Seriously….Life Can Really Suck

For Starters – December 4th, 2011

!BOOM! The sound of the thunder made me distracted from my thoughts. Well that and the hard rain drops crashing against my window. I'm going to tell you from now, I am NOT a perfect person so don't expect any amazing entries in this journal .My name is Alexzeona ..Alex for short. I have long, black straight hair that is always in a hoodie or beanie. I have light green, blueish eyes that are filled with tears at the moment. I'm sixteen and legally able to drive. My personality? Funny, nice, fun, a total tomboy, and kind of cusser .

I really don't see the in taking five hours to get ready…it's like who gives a fuck what I look like…a lot of people but not me. One more thing…I'm sick. Not sick like a cold or something. I mean I'm diagnosed with cancer. Yeah…it took a while for my hair to grow back. I have been diagnosed with cancer ever since I was three. My mom walked in my room right now.

"Hey sweetie, sorry to bother, but are you okay?" she asks. We just got back from the doctors. They said my cancer was worse than ever. Obviously I'm not in the greatest mood, but I have to be strong in front of my mom.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine," I said. She shot me that I-know-you're-lying look ,which I hate because she always does it at the right time.

My mom is seriously beautiful. She has light brown hair, big brown eyes, and the most perfect smile.

I love it when she wears her P.J.s around the house, which she is doing right now, because that means she's not going anywhere. You see, she owns a fashion company, so she's always busy. That's why I wonder why I'm not girly like my sister. She has brown eyes too but she has like 50 pounds of make up on them and her hair is supposed to be brown but she dies it blonde. I don't know why she does it she is pretty without it...but she doesn't have the best personality in the world. She is always yelling at me.

Any ways…

"Honey, I know it's hard for you," my mom said, "but we fought cancer before, and we will fight it again.

"I know but what if…"I couldn't finish my sentence…

"What if…what?" she asked.

"What if…we don't win?...,"That's when my voice cracked. That's when my eyes got filled with tears…that's when I broke down and started crying.

"Oh sweetie," my mom said, she was shocked. This was the first time she has seen me dry, "don't say that. We will win!"

"Okay mom," I wanted to say "how do you know that" of "nothing turns out okay" but I didn't want to bring down my moms mood, "I want to go to bed so I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight sweetie," she kissed me goodnight. As I was about to fall asleep I realized one horrible, terrible thing. Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday, which means….school…

"Ugh," I said to myself as I drifted into a world of dreams.