Later that night when our mom came home from work she decided to let Andy sleepover since his mom was still out and no one could really watch him on his birthday. We had a cake delivered to our apartment door for Andy and Evan who were mostly playing with Chucky and doing other five year old stuff. I changed into my pajamas (black t-shirt and thin pink sweat pants) and decided to have some down time. My mom and I sat down on the couch and watched some TV. I flipped the channel to the news where some Lakeshore strangler had been finally killed after breaking into the toy store down the street.

"That's what that was" I muttered.

"My mom looked over at me.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw the toy store today, it was completely destroyed and there was caution tape and everything"

"Oh and you know this how?"

"You know, just out the window" I lied not mentioning I left Evan at Andy's trying to find a last minute birthday present.

I turned the volume up to listen to more information about the local strangler.

"Police say that the strangler, Charles Lee Ray, had been severely shot at the toy store. Experts mention he has murdered countless victims-".

All of a sudden Chucky was sitting right next to me. His big blue eyes staring straight at the television. I jumped from my seat. Then all of a sudden I heard growling from behind the couch. I slowly turned around. Just then Evan and Andy popped up screaming and laughing at the same time. I leapt from my seat.

"We got her good!" Andy chuckled.

"You were so scared Penny!" Evan laughed.

I picked up Chucky.

"What the hell was Chucky doing here?"

"He wants to watch TV, he said so." Evan said placing him back down. Chucky's eyes moved back toward the TV.

"Well can you please take him away, his stare is creeping me out"

"Ask him yourself, he said he wants to watch the news cause it's really important" Evan retorted.

"Fine, go ahead!"

I looked at the clock noticing it was past nine.

"Mom shouldn't Evan and Andy be asleep! Mom?"

My mom was just staring at the TV in shock. Her hand cupped over her mouth.


"You can put them to bed" she answered not taking her eyes off the TV.

I groaned as I got up and walked the two boys to Evan's room. Inside he had a large train set circling around the room and small model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. To the right was a large colorful toy chest and a messy closet and to the left was a kid size bunk bed with Good Guy blankets and pillows. I looked back down at the train-set remembering our dad who sadly passed away before we moved to New York. Life in Ohio was so much more peaceful. We had the greatest home, no neighbors or houses right by us, just a big open meadow with the biggest skies you could ever imagine. Evan stood by me.

"Daddy really liked trains" he said looking up at me.

"Yeah, he sure did"

"I got top!" Evan called racing up the ladder. Andy ran to the bottom bunked and snuggled inside the covers.

"Where's Chucky?" Andy asked.

"I'll get him" I answered walking back into the living room. I found Chucky still staring at the TV and my mom still watching the report about Charles Lee Ray. I picked up the doll and took him back into Evan's room. I lifted the good guy up and handed it to Evan. He gently took it and cutely cradled the doll as he and Andy fell asleep. I turned the light off and walked back to the living room. My mom was still watching the report, not moving an inch.

"He's dead you know" I said breaking the silence.

She slowly nodded.

"He can't hurt us anymore"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. My mom slowly got up to see Mrs. Barclay standing in the doorway.

"Hi Kristen, just wanted to see how Andy was doing."

"Oh he wasn't a problem at all, he and Evan were having so much fun."

"Oh great, you know it's just Andy's first sleepover and everything and I just wanted to know if there were any problems at all."

"No he was absolutely fine"

"Great, thank you so much again for doing this but I guess I better go home next door! So see you tomorrow!"

My mom and I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street until it was time for bed.

Horror movies are so cheesy!

Afterwards we said goodnight to each other and dragged ourselves to bed. At 1:00 in the morning I could hear some noise in the living room. I slowly got up from my bed and walked out of my room to see a shadowy figure sitting on the couch whispering. I turned on the light and saw Evan rubbing his eyes and squinting up at me.

"Evan, what the hell are you doing it's 1:00!"

"Chucky and I were talking"

I strolled over to the couch. My brother was sitting on the floor and Chucky was perched on the couch, his intensely big blue eyes staring into my soul.

"What do you mean you were talking?"

"Well, he said that he doesn't like our mom, or Andy, or you, and if I tell anyone his secret I am in big trouble and most likely go to hell."

I stared incredibly shocked at what my brother had just said.

"What's the secret"

"I can't tell you"

"Come on just tell me"

"His real name is Charles Lee Ray".

Chills went up and down my spine.

"The Charles Lee Ray?"


"He's…he's dead Evan"

"No, he's sitting right over there"

I stared at the doll again. I grabbed Evan's hand and walked him back to bed, dragging the doll along with me. I watched him climb up the ladder and get back under the covers. Once he and Chucky were asleep, I stormed into mom's room and turned on the light.

"Evan's insane!" I hollered.

"Turn the light off! What are you doing?"

"Mom Evan is going insane! He thinks Chucky is alive!"

"Kids imaginations these days" she moaned throwing the thick covers back over her.

"No mom! He was sitting in the living room TALKING to Chucky!"

"He's just playing"

"No mom! There is a huge difference between playing and going fucking physiologically insane!"

"Just go back to bed"
"Mom he thinks Charles Lee Ray IS Chucky!"

My mother didn't reply. She layed in bed frozen again.

"Are you listening to me?!"


I quickly walked back to my room but almost tripped over Chucky.

Goddamn it Evan! Stop leaving your fucking crap all over the floor!

I picked up Chucky who had something shiny in his overall pocket. I slowly pulled out a large sharp knife, dropped the doll on his back and cupped my hand over my mouth.

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