Ricki Sparrow

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The Before

The waves crashed onto the dock with fierce snarls, lashing onto the old wood like whips and then restraining themselves. The ocean looked black underneath the night sky, with not even a moon to shine any light. The ships that were docked rocked with the sea, looming over everyone in Port Royale. It was only a few hours before sunrise, and then three of the ships that were existant in the harbor would be gone. A merchant would take one of them, bound for trade in Tortuga. A Captain would take the largest one on a mission to deliever a new governer to the Spanish port of Santo Domingo. And the smallest, rattiest looking ship would be stolen by a little girl with a big dream.

Or, perhaps the girl wasn't so little and her dreams weren't so unreachable. She had finally reached the age of adulthood, and was allowed to leave her family to embark on what would come to be the greatest adventure of her life. Her parents - while saddened by her choice - understood why she had to do what she was doing, and supported her in every way that they could. They tailored clothes that were both sensible for the open sea and flattering for her body type. They spent all that they earned on rations for her to take with her, and even found her a new map that was the most updated and precise copy available at the time. The only thing that they could not help their daughter with was a ship to take her to Santiago, but the girl - Ricki, was her name - knew that she could get the ship on her own.

She hadn't told her parents that she was planning on stealing the ship, because stealing the ship would be the first act of piracy she ever committed, and she didn't want them to have knowledge of it. She feared that the authorities would find out, and her parents - Maurice and Isabella - didn't deserve to die for raising a pirate.

Maurice and Isabella were not Ricki's true parents - if they had been, Ricki would have been attending a dinner or a ball in a tight fitting corset at the very moment she was untying her ship (if it could even be called that - honestly, it was so incredibly small and old that it was nearly worthless). No, piracy was in Ricki's blood - her parents had been infamous villains, according to society, though Ricki's mother hadn't been heard from in quite some time. Ricki kept up with what her father was doing, though - anytime she heard the name 'Jack Sparrow', she listened intently to whomever was speaking of him, and released an unintentional breath every time it was confirmed that he was still alive. Ricki feared for her father often - piracy was a dangerous profession.

Ricki often found her thoughts trailing over the entire world to her parents. With the passing of years her memories of them had begun to fade, but she held close the feelings of love they had given her as a child. She had grown up at sea, on a ship known as The Black Pearl. The entire crew had lended a hand in her upbringing, and she was the ideal pirate before she could even form full sentences. She was the gleam in the eyes of both of her parents, and was kept a secret from the real world for a very long time. She hadn't even been branded. But when she was six years old, everything changed. The Black Pearl was attacked by a ship from the British armada, and most of the crew had jumped overboard. The only three who had stayed were Ricki's parents and their dear friend, whose name Ricki could not even remember. The officers who had been sailing the enemy ship took everything that they could get their hands on - including Ricki. It wasn't until later that her parents would discover her absense, and by that time, Ricki would already be being adopted.

Pushing a strand of light brown hair behind her ear, Ricki placed her new hat on her head and prepared her ship to set sail. Ricki knew that it would be hard to navigate, steer, and keep lookout on her own, but she was prepared to do whatever it took to see her father and mother once again. Taking one last look at the city she had resided in for nearly twelve years, Ricki turned her face away and set off for the horizon.