Putting forth unnecessary effort was not what Ai Ebihara did. Ai Ebihara ditched school on the days of tests, because really, she didn't care at all. What could she possibly gain from knowing the who, where, and whens of the feudal era? In what world was plotting points on a chart and finding the area and radius and angles of random shapes useful? All of it was bullshit, and she'd much rather devote her time to memorizing fashion labels and calculating her bank account balance, thank you very much.

It didn't very well explain why she was currently sitting through her boring classes today, unless you counted the fluttering in her chest as the clock counted down to the end of school. Despite her lack of concern, Ai was smart, and Yosuke knew this, so he asked her to study with him. Her question of "Why couldn't you just ask Souji?" was answered with woes that his best friend was too busy helping Chie study, and they were acting 'coupley and it's really weird to just be sitting with them while they're making out with their eyes'.

Ai sighed at her thoughts, forcing her attention back onto her teacher and the notes she was taking.

Yosuke was damn lucky he had such a considerate girlfriend.