"Hi, Abby!" Brianna greeted Abby with a big smile on her face, the immediate moment she boarded the bus. "Please sit with me!" Abby was shocked. Why was the most snarky girl being nice to her? This was just plain creepy. Abby shuddered but still popped into the seat beside Brianna. The most weirdest thing was that Brianna never once boasted about herself and she never once claimed she was the best. Abby was totally freaking out by the time she reach the school. Maybe it would be better if she told Hannah, her best friend about it.

As Abby walked through the hallway of Susan B. Anthony middle school, she noticed a group of kids crowding around someone. She gasped when she saw who it was. Hannah. Her best friend. Hannah was using terms like "I am the best!" and was constantly boasting about how extremely great she was. Abby was stunned. She shook her head, what was going on around here? First Brianna, now Hannah, it was as if they switched personalities!

Abby Hayes walked slowly towards her locker and saw someone standing there waiting for her. The person was a boy, which Abby had never seen before. Was he a new student? It was then when she realized he was her great friend, Mason. His hair was neatly slicked back and he wore a white suit, so white that you could see the iron marks. He wore a pair of shiny, black shoes that people wore for a function. Abby stared down at them and noticed her reflection on them. In the pocket of Mason's jacket, there was a little red rose poking out from it. It was as if he stepped out of a fantasy novel. "Hello, nice to meet you," Mason said politely, sticking out his hand in front of Abby. Abby, stared at it and shook it. "What has gotten into you, Mason?" she asked. "Same old, same old," was the reply he gave.

Abby could not take it anymore. Her friends were acting insanely weird and strange. She felt like she did not know them anymore. She brushed past Mason, took her books out of her locker, shut it hard, and ran for a first lesson. She wanted to scream, shout, and do anything that would wake her up from this crazy morning, but she knew, she was stuck with it.