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"Oh Gus, that's really sweet of you to ask." She stops, breathing in to gather her wits. "But I have a boyfriend."

"You do? Who is it?" Gus questions, face completely blank behind his glasses.

Angie stutters, not losing eye contact as she tries to think. She catches someone out of the corner of her eye, she speaks with partial confidence. "D-Dante."

There's a sputtering sound and both turn as said teen stands, eyes confused. "W-Who?"

Angie blinks before she reaches out to grab his arm. "You." She hisses before forcing a smile. "S-Silly."

Gus doesn't seem suspicious and his head bobs a bit. "What a lucky guy."

Dante's eyes widen even more. "Lucky?" he repeats and Angie's hand tightens around his arm. Dante thinks, weighing the options. "Does this mean we're going to make out?"

"Shut up." She snaps as Gus moves away.

Wyatt immediately appears once Gus is gone, eyes confused. "What? You guys are dating?" he looks between them. "What? How?"

"Why'd didn't you just play along?" Angie mumbles. "People will think we're a couple that doesn't kiss."

Dante blinks. "But we're not a couple."

Wyatt's eyes get wider. "What? kiss? How?"

Dante and Angie stare at the bumbling teen before looking at each other. Snorting, Dante shrugs at Angie before he pushes himself up. "opps, well, that's the bell. Gotta go."

Wyatt is still lost and Angie reaches out to slap him in the forehead. And he "reboots." "What's going on?"

Angie glares, mouth open to spew out angry words but the bell suddenly goes off and she sighs, looking at Wyatt before shrugging. "talk to you later."

That begins the process all over again as Wyatt begins to sputter. "W-What?"