asked, resting a hand on her back.

"I planned something special. It'll be fun." Nick smiled. Wondering how special was special. Could she be planning something to do with a ring? "We can go tomorrow. Now get up lazy butt. I gotta go. I have to do surgery in an hour." She kissed him before getting up and grabbing her purse. "Love you." She said as she went out the door.

"You too." Nick said as he slowly got out of bed, got dressed, and headed out to work.

The rest of the day for both blutbad and Grimm passed quickly. Nick was happy as he came home that evening after wrapping up a 2 week case that involved another Ziegevolk, making him want nothing to do with any sort of Wesen. Meanwhile, the Wesen Monroe, had a pleasant evening with Rosalee. The two chatted on into the night about a number of things, clocks, apothecary, and yes, even model trains. But Monroe tried to not get too excited on the matter. It ended with a hug, but another planned dinner for that coming week. And in the meantime... the next day Rosalee was taking a long drive out of Portland to deliver a load of herbs to a friend's shop and Monroe volunteered to go join her to keep her company.

Little did Nick know, who that night was still heavily annoyed with the blutbad, partly because he knew what he had said was true about secret keeping but didn't want to admit it, Juliette's special outing involved driving out the same direction as Rosalee and Monroe... and little did either of them know that half of Portland had the same idea... and that Nick's awkward avoidance of his wolf friend was about to take a whole new level.