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"You sure this guy is legit, Daniel?" Freddie asked.

"He said meet him there tonight," Daniel replied with a nod. He trusted Travis' words. If Travis was really determined to rescue his friend, he wouldn't lie.

Would he?

"I believe him," Daniel continued. "He sounded very sincere. I think he has Jonah right now."

"Let's not forget who's the naive one, here," Freddie stated. "Cops lie too."

Daniel sighed. "Well this cop is the closest thing we have to getting back Daniel," he reminded Freddie.

"I'll go," Freddie announced.

"No, I'll go," Daniel offered. "They may not know who I am or what I look like, but they've heard my voice. They'll know immediately that there are two of us."

Freddie shook his head. "Don't worry," he reassured. "I'll have all my bases covered. I'll make the trade off and if I see anything suspicious, I'll killing that cop."

"Why kill him?" Daniel asked. "He hasn't seen your face. He doesn't even know you exist. As far as he knows, I'm working alone on this."

"You've gone soft," Freddie responded. "Don't make that mistake."

"I'm not making a mistake and I haven't gone soft," Daniel argued. "I'm just trying to think rationally here. No one needs to die."

Freddie scoffed. "Jonah was falsely accused," he reminded Daniel. "The police never listened to him. The DA treated him like trash, and then he was given a max sentence. Does that seem right?" He sincerely felt sorry for both Daniel and Jonah.

Daniel looked down."No," he answered in defeat.

"Exactly," Freddie replied. "And because of his arrest, you suffered."

Daniel sighed, finding truth in Freddie's words.

"How would you feel," Freddie continued. "How would you feel if you were to find out that this whole thing was a hoax? You've been anticipating Jonah's return and you've been promised that tonight is the night."

Daniel sighed, clenching his fists, thinking about everything Freddie was saying.

"That's why I need to take control of things tonight," Freddie said, putting both his hands on Daniel's shoulders in a loving way. "I need to make sure that everything is perfect...for you."

Daniel smiled. "Thanks, Fred."

"No problem. Now c'mon," Freddie said, breaking the comfortable silence. "Get ready. We have a long night ahead of us."

Travis woke up after the sound of his alarm clocked echoed in his bedroom. Last night was the first night Travis had had a decent sleep since Wes' kidnapping.

And yes. Five hours of sleep was decent.

This was it. Today was the day they were getting Wes back. This plan had to work. It was going to work. Wes needed this plan to work.

He couldn't let Wes down. Wes was his partner. Their average work day lasted eight to twelve hours on a good day. They knew each other more than they knew themselves.

Travis couldn't imagine himself with another person as his partner, and he didn't plan on it.

Travis rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It wasn't long before he crawled out of bed and got ready for work. He was practically speeding to work on his motorcycle this morning, not surprised at the number of traffic rules he was breaking.

Finally, the station came into view. He hopped off his bike, and ran inside.

Travis took a seat at his desk. The empty desk across from him was usually a distraction, preventing Travis from concentrating on getting any work done. But today, it was his motivation. That desk wouldn't be too empty for long.

"Travis!" he heard Captain Sutton call out from his office.

Travis quickly made his way over. He let himself into Sutton's office and took a seat. "Yeah, Cap?" he asked.

Captain Sutton sighed. "I hope you know what you're doing," he started it out.

Travis was silent at first. "I do too," he finally replied. "But this is the only way we can get Wes' kidnapper in the open."

"I know," Sutton replied. He sighed. "Listen, there's something I needa tell you."

"What is it?" Travis asked.

"I spoke to DA Stewart," he said. "You're not gonna be happy with what I found out." The captain swallowed before telling Travis everything Stewart had confessed. By the time he was done, anger was quite evident on Travis' face.

"Jonah died in jail right after Wes was held for ransom," Travis pointed out after taking several deep, angry breaths. He continued speaking after Sutton nodded. "Well my gut's been telling me that was no coincidence...and you...just gave me reason to believe my gut even more."

"What are you gonna do?" the captain asked. "It's your call."

Travis sighed. "Looks like I have a new case on my hands." Wes, what did you get into? Travis thought to himself as he got up from his seat and left the captain's office. He had a long day ahead of him before Wes could come back home.

Wes wasn't sure how much time had past, but he did know several other things.

He was tired. He was hungry. And he really wanted to get out of here.

The door creaked open, and Wes' face twisted in confusion. Two men were walking in instead of one. How many people were in on this whole thing?

"Time to go, Wes," the strange man said the the blonde detective. "We don't wanna be late, do we?"

Daniel knelt down and began untying Wes' zip ties. Wes moaned when he felt the blood beginning to circulate in his arms again.

Wes' moves were quite sluggish as he tried to stand up from the chair.

"Get up!" The other man commanded as he roughly pulled Wes from the chair. The blonde's body jerked and stiffened as he was forced to stand.

Wes took a step before he knees weakened beneath him. Thankfully, Daniel was there to catch him. Daniel allowed Wes to lean his weight on him.

"Time for us to see your friend," the strange man said with a smile.

"Who are you?" Wes asked.

The man smiled. "A friend," he answered. "Now let's hope your friend was telling this man the truth," he said, pointing to himself.

Wes was led outside. Although on normal occasions, he would have found this to be the perfect opportunity to escape, he also knew that it was impossible. He was too weak, not to mention that he noticed the bulge in the other man's pants. It was obvious there was a gun there. No way Wes could escape that.

They wanted to put Wes in a van. It was black, so it basically blended with the night.

The man opened the back door of the van and stopped. "Oh," he said, as if he remembered something. "We can't have you seeing anything, can we?" he asked as he reached into his pocket. He pulled out a rag, and it was very obvious what was on it.

Wes could feel Daniel holding him tighter. He couldn't escape anything as the man pressed the rag to his face, and everything went black shortly after.

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