Since I'm kick-starting a P4 drabble series, I figure I might as well do one for Hetalia too! All the stories I write that are too short to be their own fics go in here. To make navigation easier for people looking for certain ships, chapter titles will have the ship listed in them. uvu So, without further ado, enjoy and review!

"Man, it's wicked cold outside!"

Ukraine laughed as she sat on the bench by the front door, unlacing her boots with a smile on her face. "Quite cold, yes." She didn't think it was that cold, but she also didn't think America's pride would be able to handle the fact that her tolerance to cold was higher than his. Really, America was so silly. "But you are warm now, America?"

His shiver provoked a bit of laughter from her. "Will be, as soon as I get all this wet stuff off." He peeled off his 'waterproof' jacket and shirt, seating himself beside Ukraine and undoing his boots. He helped her out of her jacket (he was a gentleman, after all, so England could go to hell) and hung it up on the coat rack, ushering her into the living room and onto the couch. "What do you think about a fire? And some cocoa?"

"That sounds wonderful!" Much like America, Ukraine was a country of simple pleasures. The smallest of things could make her happy, and it was endearing as all else to America. "Will you let me make the cocoa?"

"Sure, if you want! I'll have the fire nice and toasty by the time you get back." She laughed and headed to the kitchen, the twists and turns of America's large house not unfamiliar to her anymore. It also helped that the kitchen wasn't more than a few rooms away.

She returned within ten minutes, and sure enough the fire was lit and crackling. He grinned at her, moving aside the heavy quilt he had found and patting the seat next to him on the couch. "I found a warm blanket. Come sit with me!"

His smile was returned as she made her way over to him, doing her best to not spill the contents of the two mugs she held. "Be careful," she warned as she handed off the drink to him, snuggling into his side once she sat down. She nearly shrieked when she heard the choked sound from beside her, and she turned wide-eyed to see America holding up his mug and covering his mouth.

It seemed he was trying to keep himself from spitting out the drink everywhere, because as soon as he gulped he cried, "Damn! That's hot!"

"Y-You tried to drink it all at once?" He nodded pitifully, eyes watery and his burnt tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The laughter that came out in response couldn't be stopped, and soon America was following suit, both the very picture of childishness. It didn't take long for it to die down, and when it did, America pulled Ukraine closer to himself, kissing the top of her head.

"Love you, babe."

Ukraine hummed happily in reply. "I love you too."