"Hey Sammy," Dean said casually. Sam choked on his own words a thousand emotions playing across his face his breath coming in short gasps as Dean stepped forward. Sam lunged at Dean the smell of demon and hell slowly filling the room as Dean got closer to him.

Sam snatched the blade from behind his back with the sharp click of metal and lunged at the thing that was his brother.

"Who are you?" he shouted bringing the deadly blade to bear as his brother jumped back and Bobby grabbed a hold of him yanking Sam backward before the blade could touch skin.

"Like you didn't do this?" Dean shouted back.

"Do What?" Sam strained against Bobby's tight hold barely hearing Bobby say, "It's him. It's him Sam I've been through this already it's really him." Sam stood every muscle in his body screaming demon as Dean walked toward him.

"I know, I look fantastic huh?" Dean smirked before he was snatched up into a bone crushing hug. The brothers held each other for a moment, tears coming to his eyes. As he pulled back he breathed in sulfur and shook his head slightly.

The brothers argued briefly Dean blaming Sam for selling his soul to get him out of hell and Sam begging for Dean's forgiveness that he tried but couldn't. His heart broke as he told his brother how hard he'd tried.

"It's all right Sammy, you don't have to apologize, I believe you." Dean finally said with an odd quirk to his mouth.

Then came that fatal question. The question that should have never been asked by Dean, by Sam, by Bobby, and definitely not about what pulled Dean out of Hell.

"Well, If he didn't pull me out, the what did?" That was definitely the question that should never have come up. Sam swallowed hard there was something in the back of his head that he couldn't quite bring to the front. He only half listened while Dean made some snarky comment while holding up a bra that had been left in the room. He brushed his hand through his hair trying to catch hold of the thought, the feeling that was just on the edge of his sanity. Sam shook himself. His brother was back he should be happy, why wasn't he? Because something is very wrong his mind supplied helpfully. He turned to study Dean very carefully. He looked like Dean but he certainly smelled like hell. No not hell he smelled more like Ruby. Sam shook the thought away its probably just from being in hell for so long.

"So what's next," Bobby asked looking at the brothers, he raised his eyebrow to Sam who just shook his head. "We need to know what can do something like this before we go poking it with a stick." Bobby growled standing. "I suggest you boys stay at my house while we sort things out."

Both brothers nodded and Sam began to pack his duffle bag trying not to look too hard at Dean. If he'd been paying attention he'd had the answer when he turned his back but he wasn't that lucky he was never that lucky.


Both brothers nodded and Sam began to pack his duffle bag trying not to look too hard at Dean. If he'd been paying attention he'd had the answer when he turned his back but he wasn't that lucky he was never that lucky.

"Hey Sammy," Dean grinned at him perhaps showing a few too many teeth. "Mind if I take a shower before we go. No offense but I smell like hell… literally"

"Yeah, sure, go ahead." Sam laughed a warm feeling spreading through him at his brother's corny joke.

Dean grabbed some clothes out of his bag and walked into the bathroom. Turning the shower onto cold he ducked his head to avoid the mirror. He stepped into the freezing water and leaned his head against the tiles. The cold felt like home on his skin. He let a slow grin spread across his face as he grabbed the soap and began to soap his body.

It was good to be out. It was good to be free. He closed his eyes and relaxed letting the tension flow from his body.

"Hey Dean," The bathroom door opened.

"Dude privacy,"

"Just thought you would need this," Sam set a few towels on the sink. Sam risked a glance over towards the shower, Odd cold showers, the thought floated through Sam's brain. He shrugged and left the bathroom.

Dean stepped from the shower feeling better now that he was in clean cloths. He glanced up catching his reflection in the mirror for a moment. Something stared back at him. It was his face, his eyes, his nose, his lips, but something else stared back reflected in the weathered glass. He shook his head, "Hell must have seriously gotten to me." He said to himself and turned from the mirror before he could see anymore.

"Ready to go?" Sam asked as Dean sauntered from the bathroom a towel slung over his shoulder. Dean just nodded and continued to towel off his hair.


