I stared at the window as thunder and earth collided in a deafening dance, lightning was the grand finale of each finish. It lit up the ink of the night with each bang, bang, bang. It was like explosions. Explosive dancing. Explosive art.


I had dwelled on what Amaya said almost nonstop. I went back and forth on trying to decide what to do; I knew she was right, the know-it-all, but I didn't know how to handle the situation. I sighed, feeling like one of those princesses that sits in her tower waiting for her true love to come save them. I was waiting for something save me from my love. I wanted to run away from love, from this fast heartbeat, clouded judgment, fluttering insides, erratic breathing, and from those bright azure eyes.

"Is there something interesting about that window, hm?"

He'd been there the entire time, by the way. I just wanted to ignore him. But he wasn't having it. I flicked my gaze towards him, and our eyes met. Maybe Amaya was right, for once. I should stop running from my problems before they grew too big to control. "You said you loved me." My voice was a lot calmer than I felt as I stood up. He raised a brow. "Yes. And you've lately made me out to be a vile monster." He was right. I'd treated him… Pretty bad I guess, give what had happened and taking away his few violent episodes. Frankly if we were to have a relationship, like Amaya said, it would be violent and passionately fierce. I walked up to where he sat, sitting in his lap to straddle his waist. It surprised both of us.

"I fell for you." I told him. I never realized when I had aimlessly wandered off that cliff into this torrential flood of emotion called love, but I had, and I was stuck. Like it was a trap. Honestly, I didn't really want to fight my way out of it either. He blinked, eyes filling in surprise. "You… What?" He asked, locking his arms around my waist. I sighed, hoping I wasn't making a mistake. "I love you. I know I probably shouldn't, but hell, I'll take my chances." I pressed our lips together then, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He responded to the kiss, pulling me flush against him. I felt my heart beat faster, but for once I liked the feeling. I liked the warmth and peace that flooded my veins. I didn't know love was supposed to, or even could, happen as fast as ours happened. But, maybe he was right. Some things were transient, a quick moment you would appreciate forever, and they were oh so beautiful that way. "I love you too." He murmured against my lips. I smiled lightly, feeling at peace with everything for the first time in a long time. It was a damn good feeling and I hope it stays this way, because I planned to stay with him for as long as I could.

Who knows, maybe love was the opposite of our art.



It was officially winter. I'd looked outside and rain was freezing the ground. Remind me to be careful when I walk outside. I was clumsy as shit, add the frozen ground I would probably have a broken limb soon. I had gotten out of the shower after trying to linger under the hot water as long as possible. I loved winter and preferred the cold, but hot water was the best for the cold months. I threw on one of Sasori's old shirts, liking the comfortable cloth. I was slightly cold, but frankly… The cold made me energetic. Stupid, right?

I smiled softly as I was pulled against Sasori's bare chest, his arms locking around my waist. We'd grown a little closer every day, even through just the stupid things. We had a few small disagreements now and again, seeing as we were pretty different. Seeing as we both were impatient. I'd found my thoughts revolving around him a little more. I still remember when my only thought wanting to escape from him, and I still do think that the way I made a complete one hundred and eighty degree spin was one of the most split-personality moments I've ever had. Who changes like that? Was I crazy or suffering from Stockholm syndrome? Because I liked it either way. Being crazy was better than being normal.

I tilted my head and kissed his jawline, smirking as he shivered and moved so he could kiss me on the lips. I let him deepen the kiss, moaning softly as our tongues battled for dominance. I knew who would win, but like hell I was just going to let him. We eventually broke the kiss for air, because you know, humans need that stuff.

I pecked him again before standing up, going into the shower. I was hot, and I was going to cool off. I disliked the hot, heady feeling I got when he touched me.

Because I liked it so much.

I showered, lazily taking my time with shaving and washing. My hair was getting longer, it was almost past my chin now. I felt different and I looked different too, I'd slowly begun to realize. Well, it was close to being a year after I'd met Sasori. I was closing in on being full grown. I didn't want to grow up. Being an adult was difficult. Hell, becoming a teenager had been hard. I hated maturing. All this puberty bull shit.

I ran my hands over my smooth skin, grateful to be rid of the hair. I wish you could shave and it would give you smooth skin for at least a week. But no, it lasted barely a day. I got out, drying my hair and lazily dragging through my nightly routines. I hadn't brought a shirt in with me. Because I was an idiot.

I wrapped the towel around myself and walked out, Sasori glanced up from a book he was reading, his gaze lingering a moment. I ignored him, but… I wanted to try something. We both had put it off for a couple of months, out of a twelve month long "relationship." Or, at least of knowing each other. He was patient, but even I was becoming tired of waiting. I was just… Nervous.

I laid on the bed, on my stomach so the towel wouldn't come unraveled. I heard him inhale slowly, smirking to myself. I shivered as he let his hand graze my shoulder blades. "You're still tense." He murmured. "Well, do you think you could help with that?" I asked in a soft tone.

