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Plumbers' Hospital~~

"Huh?" a red-head sits up on the bed putting her right hand on her temples. Gwen wakes up to a headache. She looks around not knowing where she is. "Where am I?" she asked quietly but no one was in the room but her. She looks at her clothes. These are hospital clothes. She thought looking at her eggshell-white dress. Am I in a hospital?

Suddenly the door opens and Gwen stealthily pretends to go back to sleep. I should be able to find out soon enough, if this headache won't bother me for a moment. She opens her right eye a little for a peek at who came in.

She sees a female alien (not in her alien-race vocabulary though) in a lab coat checking her clip board. "She seems stable," the doctor said. Gwen heard this but still pretends to be unconscious.

The doctor wrote down some notes and goes out of the room. So I am in a hospital….but why? And why is an alien my doctor? What happened the last few days? She again sits up and looks around. I need to get out of here.

In the Plumbers' Hospital waiting room~~

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Ben asks his worried friend.

"She should be," Kevin replies.

"She's handled worst than this right?"

Kevin gives Ben a stare that might mean a 'no'.

"Oh," Ben sighs.

The waiting room becomes quite again with an awkward little silence from between both of them. Ben cares about his cousin and knows that Kevin is seriously worried about her but he just doesn't know what to say.

"I still don't like the idea that Darkstar gets to stay outside with Gwen, what if he sucks all her power and this time maybe for good," the brunette suddenly blurted out.

"I don't like it either but it's the only way," Kevin replies with a sigh.

"I just hope she's okay."

Meanwhile outside Gwen's hospital room~~

"Is she okay, Doctor?" Darkstar asks the alien doctor who just came out of the room.

"She appears stable," she replied gently. "She'll be alright." Then she turns and walks away.

Whew. Darkstar thought. Now if she'll just wake up; everything will be alright. He goes into the room and sees Gwen getting up much to her surprise.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded but stormed out of the room not wanting his answer.

"Wait!" the blonde called out and hastily followed her.

Much to Darkstar's surprise, Gwen shoots a ray of pink energy that grabs him and lifted him up in midair. "Why are you here?" she demanded again. Her headache was gone now so she could think much more clearly. She squeezed Darkstar but for an unknown reason he doesn't seem to be in pain.

"Just let me explain," was all he could say.

"Explain what? What did you do?" she retorted strictly.

"I saved your life," he blurted out which shocked the manna-filled girl.

"He's right, Gwen," a guy said from behind her. She turns around and sees that it is Kevin with Ben behind him. Her face looked relieved and releases her grip on Darkstar.

"Kevin," she said faintly and hugs him. Kevin returns the hug. After they broke it up Gwen pulls Kevin and Ben aside. "What do you mean he saved my life?"

"Well, after he absorbed some of your powers he..,"

"What?" Gwen asks in shock.

"Yes, um, well, it's a long story Ben continues. "After he absorbed some of your powers, your Anodite form was unstable...Kevin will continue, I'm not really good with this whole science thing."

"Your Anodite form became...let's just say unstable and his powers could somewhat solve that problem," Kevin continued.

"We're leaving, now," Gwen demanded not wanting to hear anymore of it. The two guys showed her the way to the door leaving Darkstar behind them.

"Gwen, wait!" the blonde calls out and runs to her.

She didn't want to stop so she kept walking hastily. A gentle touch on her shoulder made her stop.

"Gwen, please give me a chance," he said smoothly. His face was practically begging for it. "Could I at least tell you what happened?"

Her two teammates walking in front of her stopped. She thought for a moment. Should I trust him? Hesitantly, she began to speak.


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