AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Over Time

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Hetero: SasoriXOC/DeidaraXOC

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed.


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between male and female, abuse, violence, mentions of darker themes, slight dub-con.

~Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be~

"If we don't stop soon I'm going to melt." My sister spoke exaggeratedly. But I agreed it was extremely hot outside. We were close to Amegakure, where we planned to hide out for a while. We couldn't stay anywhere for long, and a few ninja were probably still trying to hunt us down. I sighed, dropping down next to a river. It was rushing loudly, a good cover. It looked clean enough to drink. Either option was get a little stomachache from some unclean water, or get a little dead from dehydration.

"Oh, thank the gods." Kiara sighed as she dropped to her knees and brought her hands to the water. I lounged by the side, blowing my hair from my eyes. The neko next to me re-tied her ponytail. "How far 'till we hit Rain?" I lazily flicked at the dirt while she swirled her hands in the water, fish swam past her hurriedly. "Not long. Maybe tomorrow or the day after." I replied thoughtfully, hoping I was right. This journey had long since grown tedious and boring.

She huffed in impatience. "Ah the classy life of a rogue ninja." I snorted at her sarcasm, standing up when I heard a small sound in the distance, narrowing my eyes. "What's wrong now?" I shook my head in answer. Apparently I was hearing things. That was never a good sign. I sighed, plopping back down and playing with my sister's purple hair, much to her annoyance. "Remember when we were little and mom would braid our hair?" I jolted in surprise at her bringing up our mother. She was eight when we last saw the woman. "Er, yeah. She always liked to style our hair and make-up."

"I wish we were still living in Kuraigakure.*" Well it's gone. They burned it down years ago. We and a few others survived, I don't know and don't care what happened to them. We ended up homeless and rogue, becoming criminals to survive on the streets. Dreaming about the past wouldn't help us now. "Me too. I really do." Suddenly, my skin tingled and my hair stood on end. I placed a hand on her shoulder and jerked her backwards and down to the ground, just as it exploded in front of us.


"Art is a bang, yeah!" I heard a male voice say smugly. My ears were still ringing unbearably from the force of the explosion, my sister shoved me off, her violet eyes glaring at the destroyed part of the forest. "What the fuck! You almost killed us!" I cursed her silently for getting involved with whoever had done this. I didn't want trouble. But it definitely looked for us. "Oh? And what are you going to do about it, little girl, hm?" The voice sounded amused, which I took as dangerous. "Kick your Barbie looking ass!" She retorted. I kicked her. Why did she always find the need to fight? "Shut your mouth before-"

…You get us in trouble. Too late.

A blonde haired man fell to the ground right in front of us, sneering down at both of us. "Well, well, well. Sasori no Danna, look what we have here. Two little girls, out in the woods by themselves." He smirked. "That's pretty dangerous, you shouldn't be out here alone. Don't you know there are men around that take advantage of girls?" I scoffed. I heard someone sigh, assuming it was this "Sasori" the blonde had spoken to earlier, but he was still concealed in the dust of the earlier explosion. "What the fuck do you want?"

Kiara snarled. The man turned to her, his blue eyes narrowed as though he were studying her. I gasped as he bent down and grabbed her by her hair, yanking her up to his eye level. "Little bitch. Danna, why don't we take them back with us, hm? It's getting boring around the base anyway." She hissed a curse, earning a smirk as she tried futilely to escape his grip. "Let go, you piece of shit!" He snorted, starting to drag her away.

"Let her go!" I tilted my palm, fully intending to electrocute the arrogant blonde, but something stabbed me in the back. I fell to the ground with a gasp, my heartbeat slowing down until I could barely feel it. "Now that isn't nice, we've probably saved your life." A bored sounding voice intoned. I panted deeply, trying desperately to move my body, but it wouldn't respond. I couldn't even talk.

"Amaya!" Kiara's voice was faint. I felt my eyelids flutter despite fighting to remain awake, the last thing I saw was a redhead standing over me, his eyes hazel and expression bored. He said something else, but I didn't hear him as my head lolled to the side, mind blanking out.


*Village hidden in the darkness. Because I'm damn creative.

I know I shouldn't be starting another story but I can't resist. The plot kept bugging me.

ALSO, this was un-beta'd only because I read through it several times so meticulously I'm pretty sure there are no mistakes. I hope my beloved beta will not be angry with me : 3

Things to know throughout this story:

Sasori is human, and around twenty years of age. Still very young, but older than all of us. And I'm going to attempt to make them as in character as I can while still writing it how I want. Hope this ends up enjoyable!

I have to go, my cat is attacking me.