Here's a mysterious Common Law story for you guys to eat up (hopefully) XD


"Secrets are made to be found out with time." -Charles Sanford

Wes breathed heavily as he woke up with a start. It wasn't a dream. He was really taken from his home. He was really forced into a dark vehicle, later being knocked out with a chloroform soaked rag. He was really tied up to a chair in a dark room.

"H-hello?" Wes called out weakly, hoping someone would hear him. If they weren't going to release him, the least they could do was provide him with some answers. "Anybody there?" he tried again.


Wes let out a deep sigh, trying to think of why someone would have a reason to kidnap him.

He couldn't think of one good reason.

Wes tried moving his hands, but they were securely tied behind his back.

What in the world was going on?

A door opened, making Wes wince. He heard footsteps approaching him, and it was only when the figure got in front of him was when he saw the man's face.

"Hello, Wes," the red headed man said, an evil smile etched on his face.

"Who are you?" Wes asked, with no trace of fear. Fear was the last thing Wes wanted to show this man. Fear and weakness, a big no-no.

"I'm an old friend," the man simply replied. When Wes gave him a look of confusion, he smirked and continued. "A friend of yours took something I I took something of his. That makes sense, right?"

When Travis got to work the next morning, he knew something wasn't right. Did Captain Sutton use new air freshener? Did someone take something from his desk? Did someone take something from Wes' desk?

That's when Travis' eyes widened. Where was Wes?

He stared at Wes' empty desk, wondering where his partner was.

"He never showed up this morning," Suttons's worried voice said behind Travis.

Travis turned around to face the captain. "Why? Is he sick?" Even being sick couldn't be a possibility for Wes. Wes never got sick, and he was too committed to his work to take off for a personal day. So what happened?

"Anyone try calling him?" Travis asked as he pulled out his phone to dial Wes' number. He sighed in defeat when the call went straight to voice mail.

"Package for Captain Sutton," a voice called out.

Sutton and Travis turned to the entrance of the bullpen, seeing a delivery boy standing at the door. Sutton raised his hand and signaled the man over.

Sutton was handed a box. "What is it?" he asked as he looked at the box wrapped in brown paper.

The man shrugged. "I just deliver 'em," he replied as he handed Sutton a clipboard to sign. "Thanks," he said once Sutton finished signing.

Travis sighed. "Well while you eat your chocolates from your wife," he began as he pulled out his keys. "I'll go check on Wes at his place."

Sutton's voice stopped Travis dead in his tracks. "No need," the older man said, causing Travis to turn around and stare at him in wonder.

Travis was quick in realizing what Sutton was talking about. In his hand was a tape. A tape with the name "Wes Mitchell" written on the side.

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