Just a quick author's note. I have, after much insistence from PMs and reviews, switched Journey to the Past from a Legend of Korra fan-fiction to a Korra/ Avatar cross-over. As always, reviews are not only welcome, but encouraged. I would really like feed back, especially after the end of the story, so that I know what you guys want of the sequels. Here's about how they're gunna go:

Sequel #1

Katara didn't believe Korra's 'soulmate' nonsense. She could have easily fallen in love with Aang and could have been happy... if he hadn't of turned into such a man-whore. Sick of Aang bringing a different woman to his inn rooms every night, she goes off on her own and makes her way to the Fire Nation Capital to help Zuko out with his now motherless son.

Sequel #2 (haven't even started on it yet, so the storyline could always change.)
HakodaXMiza (characters who have yet to be introduced who are the children of Korra and Mako and General Iroh and Asami.)

Hakoda may have never met his mother, but his own child would if he had anything to say about it. No matter how much Miza's parents wanted their daughter to get rid of the product of their drunken misconduct, Hakoda was determined to make the Fire Nation preincess fall in love with him, and their child, with in the next nine months.

Both will be romances. I have a twist for (insert name of sequel #2) that involves the Avatars. I'm posting the spoiler on my profile for those of you who would like to give me ideas for a plot or scene.