Bold move. Bold, bold move.

I heard him swallow dryly, but I felt him shift to lean over me. "Of course." I shuddered at his deepened tone, biting my lip as he placed his hands on my shoulders. I hadn't expected him to actually do anything. I sighed in contentment as he massaged the tension from my shoulders, slowly moving lower down my back. I let him untie the towel to expose more of my skin, arching my back into his talented fingers. I felt the soreness and stress completely dissolve, like he soaked it right up. He stopped as he reached my lower back, finishing the massage.

I blushed as he slid his hands up my sides. "Turn over, you're not finished." I didn't hesitate. I was nervous, but excitement beat down the anxiety with a broom. I met his eyes as I moved onto my back, the towel coming off since he'd undone it. His eyes were darkened with want. I wondered if mine looked the same.

He kissed me, intense passion conveyed through the connection. My back arched to press my chest forward as he grazed his fingertips across my breasts, sliding down my stomach. He smirked, breaking the kiss to nip my jawline and kiss down my neck. He cupped my breasts, thumbs circling my nipples that were hard from the chilly air and his contact. I gasped when his warm lips grazed over my pulse, feeling him smirk against my flesh he sucked on that sensitive spot. A quiet moan left my lips, knowing I'd have a mark.

I pulled on his shirt, pleased when he leaned up and took the nuisance off. Our lips connected again, my hands running up and down his torso. He wasn't overly muscled, but I could feel the strength beneath my fingertips. I growled lowly as he teasingly ground our hips together, pinching my nipples lightly. I was fully naked, he still had pants on. That didn't seem fair to me.

I pushed us over so he was on his back with me straddling him, a move neither of us expected, to be honest. I smirked against his jawline as I kissed along it, nipping a spot below his ear to leave a love-bite as I unfastened his pants. I pulled the rest of his clothes off, letting them fall to the ground. I wrapped my fingers around his erection, feeling his breath catch. I enjoyed this feeling of control, honestly. I slowly pumped my hand, he was big, bigger than I'd expected.

I gasped when he suddenly flipped me over again. "Too slow." He purred against my ear. I chuckled lowly, my legs spreading farther apart when he slid his hand down my stomach. I bit my lip as he rubbed his fingers over my sex, slowly pushing one of his fingers inside me. I shifted my hips, the sensation was unusual, but… It was in no way unpleasant. I gasped as he pressed his thumb against my clitoris, rubbing it in slow circles as he pumped the digit in and out. I let my head tilt back, a lustful moan escaping me as he added a second finger. He chuckled against my neck as he pumped them faster. "Feel good, kitten?" He said in a desirous tone. I blushed, hips thrusting down.

I felt heat pooling in my abdomen, gasping when the coil that had been tightening finally snapped and I climaxed with a sharp cry of pleasure. My vision turned white for a moment; as I came off the high I tried to calm my senses from their flurry of buzzing and excitement. I blinked up, Sasori was smirking down at me rather smugly. He pecked my lips, whispering against them. "Are you ready?" I nodded, pulling him closer for emphasis. He spread my legs a little farther apart to settle between them, kissing me deeply. My mind was focused completely on the fierce battle for dominance and passion when a stinging pain began in my lower regions. I tightened my grip on him, managing to make my body stay relaxed as he pushed inside of me. The burning sensation was painful, but not unbearable. It really didn't hurt like I'd expected it too.

I broke the kiss, panting slightly as I let the sensation flood over me, adjusting to his size after a minute I bucked my hips to let him know he could move. He growled lowly in lust, slowly beginning to move his hips. It took a couple of thrusts for me to become accustomed to the movement, and a couple more to like it. Heat flushed through me, the pleasure was… Intoxicating. I nipped his neck to encourage him to move faster, moaning lowly as he did. He lifted one of legs to get deeper inside of me, eliciting a sharp cry from me. I didn't think sex was this good, I'd heard some bad things about it, actually… But this was incredible. Addictive, even.

I felt the familiar pressure building in my stomach, more intense than the last time. I felt the heat course through me, my hips beginning to meet his thrusts. I cried out when my climax hit me like a storm of ecstasy. "Sasori!" I cried out his name as I came with harsh intensity. I felt him shudder, releasing inside of me. I moaned softly at the hot feeling, panting to catch my breath as he slowly withdrew, kissing me slowly. I moaned lowly into the chaste but sweet kiss as he laid beside me. "Love you." I murmured, smiling as he whispered back. "I love you too."

I sighed in satisfied contentment as he pulled my back against his chest, his arm around my waist. I relaxed, feeling comfortable, safe, and warm… In more than one way. I couldn't remember feeling this kind of love for someone, and never had I felt such sheer compassion. I loved where I was, and I loved him… I loved who I was, now. Kiara was safe and I was safe, and I had someone to love and that returned that feeling just as solidly.

But, was this an ending, or simply a new beginning?

Life comes in chapters.




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