He ran his hand over the Impala lovingly. The black hood and fender was as beautiful as it had ever been. He slid into the driver's seat frowning at the mp3 player Sam had obviously put into the car. He sighed loudly irritation suddenly overwhelming him. He reached for the ignition and the car started easily. He reached up and put it into reverse backing out of the parking lot before he realized that the key was still in his hand. He quickly slipped it into the ignition as if nothing were wrong glancing sideways at Sam hoping he hadn't noticed.

Sam had taken his usual position staring out the window. They were quiet on the trip to Bobby's neither of them wanted to broach the obvious. The gap between them stretched out. Sam started to speak but as he drew breath he smelled it again. Something off, something wrong, and something delicious.


"What?" Dean replied with more of an edge to his voice than he intended.

"What was it like?"

"No chick flick moments remember Sammy boy," he growled.

"Ok OK" Sam said shaking his head before leaning it against the window, the smell becoming rapidly overpowering in the car. "You ok?" he asked closing his eyes.

"Yeah Sammy, I'm Ok." Dean wondered if he actually was. Something dark and quiet twisted in the corner of his mind. It writhed when he'd looked at Bobby for the first time and he clearly felt it when he looked at the woman Sam had been with. Pictures flashed in his head. Images that he didn't want to think about it, he didn't want to think about what he'd suddenly wanted to do to that woman or do to Bobby for that matter. They were dark thoughts and the thing churned when he contemplated the thoughts.


He glanced over at Sam who was looking at him with a grin on his face. He wondered vaguely why the slimy thing didn't move when he looked at Sam. He stopped pondering when he realized that Sam was talking to him.

"What?" he frowned.

"I said we needed to turn back there." Sam said again.

"Oh, wasn't thinking," Or rather I was thinking and not paying attention his mind supplied as he pulled an illegal u-turn in the middle of the street. He turned down the road to Bobby's the car jarring a bit as he hit the dirt. The irritation built up a bit more as the dust coated his cars sleek black coat.

When they got to Bobby's Dean felt a bit better about what was going on in his head. Somehow he'd convinced himself that it was just memories of what he'd done in hell. After greeting each other the three sat around the kitchen table drinking beer and discussing that thing that they really should have left alone. Dean knowing about the holy water in the beer specifically failed to mention that it tasted a bit funny but he assumed it was just spoiled holy water if that were possible. He was a bit annoyed that Bobby still didn't trust that he was him and that everything was fine.

"Hey son," Bobby asked Dean, "Feel like cutting some lettuce for my famous burgers, I think we deserve a little bit of celebration don't you." He smiles broadly at the man whom he considered to be family. Standing he set the cutting board out and pulled lettuce and tomatoes out of the refrigerator.

"Sure," Dean smiled at the prospect of meat. Raw meat he thought for a second then shook his head again.

"You ok boy." Bobby asked noticing the strange look Dean had on his face for a moment before it turned into his usual smirk.

"Yeah was just thinking I should do the grilling and we should leave Samantha here to do the women's work." He grinned glancing at Sam who replied "Just for that you're doing both." Sam laughed "You know I would slice a finger off with one of Bobby's knives.

Dean took up the knife and set the head of lettuce down on the cutting board. He sliced the first few pieces cleanly but as he set the knife to the third he noticed the razors edge of the knife and grinned for a moment.

"Hey Dean, you OK?" Sam had walked up behind him. Dean jumped the knife sliding through the edge of his finger. "Damn" he snapped grabbing a towel from the rack. Sam froze. The coppery smell hit him like brute lust. He laid his hand on his brothers back feeling Dean's heartbeat through his chest as it pumped the blood through his veins. "You ok?" he asked again hoping that Dean didn't notice his strange actions.

"Yeah it is just a little cut." Dean replied sticking the finger in his mouth to suck the blood away like they used to do when they were kids. "See," he held out his no longer bleeding finger. "All better." He smiled trying to comfort Sam. He thought the hand on his back was just brotherly concern but felt something else. Power coursed through the touch.

"Umm Sam, did anything strange happen while I was gone?" He cocked his head to the side without turning around.

"N-No," Sam replied quickly removing his hand. Dean instantly regretted the loss of the warmth at his back. Just then Bobby came back into the house grumbling about not being able to light the grill.

