Scarecrow had said goodbye to the Cowardly Lion and Tinman at their respective homes where they were eager to begin anew, ready to test their courage and give of their hearts. Scarecrow, meanwhile, had reached his cornfield and the stiff pole.

"But, I don't want to stay here." He checked the stuffing in his chest. "I know I'm made for it, but it's so…so…"


Scarecrow jumped, and his knees buckled. He looked back and forth for the source of the small voice.

A small head was poking out of the tall corn. It looked like a little girl. The short person stepped out of the field, tugging on one of her braids that poked out of her bonnet.

"Who—who are you?" Scarecrow asked.

"I'm Jolly, a lollypop maker."

"A lollypop maker?"

"Of course. I'm a munchkin."

"Oh!" Scarecrow jumped up to his feet. "You're a munchkin!"

She giggled. "That's what I said."

"But, but, why are you here? This isn't Munchkinland."

"I had to see what was outside of Munchkinland. When Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road, I had to see where it led. But I didn't know which way to turn, so I haven't gotten any farther than this field."

"Well, that way is a nice way," Scarecrow pointed seriously.

Jolly looked.

"But it's pleasant down that way, too." And he pointed again.

Jolly's head turned.

"Of course, some people do go both ways." He started to cross his arms, but realizing what he was doing, stopped, arms halfway there.

"Which way did you go?"

"Me? Why, I went to Emerald City!" He puffed his chest out. "That's where I found out I have a brain!"

"Emerald City?" Jolly looked doubtful.

Scarecrow smiled. "What do you say we go the other way?"

"We? Together?"

He reached down for her little hand.

Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around one of his.

Scarecrow smiled. "Together!"