I know it's been a really long time but work happens lol – Once again this is for Grimloki and I hope she enjoys it. Remember no beta so the mistakes are mine and I don't own them I just like to play with other peoples toys… If I did own them I definitely wouldn't be writing right now lol.

Sam slipped out as soon as he thought his brother was asleep. He needed to heal and the craving from the blood that he'd lost earlier was too strong for him to handle. He slowly snuck out to the impala and slid the flask out from under the seat where he'd hidden it after his visit with Ruby. Taking a long swallow he felt the power course through him. He shivered before sliding back into Bobby's house his mind filled with the dream he'd had of being choked.


Sam slowly opened the door to the bedroom at Bobby's. It was the room that he shared with his brother whenever they stayed there and it seemed that they would be staying for a while this time. He wanted to make sure his brother was truly all right. He shook his head his shaggy hair falling into his eyes. There seemed to be something off.

He glanced up looking at the bed where Dean lay only to realize his brother was watching him in the low light of the open bathroom door. Sam shook his head. In the soft glow his brother's eyes looked almost solid black. Something coiled low in Sam's stomach, desire? Fear? Dean blinked and rolled slightly towards where Sam was standing.

"Something wrong?" Dean's voice was just his voice. Dean's eyes were just his eyes, Sam realized. He shook his head unable to speak for a second. "Where ya been?" Dean questioned smirking "Did Sammy get a girlfriend?"

"Uh," Sam replied.

"You did didn't you?" there was that smirk again as Dean turned away from the light. The black illusion was back. Sam stared hard trying to see some glimmer of white in the darkness.

"I didn't,"

Dean chuckled "Finally getting some?" his voice teasing.

Sam gritted his teeth those eyes getting to him. He needed to see the natural hazel if only to reassure himself. "I am not," he growled not entirely sure why this was upsetting him so badly.

"Touchy," Dean turned toward him again. Sam sighed realizing it was just a trick of the light. "You always were a princess."

"So what were you doing?" an odd tone creeping into his brother's voice.

"I was just out," Sam lay on his back trying to sort out why he suddenly felt so out of place. He lay back, closed his eyes, and decided he would get down to the bottom of it in the morning.


Dean stood as soon as he heard his brother's quiet breathing. Sleeping was something that Sam never did well and there was something he needed. He stood and moved towards his brother. He stared at the scowl that graced his brother's features and tried to think what he might be dreaming about. As he watched he felt that darkness start to uncoil again. It was the same thing he felt when Sam had walked in. The same thing he felt when he looked at Bobby. He shook his head trying to clear it as he watched his Sammy sleep and this was his Sammy, he grinned possessively. "Mine" echoed in his head. Dean frowned, he'd always thought of his brother as his responsibility but never with such intensity. The darkness uncoiled a bit further. As it did it he reached out and gently brushed his hand through Sam's hair, something he'd done since they were kids.

A shock of raw power climbed up his arm he almost pulled his hand back until he realized that the sensation wasn't unpleasant just intense. "What the hell," he thought almost wanting to wake Sam up and ask about it. It drew him closer in. He suddenly wanted to feel more of it, to feel it completely against his skin. On impulse he pulled his shirt off and crawled into bed with Sam. The feeling of Sam next to him again both warm and loving and alarmingly intense.

Dean didn't sleep so much as let his mind go into a twilight state. His body soaked up the feeling that was Sam and the darkness receded happy. He felt Sam's arm wrap around his chest as his brother felt for the older siblings heartbeat. Sam's large hand rested against his chest causing his heart to jump when the strange feeling crept into his chest.

Dean's eyes snapped open when he felt his brother move away from him. He rose slowly trying not to wake Sam. Standing he watched his brother wondering. Without realizing it he must have made a noise because Sam rose up like the hunter he'd been trained to be.

Sam woke to a strange scent and an even stranger noise. His hand automatically went for the gun on the night table, its weight fell into his hand and he came up out of bed the gun aimed at the source of the sound. His other hand coming out, reaching out with his mind and tugging at what he felt was a demon. His eyes snapped open his finger curling around the trigger. Before he could squeeze off a round two things happened. He recognized the smell as something like Ruby only more masculine and recognized his brother standing at the foot of his bed.

"Whoa Sammy, it's just me." Dean raised his hands showing Sam that he wasn't armed. "I just thought we would get some practice in before breakfast. I haven't worked out in so long that I thought I should."

Sam shook his head to clear it as Dean reached out to rub his own heart which suddenly hurt. It was like what he felt last night only infinitely more painful. He closed his eyes to pay attention to what Sam was saying realizing he hadn't been listening.


"I said sure just let me take a shower and wake up a little bit," Sam said just needing time alone. He'd just almost killed his brother, and he couldn't figure out if it was the gun in his hand or the power that did it. He stood his eyes raking over Dean's shirtless form. Taking a deep breath he realized that Dean's scent was surprisingly good, in a decidedly non-brotherly way.