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Loki hadn't expected the sight before him.

Then again, he hadn't expected that when he felt a change in his older brother's energy that the cause would be his now toddler-form. Upon noticing Thor's energy had been diminished, Loki quickly took to discovering why. Not that he was worried for him, or anything. No, no. He just wanted to know why his brother had grown so much weaker and why he wasn't the culprit.

The living room of one Tony Stark had been turned from a high-class bachelor pad to a now wrecked looking day care. Toys were everywhere. Building blocks stacked high up, coloring utensils were littered on the coffee table, and children's reading books lay on the couch. And in the middle of all the fuss, was his "little" big brother.

Thor was taking a nap on a fluffy, pink blanket. His tangled halo of locks lay ruffled on a pillow, one tiny fist was resting near his mouth, and the other was above his head. He wore a simple white t-shirt and a diaper. Loki stalked over, his leather booted feet carefully picking their way through the mess, silently making his way over to his prey.

The trickster crouched down and studied the toddler's resting face. So peaceful, so calm. Loki stuck his finger in Thor's belly button and tickled him. The tiny thunderer bolted awake in a fit of giggles, using his little chubby hands to swat at the long, bony finger. Loki stopped and returned to staring at him.

Thor simmered down from his mighty chuckles and turned those crystal clear big blues on his brother. After a moment of silent staring, Thor broke out in a large grin, "'Oki! 'Oki!"

Loki's emerald eyes crinkled as he grinned, "Hello, brother."

Thor sat straight and held his arms up, "P'ay whiff me!"

Loki quickly stood and scooped the mini-god up, "Well, if you insist." Then Loki was gone as promptly as he had came, taking Thor with him.

Steve entered the tower and took the elevator up to the private floors. He had been out, taking in the city little by little, everything was still crazy. He had stopped by the SHIELD headquarters to checkup on the status of Doom's whereabouts, still nothing.

The elevator doors opened with a cheery 'ding' and as he stepped off, Tony's head popped up from behind the couch.

Steve, "Hey, I'm back. How were things?"

Tony stood upright and scratched his head, "Good, good. Things are great. Slight problem, though." He walked around the furniture and took a deep breath.

Steve eyed him carefully, "Problem?" The captain crossed his arms over his chest, then something hit him, "Where is Thor?"

Tony kept his eyes downcast and tugged at the hem of his shirt.

Steve let his arms drop down to his side and he stomped over to the billionaire, "Tony, don't tell me you lost Thor!"

Tony looked Steve right in the eyes, man to man, "I didn't lose Thor."


Tony's face crumpled, "Okay! I lied!" He threw his arms up in defeat, "After Thor and I built a castle, colored in princess books, and I read him old folk tales about Vikings, I put him down for a nap. I was pretty tired myself, so I went to rest for a while, and when I woke up he was gone. I've looked everywhere and I can't find him!"

Tony panted, out of breath after his long explanation to the now fuming Steve. The star-spangled man grabbed the couch and lifted it, looking everywhere. Tony tried to tell him that he had already looked throughout the tower, but Steve just blew him off and kept searching.

With a few quick orders from his master, JARVIS called the other Avengers and told them it was urgent that they returned to the tower from whatever task they were currently undergoing. The electronic butler silenced their groaning complaints when he mentioned it involved Thor.

Within a span of five minutes, Clint, Natasha, and Bruce were in the trashed living room, being caught up to speed.

Clint, "So, Tony lost Thor and now we have no idea where he is?"

Natasha, glaring at Tony, "Do you have any sense of responsibility?"

Tony slumped in his seat, choosing to ignore her question and ask his own, "So everyone's mad at me now?"

Before the unison of "yes"s could be spoken from the upset heroes, Pepper ran into the room. She had been searching Tony's bedroom, hoping that maybe Thor had gotten scared and went to sleep in Tony's bed and they hadn't searched there as thoroughly as the others, when she accidentally stepped on the remote, and the television flashed on.

The red-haired CEO snatched up the remote to the living room flat screen and flipped it over to the news. There, on the screen, was a tiny Thor in the lion's den at the zoo, a rather pleased looking Loki stood nearby. The video was shaky, obviously taken by a cell phone. The news anchor said the scene had been recorded an hour ago. The brothers had been seen all around town for the better half of the day.

