You gave me my first kiss.

And my second.

And my third.

My every...

And then your lips went still.


And silent.

And I miss them.

Their movement.

Their warmth.

And their words...

Their You're beautifuls.

Their I love yous.

And their promises.

That you didn't keep.

Because you couldn't.

I know you meant them...

The ones you made me.

And wanted to keep them...

Each and every one.

And make more...


To me.

And for me.

And with me.

But you didn't.

Because you couldn't.

And you left me.

Because you weren't given the choice to stay.

And my choice was ripped away...

With you.

The promises you made left to crash and shatter at my feet.

With my heart.


Is what I was left with.

And in.

Your pieces.

That you never came back to pick up.

Put back together.

Or in place.

Even broken.

And I scattered...

Blew in the wind you left in.

Was washed away by my own tears...

That I chased after you with.

And lost you in.

And myself.

The one I gave you.

Thought you'd always keep.


And complete.

And just.

But that fell from your hands.

And your arms.

And your lips.

You gave me my first kiss.

And I'm coming now, Edward...

To you.

To give you my last.

Because I just can't live without you.

And won't.


Live in these pieces.

The shattered.

And scattered.

That you left behind.

When your lips...

And mine...

Went still.