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Rei stood on the steps of the Martian temple awaiting her special guest. She gave a soft huff of amusement. Out of the five planets, she'd been the only princess to resist responding in an affirmative to the Royal Summons.

She had no interest in getting involved in Lunar politics or acting as a child-minder for a young princess. The reigning monarch of Mars, her grandfather, was getting on in years. His children had long since passed and Rei was the only heir. Surely, he needed her more than Queen Selenity did. More than the galaxy did.

She'd been brought up with the freedom to do as she wished. As such, her grandfather had used her freedom to teach her about responsibility and somehow, along the way, she'd become a generally, level-headed, responsible tribute to his patience and care. Rei had thought about her decision to resist the Summons. It wasn't one that she'd made lightly.

Rei could now see the group from the Moon slowly making their way towards her. It was a long, white, majestic procession and she expected no less from the Lunar Princess.

She supposed that she wanted to find a reason that would change her views on the whole issue. Rei wanted to have a reason that would make her leaving her home and her grandfather, worthwhile. She had not found it yet and was not yet sure what she would do if she never found it. Rei watched as the group moved closer and closer.

Rei was not naive. She knew that she could only resist for so long. The Queen, though always benevolent, was firm and generally obtained what she set out to obtain. Her grandfather had warned her not to stay stubborn for too long. There was a danger in that extreme, as there were in all extremes, he had said.

The procession finally came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs and Rei, for the first time, beheld the face of the Lunar Princess. She was beautiful, that was for certain. Rei bowed as was the custom, and the Princess returned her bow. They stood upright and regarded each other for a moment.

Suddenly, the Princess bent over and picked up her skirts. With no regard for her station or surroundings, she bounded up the stairs towards Rei. Just as she was about to reach Rei, she tripped on her skirts and began to fall forward. Instinctively, Rei reached out to help steady the Princess. The Princess managed to grab Rei's forearms but her momentum was enough to take them both down. Someone below, groaned but Rei was too surprised with what had just occured to take notice of who it had been.

"I apologize, Princess! Mother says I can be so clumsy but she says I'll grow out of it. I hope I will. You are very beautiful! I would like to have a sister like you. I have three sisters, well, I have no blood sisters. Just true sisters. Have you met the other princesses?"

Rei stared, dumbfounded for a moment before her senses returned to her. With a slight scowl, she set about righting herself before she gave the Lunar Princess a hand. The Princess shrank away a bit and Rei resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, she focused on schooling her expression into a more hospitable one. She knew she could be intimidating, at times. It didn't help that she had no patience when it came to being made to look like a fool.

"I accept your apology, your Highness, and I have no sisters."

The silence stretched awkwardly and the Lunar Princess seemed to wilt before her eyes. Rei generally never bothered with sparing the feelings of another when it came to being true to herself. Yet...

"But, I've always wished to have sisters."

The bright smile she received, was a start, she supposed. A start towards finding the reason that would make it all worthwhile.

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