(No Pov)

Relaxing was a difficult feat when one's heart and mind were a current natural disaster. Kiara's heart was aching, but she didn't know why. She was fourteen, for god's sake she shouldn't even have to worry about men right now! "Men ruin everything." She muttered, pulling at some fuzz from the couch she was sitting on, her legs pulled up to her chest. She sighed deeply, focusing on centering her loathing on Deidara, even though it wasn't hatred she felt for him. It was for herself. She felt dirty, like she was a whore because she hadn't fought the blonde or told him to stop. She felt used. It was a horrible feeling, to grow up around the thought that women served one purpose to men, now she knew it was true.

Amaya, on the other hand, thought exactly the opposite. She wouldn't say she loved him or trusted him just yet, but she cared deeply for Sasori, who was the reason she had changed her thoughts about men, unlike Kiara whose thoughts had been proven right. Sasori didn't push her into having sex or hurt her- in any sense of the word… Whereas Deidara seemed to enjoy picking on Kiara.

It wasn't fair to say they had it easy, though.

Deidara damned the day he met Kiara, and he damned the girl herself. Even Pein had chastised him for his distracted manner in missions. He swears, just one more person says something to him about being unfocused, they'd become new experiments for his art. She was like a bomb herself, something beautiful yet completely deadly and destructive. A fleeting moment of happiness could turn into mayhem in seconds. And what he hated most was being accused of raping her. The thought that she was so wounded by him and so angry with him was gnawing at his heart. He never meant to hurt her, sex was just… Sex, where he was from. Between anyone, anywhere, wherever, whatever. Be done. She acted like it was this tragedy she'd gone through… Was it? He had no idea. No woman he had ever known acted like that. But they hadn't been virgins either.

A sharp pang went through his heart when he thought about her. What was wrong with him? She was a stupid girl that he shouldn't have gotten attached to at all. What was so special about the Neko?

She was loud.

She was demanding.

She refused to be silenced or pushed around.

She was gorgeous.

She was god damn perfect for him and he was going to be stubborn and ignore it.

And of course, Sasori had his own demons to battle. With this new girl taking the center of his thoughts and even his dreams; almost any task was becoming tedious and longer than it needed to be. He'd considered taking her back to the woods and letting her continue on with her life, so he could go on with his.

He quickly realized, in the night he told her about his parents, that their life-lines had gotten intertwined and could never be separated without completely severing them both; and in another night, he realized he didn't want to leave her. It had taken years to learn to ignore his emotions, and in one raging storm of red haired, voracious female, they had boiled to the surface and all but declared war on him.

What was love? Was it different for others?

"You look upset." A voice interrupted Kiara's rather depressing train of thought. She whirled around as her sister sat beside her on the couch, throwing herself at her. "Jeez! You're not little anymore, I can't catch you!" Her sister laughed as she embraced the younger girl. "What's the matter?"

Amaya asked the violet-haired Neko, rubbing circles on her back. Kiara shook her head, suddenly bursting into tears. She despised these waterworks. How did you turn them off? "Ssh, honey it's all right, I promise. Why are you crying? Is it Deidara?" Amaya's voice grew cold at the thought he had harmed Kiara. "Y-yeah…" The girl whispered, fully aware she had ignited a slow burning stick of red-haired dynamite. "What has he done?" Kiara grit her teeth, arms tightening around the older girl. "Promise you won't hate me?"

"I would never hate you. Even if you tried to make me." Kiara calmly attempted to figure out a way to tell her sister what exactly had been happening the past…while. "…You know… Mom said you're supposed to wait 'till you love someone to lose your v-card?" She asked slowly. Amaya felt her blood quickly begin to boil, but tried not to show it so her sister could finish. "Deidara… he and I did some things…about a week ago…"

"Did he rape you?" Kiara deeply feared the tone her sister now took. "I…no." More tears ran down her face as she tried to straighten out the details. "He says he'd have stopped if I a-asked but I never did. I never tried to stop him. He never h-hurt me! I don't know what to do because he still t-treats me like I'm his common slave and I think I l-like the fucking jerk!" She refused to let Amaya go as she finished her confession, the Wolf mildly hushed the girl, rocking her back and forth slightly. She herself felt the need to cry. She'd failed her little sister, he had stolen her treasures and she'd never been there for her. "Tell me why you like him, talk to me about it. Don't keep it bottled up or you'll blow like a volcano and kill the next thing you see, which will probably be my unlucky ass."

Kiara giggled halfheartedly as she leaned up, sniffing. "I don't know… He's an arrogant, temperamental, controlling, violent, piece of shit. He's like his art. Destroys everything in his path. But he also always tells me he doesn't want me to get hurt and that he saved my life and that he thinks I'm…exciting. And pretty…" She swallowed hard, biting hard on her lower lip. "You said he treats you bad."

"He…he used to… And he still gets mad. But…Amaya, he just won't!" The redhead narrowed her currently crimson eyes in confusion. "Won't…what?" She asked, not understanding what Kiara had meant. "Won't make me hate him! Every time I throw some horrible thing he's done at him, he turns it back around!" Amaya chuckled. "Young, violent love…" She told Kiara. The teenager huffed, wiping her eyes. "I doubt you want me doing anything about this because I'll probably end up killing him, so my advice is to talk to him. Seriously talk to him, try not to lose your temper with him." Kiara sighed shakily, pulling back with a glint in her purple eyes. "You haven't said anything about Sasori… Last time I saw you, you were terrified of him. Now you seem to get along great."

Amaya blushed despite telling herself not to; the brain did a horrible job of listening. "He, uh, I mean, we're fine." She finished lamely, turning away from her sister. "Tell me!" The neko whined, pulling gently on Amaya's hair. The teenager growled, turning back around to stare at her now smirking sister. "So I might like him…"

"So he might like you?" Kiara asked, clearly concerned, though she was happy for her sister. She seemed much more… Full of life. "I don't know, I don't understand men. Like at all." Kiara snickered, nudging her sister. "I told you practically everything that happened with me, don't be all secretive now!" "He said he'd wait for me…" Amaya whispered, her fingers playing with her shirt. "Wait?" "I told him I wasn't ready to have sex… And he said he'd wait… He's still been really kind since then. Like he's suddenly grown a heart." Kiara's eyes widened at that, surprised a man was willing to wait on a girl, she'd even had past friends –maybe more like alliances- that had lost boyfriends because they wouldn't put out.

"So he isn't all bad…" Amaya smiled softly at the younger female. "Deidara might not be either." The redhead's voice was soft. "I'll speak with him when they come home from that mission they were sent on."

Kiara sighed, brushing her fringe back, still leaning against her sister. She felt safe in knowing that even if her so called relationship wouldn't work, she still had her bond with Amaya, and it was unbreakable.


That's true, Kiara!

First third person pov this story has seen! I thought it would do nice to show all four accounts of detail. By the way that "whatever" refers to people nonchalantly brushing off their sexual encounter… Not them literally fucking "whatever" is there… For the slower ones, like myself.

Who here has seen The Avengers movie? I recently when to see it and personally loved it. Loki was awesome. Why do I like the bad ones? That'll spell trouble for my future…