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It was Saturday morning when my little brother Evan bolted into my room at 7:00 in the morning and screamed "I'M FIVE PENNY, I'M FIVE, I'M FIVE!"

Oh god!

Every year he gets so excited about his birthday that he will literally run around the house and scream like a fucking maniac. Well, why should I be pissed off at him? I did the same exact same thing when I was his age. He slammed my door shut and ran into my mother's room next door to piss her off as well. I lazily got out of bed, my eyes sagging, my vision blurry, and my red dyed hair one hell of a mess. I put my slippers on and walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. I went back to my room, opened up my curtains and gazed down at the noisy bustling streets from down below.

Ahh New York City! The city that never fucking sleeps, how I hate you so much!

I heard my mom open up my door as I quickly shut the curtains.

"We're going to watch Evan open his presents in the living room" she said


"That's…fine…I'll be there in a few" I replied with a shaky smile.

As my mom shut my door I frantically ran around my room looking for a present to give him. I opened up all my drawers and looked through my entire closet, but I all I had was crap. I looked underneath my bed and found my old teddy bear with an ugly plaid bowtie. I shrugged my shoulders.

Well, better than nothing.

I found an old safeway bag in my closet and wrote Happy Birthday Evan across the top in sharpie. Suddenly my mom opened my door again.

"Did you get him something nice?" she asked.

I quick stuffed my bag away and turned around.


"Did you buy him something with your own money and not just stuff your hand-me-down crap in a safeway bag like you did last year?"

"Nope" I lied.

"Well come on Evan's waiting" she said shutting my door.

My palms grew sweaty. My mom was going to kill me for sure.

I came out to the living room still in my pajamas as I noticed the neat decorating my mom had done. Colorful balloons were spread out and a small banner was spread up above the fireplace with my brother's name printed on it. Evan pointed to the banner.

"Look Penny it's my name!" he yelled excitedly.

Yay I don't care! Oh shut up its his birthday!

"Yeah I noticed" I replied with a wide cheesy grin.

"All right let's open some presents!" my mom said handing Evan a colorful wrapped up box with a curly pink ribbon on it.

"No wait, I wanna open Penny's first"

I gulped.

"Where's your present Penny?" my mom asked me.

Oh crap here it goes

"Well the thing is…I…ordered something and it won't be here…until tomorrow"

"Oh ok, can we open the rest of my presents now?" my brother asked.

"Sure we can" my mother replied.

"Yes. Let the party continue" I cheered sarcastically.

While I watched Evan open his gifts my mother kept suspiciously staring at me.

When he was done partying like a lunatic after getting board games, cheap toys, and an ugly knitted sweater from grandma (I'm really not kidding) my mom announced that our neighbors the Barclays were also celebrating a birthday.

"You mean Andy Barclay? It's his birthday today too?" I asked surprised.

"Yep he's turning six though, he and Evan are exactly one year apart"

"Aww no fair!" Evan complained.

My mom laughed as she slipped on her jacket and grabbed her purse.

"Well I'd like you to go over and just wish Andy a happy birthday while I'm gone, and I'll see you all around 5" my mom said as she headed out the door to her job.

"Can we go see Andy now?" my brother pleaded as he grabbed onto my black t-shirt.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

"Sure, let's get dressed first"

As soon as we slipped our clothes on we went next door to the Barclay's room and knocked on their door. A 19 year old teen opened it up and looked down at us.

"Hi is Andy home?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, uh we just wanted to wish him a happy birthday" I responded.

The teenager turned around.

"Andy you got some visitors at the door!"

Andy ran down the hallway and up to the front door wearing his Good Guy outfit.

My god is he obsessed.

"Happy Birthday Andy!" I cheered.

"Andy did you get a talking good guy doll?" Evan anxiously asked.

Andy sighed.

"No, but I hope I get one. Did you get one?"

"No their really expensive" Evan complained.

"Are you six now Andy?" I asked changing the subject.

He nodded and cutely held up six fingers.

"Yeah, this is how many years old I am" he said raising his hand up.

"Well congrats, Evan here is five"

Evan raised his hand.

"Yeah just five" he muttered.

As we all laughed I noticed Andy had been watching Good Guys on T.V.

Oh my god, that's it! I might have enough money to get a Good Guy doll for Evan! It's brilliant! But with mom gone, where am I going to keep him. It'd be quite rude of me to just keep him here with the baby sitter.

"Oh god I just remembered I need to get some milk at the store, but I don't know how I can watch Evan" I lied with a worried tone of voice.

Just how I pictured my plan going, the baby-sitter (at least I hope she is) spoke up.

"You know, I don't mind watching him for a few minutes" she offered.

"Oh really, are you sure?"

"Yeah it's totally fine with me"

Evan and Andy cheered as they ran to the couch to watch Good Guys on T.V.

"Well they took the news pretty well" I chuckled.

"Yeah, it's fine I baby-sit all the time"

"Ok, thank you" I hollered as I ran back to our room to grab my money and head downtown for some last minute shopping.

I walked to the toy store which unfortunately was completely destroyed. There was shattered glass everywhere and toys scattered all around. Police tape covered up the crime and cops were examining the evidence.

Fuck! That was the best toy store in town, and worst of all they had good guys!

I kept walking through the streets until I found a hobo pushing a grocery cart down an alley way. There just so happened to be a Good Guy inside! I knew hobos were creepy, gross, and dangerous, but this was my last chance.

"Excuse me sir!" I called out but the man disappeared. I ran inside the alley way until I caught up to him.

"Is that a Good Guy?" I asked him.

"Sure is" he replied patting the box. His breath smelled like rotten onions and his teeth were moldy and yellow. I tried my best to be polite.

"How much are you willing to sell that doll?"

"50 bucks"

"50? Look I'll give you 40, it's all I got"

"Meh…fine" he said snatching my money and handing me the box. It felt heavy in my hands hopefully meaning the actual toy was inside. The hobo continued walking down the alleyway with his grocery cart as I sprinted home with the best birthday present of all time.

"A GOOD GUY DOLL? YOU GOT ME A GOOD GUY DOLL?" Evan screamed with excitement.

"Sure did!" I bragged as he hugged me tight.


"All right all right just open it!" I chuckled feeling happy and warm inside that I finally got him an actual present.

Hopefully that dirty rotten hobo didn't fill the inside with drugs or something.

He opened up the top of the box and pulled out a perfectly clean looking Good Guy doll in excellent condition.


"Wow, he's a lot bigger than I imagined! What do these good guys do again?"

"All kinds of things! They can move their eyes, and talk, and they each have names watch"

He placed the doll on the coffee table facing the two of us.

"Hi I'm Evan, what's your name?"

To our amazement the doll blinked his large, cute blue eyes, looked up at my brother and said, "Hi I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend 'till the end. Hidy-Ho!"

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