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Running through the forest, Peeta tried to be quiet. He tried to. Even though Gale had tried to teach him to not use his big feet to scare animals over and over again, he could never get the hang of it. He saw a deer and instantly stopped. Listening out for Gale to come running, or for any animals to come, Peeta raised his bow so quietly and faced it to the animal. It wasn't often he got a deer, but he was going to shoot it. He was going to feed it to his poor family, he was going to do whatever he can to make this animal his meal.

The arrow blazed through the air, it was long until it found it's target. The arrow pierced the deer's side, and it fell. Walking over, Peeta could see that the deer was struggling to hold onto life, but, almost emotionless, he shot another arrow into it.

"Gale!" Peeta half whispered, half screamed, his voice full of excitement. The older boy came rushing through the forest to find Peeta standing over the kill, grinning. "Look what I've got."

Waking up from his pleasant dream, dreaming of the past, Peeta lifted his head. He was in the arena of the 74th Hunger Games, and he'd been there for about two days. And he needed to go hunting today, his bow was hanging by belt. Unstrapping himself from the tree and his sleeping bag, he wrapped things up and put them in his orange, but newly camouflaged, bag. He was going to win the Games, he was stronger than everyone else, for sure.

Jumping from the tree, Peeta fell to the ground with a thud. Looking around to see if anyone was going to jump out at him and kill him, he stood as silent as he could, the only noise he could hear is the birds chirping.

Breathing heavily, Peeta started walking slowly and quietly, using his ears to find prey. It wasn't long before he found a squirrel, and he quickly shot it, and he sighed loudly. There was his breakfast. He could eat it raw.

While, on the other side of the arena, was Katniss Everdeen. Uncomfortable, unhappy, probably going to die. She'd allied herself with the careers, making her love think that she was on the other side, trying to kill him, while really, she was trying to save his life. She really loved him. He didn't love her back.

"Oi, Catnip!" says Cato, using the name he bagged for her. "Can you do something useful and get us some food? Maybe even a kill? Which I don't think you can do, but one can dream." Glimmer and Marvel simply laughed, while Clove gushed over Cato, twirling his hair in her fingers, being utterly disgusting. Katniss felt even more uncomfortable, and just ignored Cato. She'd be dead soon anyway.

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