The Avenger's jumped to action at the site of their littlest hero petting the head of a huge feline; but before anyone had reached the elevator, its doors opened and out stepped a full-sized Thor.

The group all but slid on the floor to keep from crashing into his large frame. He wore a simple tshirt and a pair of jeans.

"Thor!" exclaimed the assembly of friends and they wrapped their arms tightly around him.

Tony was probably the happiest, seeing as this meant he was no longer in trouble. Thor stood looking proudly down at his Midgardian comrades.

"Friends! Why are you all so excited and affectionate? Has Tony 'gotten the party started' once more?" Thor asked, confused by all the love he was receiving, normally the members of the Avengers where doing either one of three things; ignoring each other, arguing, or drinking together.

Bruce was the first to pull away, "Don't you remember anything?"

Steve finished his hug with a pat on Thor's back, "Yeah, Doom turned you into a child with his weapon."

Thor look perplexed, "A child?" He then seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, until everyone could visibly see a light go off, "I remember being engulfed by a blinding light, then nothing. It was almost like being a sleep for a long time. Then I woke up, and my brother stood in front of me. He didn't say much, but he handed me these clothes," Thor paused shortly in his tale to motion to the clothes, "He smiled at me and then vanished. I managed to fine my way home with the help of a kind old man."

Everyone looked at him while all that he said settled in. So, Thor had no memories of all they had done together while he was a child? The toys, dancing, coloring, and cuddling. Loki must gave returned him back to normal. Well, that was a relief. Everyone nodded and cleared their throats. Maybe that was for the best. Thor was a mighty warrior from a far off planet. He had fought monsters they couldn't even dream of, traveled to the distant corners of the universe. Maybe if he knew that they had painted his nails and changed his diapers, might sting his pride some.

The group gave him a few more comforting pats, coming back to their right mind, and happily stated they were glad to have him back in his large and bulking body. At least things good go back to normal now.

Somewhere in the cold, a cry of panic could be heard. The snow whipped around the bind of a looming castle. Atop of a stone tower stood two figures, one higher elevated due to the grip the other one had on its neck.

Doom stared into the icy eyes of Loki as he was held over the side of his home. Loki had appeared suddenly in his den while Doom sat in front of a fire, reading, and had drug him up here. Now, the master of lies had his slender fingers coiled around the metal neck of the villain like snakes around the bark of a tree limb. The god could read fear behind the man's mask and he grinned.

Doom squirmed, "What the devil do you want, Loki!"

Fog rolled off the trickster's lips as he spoke, "If I ever hear that you have harmed or disturbed my brother again, you worm, believe me when I say, I wont be so charitable with your life."

Doom grabbed at Loki's wrist, "So, you're going to let me go?"

Loki chuckled to himself, "I didn't say that. I merely said that next time, if there is a next time, I wont give you a fifty-fifty chance."

Before he could ask, Doom felt his neck be released and he quickly dropped below. The snow would break his fall, but it wouldn't save him from some nasty bruising.

Tony had ordered Thor's favorite food to be cooked in celebration of his return to normality. It had been grand, with lots of cheers and laughs. The god had offered to clean up the mess his toddler-self had made, much to everyone's protest; he had won and cleared all the clutter.

Now, after everyone had called it a night, Thor sat on his bed. Yet, he wasn't alone. The thunderer had his legs stretched out before him, his freshly painted toes were a flowery pink, and he had his head cocked back a little. Natasha was carefully braiding his hair; she now had to stand on her knees since Thor was restored to his full height.

They shared Dunken Donut's Oreo Donuts (stolen from Tony's lab) and cold beers, Beyonce played softly from the master assassin's iPod. Sitting on Thor's nightstand were three colorful building blocks, stacked in a triangle, a pair of tiny sunglasses, and Bruce's orange cup he used to rinse his hair.

Little did the rest of the Avengers know, that Thor indeed remembered everything. His memories were his, but it was like they were from his actually past. They were fuzzy in some spots, but he recalled the love and care his friend's had give him in his vulnerable state. He had wanted to scoop them all into one of his mighty hugs and thank them, but he knew it might sting their pride some. They were, after all, Earth's mightiest heroes!

So, he was content with just Natasha knowing and keeping the memories a secret. (Besides, with her help, he could use them as black mail in the future. What, who said Loki was the only one capable of trickery?)