"I think I can handle that," Dean replied with a quick laugh, he always liked fire and in return it had always liked him. He stepped outside to the grill and went to reach for the lighter. As he did so the grill started smoking, catching flame quickly. "Hey Bobby," he called inside the house, "I think you got it started you just didn't wait long enough." He stared at the flame that was now licking at the edge of the grate. "Wanna come out here and finish these before I do"

"You'd better." Sam said rubbing his hand where he'd felt Dean's heart against it. "Or there will be nothing left for us to eat." He took Deans place chopping the toppings for the burgers.

"How do you want yours son," Bobby asked Dean as he stepped back up to the grill. "Well done as usual."

"No," Dean grinned a wicked grin, "I think I might try rare this time. After all some things have to change." He laughed at the look on Bobby's face, "Don't look so worried, I just want to try something new."

"Alright but if you get sick ya idgit it'll be your own fault."

"Aww Bobby I didn't know you cared." Dean laughed making his way to the cooler for another beer.

Sam watched his brother eat trying to place the strangeness he saw there. Blood from the rare burger dripped slowly down over his fries which he picked up and ate one by one, grinning.


"I missed these in Hell, they definitely could use burgers in Hell" he said absently. Sam laughed, yeah that was definitely a Dean comment, but still.

"Well, I'm off," Sam said dropping his napkin on his plate and standing to go into the kitchen.

"Where to?" Dean quirked an eyebrow. "Meeting that girl…." He grinned.

"None of your business Dean." Sam frowned.

"Sammy has a girlfriend, Sammy has a girlfriend." Dean chanted laughing.

"Shut up" Sam expected the usual reply of bitch but Dean went back to eating his burger.

Sam sighed as he walked to the Impala. It was Dean but maybe hell changed people. After all it was hell. He shrugged he had other things he needed to deal with. Picking up his cell phone he dialed Ruby's number.

"Hey ya Sammy," her voice answered silky and smooth as ever. "Big brother doesn't have you tied down some where yet?"

Sam thought that was a strange question but shook it off. Ruby often asked strange things at strange times he'd long since stopped questioning her.

"I need it," was all he said.

"I know you do darling, but you would think that with big bro being back you would not be so eager."

"Damn it Ruby," Sam growled he'd been on edge since Dean had gotten back and was not in the mood to deal with Ruby's antics tonight. "Where?"

"How about right here." A girl stood on the roadside. He pulled over and she slid into the passenger seat. "So how's big brother." She purred.

"Fine." Sam turned toward her sliding the knife out from its holster at his back and reached for Ruby's arm. She snatched it back.

"What's the hurry big guy? Deano got you upset over something." She watched him closely. "Something wrong with the happy homecoming."

"Do you know who pulled him out?" Sam snapped not wanting to play Ruby's games, not tonight when all he could think of was Dean. "Who pulled Dean out of hell?" the question came out of nowhere. He didn't even think he was going to ask her because she was a demon and demons lie.

"Don't know," Ruby shrugged, holding out her arm for Sam to take wrist turned up distracting him. He could hear the blood flowing through her veins. He closed his eyes and just for a second pulled at the demon in her, pulled it just enough to hurt. He grabbed her arm and sliced cleanly through the flesh as she screamed at the movement within her. He held her both the demon inside and her physical body as she squirmed in the seat. He brought her bleeding wrist to his mouth and began to suck greedily at it. He bit down not for the first time wishing the yellow-eyed demon had given him fangs, tearing at the flesh to get more of what he wanted.

Power flowed through him fire sliding through his veins. His vision was suddenly brighter and his hearing better and other changes moving lower in his body. He growled into her flesh as she tried to draw back, his teeth locking into her flesh.

"Damn it Sam" She pushed at his chest realizing that making him stronger wasn't always a good thing. Sam finally came to his senses and pulled back from her blood dripping from his mouth. He wiped it away on the sleeve of her shirt.

"Go," he growled lust filling him making him think and feel things that he'd long since learned came from the blood and not him. He closed his eyes resisting the revulsion of a demon so close to him.

Ruby stared at him before quickly opening the door. She wondered at the consequences of having Dean back in the picture. Sam had definitely changed. The fact that she had no answers she could give him was not a good thing if she wanted to keep her relationship with him.