Chapter 9: Chemistry Talk

After their lunch, Michael Morningstar and Gwen Tennyson head out for the latter's Karate practice.

"So you're in Junior High now, right?" Morningstar asked the red-head.

"Yeah," she replied while smiling. "A bit tiring if you ask me, though."

"Nothing Gwen can't handle though, right?" the blonde joked.

Gwen laughed at that comment. "Lessons are sorta harder than last year's."



"Oh..that's why, but it's fun when you know how to do it."

"It takes some time thinking on the solutions especially in the calorimetry area."

"At least you're alright in the balancing of the equations."

"Yeah, that's pretty easy except how sometimes the Oxygen makes you multiply the whole equation and make it more complex as it is," Gwen chuckled. "You know a lot about chemistry, too, right?"

"I had some experience with those equations," Michael replied in his cocky voice.

Gwen rolled her eyes but not too obvious to the blonde. Their conversation went on about chemistry and Gwen's schooling. The topic finally met up to her affiliations with Ben and Kevin.

"So...," Michael says uneasy.

Gwen met his eyes at his uneasy voice. "Hm?"

"Ben Tennyson is your cousin, is he not?" he finally blurted out with added vocabulary.

"Yes, well, first degree actually," Gwen responded. "Why do you ask?"

"Then how did you end up meeting Levin?" he interrogated once more, avoiding her question.

His companion tensed from the question he shot at her.

Should I answer that? Gwen asked herself. I'm trying to find more things about him not him to me! She sighed.


This time, Kevin was pacing back and forth behind the couch Ben was sitting on. The former had a serious expression stamped on his face while the latter did nothing but relax and watch TV. They'd stopped scanning through news channels since nothing much had happened, minor accidents that policemen already handled. So Ben generalized that he would relax from then on...or at least maybe until when they had more knowledge on Gwen's whereabouts.

The brunette turned from the TV screen and stared at his comrade's serious face. "That's it!" he suddenly shouted.

"Wha-at?" the older male asked, stopped from his pacing and glaring right at Ben.

"Maybe I have something that will cheer you up," the brunette said with a grin.

"And what might that be?" the Osmosian inquired, a detective look replacing his serious face.

"Ya' think this is gonna cheer me up?" the Osmosian later said, rhetorically, sarcastically and glumly.

"Why not?" Ben answered nonchalantly as he closed the car door.

"'Why not?', 'Why not?'...Maybe this will cheer you up, but not for me," Kevin retorted, also closing the car door and pointing straight at Julie's house.

"C'mon, you'll see," Ben motioned to his still glum friend. He walked, with Kevin dragging along behind him. Both continued walking until they reached the front door. Ben rang the doorbell of course.

A female opened the door, not who Ben was hoping for, though.

"Mrs. Yamamoto, good afternoon," Ben greeted. "Is Julie here?"

"Yes, she is, come in, come in."

Mrs. Yamamoto led Ben and Kevin to the living room and excused herself to call her daughter.


"Yes, mom?" Julie called from her room.

"Ben's here to see you!"

"Alright, I'll be right down!" Julie emerged from her room and walked down to where her mother stood. "Thanks mom."

She then made her way to the living room where she found Kevin sitting glumly on the couch and Ben eagerly anticipating her arrival.

"Ben? What's the problem?"

Julie knew that whenever Ben went to her like that or whenever he wanted her to go over to his house, he needed something, bad.

Ben stood up from his seat and walked toward Julie. "'s not about me this time," he said a bit timidly and goes nearer to Julie. He tugged at her to follow him and both walk across the living room. They stopped when they neared the living room's opening.

"It's about Kevin," the brunette whispered to Julie.

Julie looked over Ben to see Kevin sitting on the couch, his face full of sadness. She again looked at Ben.

"He's worried about Gwen," Ben continued, still whispering. "But I think he's just really concerned because he likes her."

"I heard that!" Kevin shouted from across the room.

Ben faced back toward Kevin, his face looking innocent. Julie giggled a bit from how the males in the room where acting and she intended to break that tension.

"Have you guys eaten yet?" she asks.

Ben faced back at her and rubbed his stomach and grinned. "Actually, no, since this guy was very busy moping around, I completely forgot about it."

Julie giggled once again and headed to the kitchen where her mother was busy washing the utensils.

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