First name: Keikantora (strong and fierce tiger)

Last name: Kuran

Species: Pureblood vampire

Appearance: dark crimson eyes, dark brown hair (waist-length), same height as Aidou

Personality: regal, calm, strong willed.

Abilities: all regular pureblood powers, can mimic the vampire powers from anyone she touches and can even take them away from that vampire for as long as she is touching them, She can temporarily absorb powers and abilities from vampire hunters and even humans (she has more powers but I'm not telling right now!)

Likes: defiant, strong willed people who treat her like a normal person, her brother, running, climbing trees and buildings

Dislikes: slave-like people who have a weak will, vampire hunters,

Romantic interests: someone strong willed, who loves her for who she is rather than what she can do

Anything else you need to know?

These ~ ~ with words in between mean thinking to someone else, these ' ' with words in between mean thinking to yourself, and these { } with words in between means a dream

In my story, when a pureblood bites another vampire (not counting another pureblood), they are likely to fall under their command, this is because of their fangs, some vampires are resistant to this power, able to defy them sometimes, but not always, rarely, there is a vampire that is completely unaffected by this, this pureblood can bite them as many times as they like.

Also in my story, Haruka and Juri Kuran (Kaname and Keikan's parents) are not dead, they just wanted their kids to go to cross academy.

Another thing (sorry!) Keikantora can't tell the difference between 'dream' dreams and 'prediction' dreams.