Chapter 1: the search for the Pretear



I ran down the street panicking because I was late for school, I was tired from cramming for an exam. I sharply turned the corner and the school came into view, I rushed inside and ran to my classroom. Once I was inside I sat next to the window, and then got all of my stuff out of my school bag. I saw someone approach me; I looked up at the person in front of me. She had short red-ish pink hair, pale skin, and pinkish-red orange eyes; she was dressed in the school uniform. A long sleeved cream shirt with blue around the wrist and collar, a short blue skirt with a white line on the bottom, and a pair of brown boots that came to her knees. This girl in front of me was my sister, her name was Himeno Awayuki.
Himeno was one of my three sisters, the other two weren't blood related. You see Himeno and I came from a ruff life, we lost or mother when we were young and our father was an author who was having trouble with his work. Himeno and I along with our father, moved into a huge mansion that belonged to our new mother. Yep that's right, dad got remarried and now we were the step daughters of Natsue Awayuki the richest lady in town. We were adjusting well but not well enough, we had one bothersome sister Mayune Awayuki she hated us and so did I, then there was Mawata Awayuki now her I didn't have a problem with because she never came out of her room and didn't talk much.

"Hey Hinata do you wanna go shopping with me after school?" she asked.

"Sorry sis I have to go to guitar practice after school." I said.

"Oh, ok..." she sighed with disappointment.

"Next time, promise." I smiled ruffling her hair.

The seven handsome knights appeared at an unattended construction sight, they all came with one mission in mind. Find the Pretear. The seven knights were known as Hayate knight of the wind, Sasame knight of sound, Goh knife of fire, Kei the knight of light, Shin knight of plants,Mannen the knight of ice, and Hajime the knight of water. Three of the knights were only children, the three knights before them had lost all of their Liefe and died. The knights split up and searched the small town for the Pretear; they would be able to find the Pretear by holding the hand of the Pretear. Easier said than done, the Pretear can only be a female and there were only oh, millions of girls in the town alone.

Eight hours past and school finally let out, man I hated school it was boring and I was forced to go by my new mother. I gathered my things and walked out of the classroom, I left the school with Himeno following behind me. We walked together till we split up, she was going home, and I was going to my guitar lesson. I had my bag slung over my shoulder, thinking about what to do after my lesson. I turned the corner and collided into something, I was knocked down along with what I had collided with. I held my head in pain then looked to see what I collided into; sitting underneath of me was a boy.

He looked like he was sixteen, he had long dark blue hair pulled into a ponytail in the bottom, pale skin, and was dressed in a dark green-ish blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and a long cream colored jacket. I lightly blushed and continued to stare at him he was talking though I heard no words come out; I shook my head and put on a serious face.

"Get off of me!" he shouted.

"Sorry maybe you should watch where you're going." I replied bluntly, grabbing my stuff.

He stared walking off.

"Hey wait a minute, you could at least apologize!" I exclaimed at him.

I ran up behind him and grabbed his hand in an attempt to pull him back; a light suddenly appeared between our joined hands then it sent both of us flying back. I stood up and walked off again, wondering what had just happened.