Few have seen war as I have. I have seen units killed to a man, I have seen continents burn with nuclear fire, I have seen planets sterilized, all for Operation Ragnarok. And for their equivalent. This war was envisioned 1400 years ago on Earth, and who knows when they first had the idea. I guess it's instinctual, if you ARE going to die, to take some with you. But this war can never be matched.

I have served in the Concordiat military for 30 years since I first signed up when I was 18, as part of humanity I felt it my duty to fight the alien Melconians. I completed training in 3349; the last year of sanity, the same year of the Emperor's "Demonstration" on New Vermont. New Vermont had a Billion registered men, women, and children. There were no survivors. I was sent to join the Dinochrome Brigade, the same brigade that protected Humanity. The Bolos were as old as the dawn of the 3rd millennium. I was assigned to command unit of the line CPN-1947 "Capone". We were one of the first units to volunteer for the reprisal strike, the first of Operation Ragnarok.

I never knew the name of the planet, I never cared to learn, and now I never want to. The planet had an estimated 2.5 Billion residents. There were no survivors. It is estimated that we, "Team Capone" (what else would you call two sentients bonded in a meta-mind) slaughtered 2 million. When the vehicle you ride in fires a cannon releasing the equivalent energy of megaton nuclear weapons, and it has three cannons, you alone can reduce a city in short order.

I served 30 years in the Concordiat Military, all of them in Operation Ragnarok. Had it been a civilized war, every participant would have been executed for war crimes, or crimes against humanity. I had attended the funeral pyres of 50 worlds. I have killed more people, although not human, than many psychotic dictators of old could claim.

And then I had the fortune that an enemy tank, a surtur class, happened to ambush and put a shot through our rear glacis, destroying us. And now I've come to the land of the dead.

It was black all around, total sensory deprivation. And then all around me appeared those I'd killed. An endless mob appeared before me. And it appeared that my victims were arranged by age, because for as far as I could see, were children, and as fast as I could focus on one they would disappear and be replaced by a new one. And I spun around and around. And I could see were those who were dead because of my blind quest for revenge. I have been here for an endless time, and I have yet to see a face for a second time.

It became a theory on olden Earth, between the old nations of The United States of America, and The United Socialist Soviet Republics, who had recently discovered atomic weaponry that would nuclear holocaust ever to have broken out, it would have been the duty of both countries that they would ensure that their deaths would not be in vain and completely and utterly destroy the other. There was an acronym for this idea, M.A.D., or Mutually Assured Destruction. Never had they though that what they had created could be as horrific as The Last War.

I have never seen war. I have never fought in battles, never killed an enemy. I have been a part of insanity which has stretched most of my life and would stretch for another century and a half. Earth and her celestial partner Luna were destroyed by a Melconian super weapon. Melcon burned and then was systematically sterilized. No life existed on either anymore. The empires of Man and Melcon stretched across the galaxy. Both now stretch only as far as Death.