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Dante stares at his computer as he sits at his desk. It's on screensaver but he continues to stare. The door opens a peek and he sighs. "I don't want to be bothered, Barbra."

The door continues to open and he turns to see Angie. He blinks, confused. "What do you want?"

Angie forces a smile as she makes sure not to step on anything as she moves to where Dante is. "I've been looking for you, did you leave school?"

"on strike two, Barbra would kill me."

Angie nods, slowly. "I couldn't find you."

Dante hums. "What do you want?"

"What were you expecting when I said your name?"

Dante grins back, fake. "Nothing, man, don't worry about it."

Angie pinches his shoulder and Dante turns with narrowed eyes, suspicious before it hits him. "I said nothing, would you just go away, relationship status, done. Fine, goodbye!" He gives an okay sign when Angie cuts him off. "shut up, Dante." She hisses as she presses her lips to his.

For a moment, all that can be heard is kissing sounds before Angie pulls, poking him hard in the shoulder. "You better pick me up from school tomorrow."

Dante stands as she turns to leave. "WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! You can't just walk into my sacred abode and kiss me!" he stops at the absurdity of the statement and Angie gives him a smug look before he holds up a finger, trying to think of an argument. "Okay, you can do that BUT –but not after using like you did! Telling Wyatt you don't like me and saying I'm gross!" he pretends to cry. "I have feelings you know. I even made plans to brush my teeth more often."

"Fine." Angie squints one eye before moving back to him. "I like you." Dante opens his mouth but she kisses him again, this one a bit longer and deeper before she pulls back. "better?"

Dante says nothing, just gives her a dirty look. "Are you secretly a bounty hunter?"

Instead of answering, Angie punches him in the stomach. "Shut up, nerd." She pulls him close. "And keep those plans for brushing your teeth more often, in fact, how about every morning. Throw in a bath or five too."

Dante opens his mouth to argue but he's cut off as the door flies open. Their battle cry is heard. "TULTA MUNELLI!"

Lyle and Wyatt appear with their weapons in hand.

Dante immediately pushes Angie behind him. "HIDE THEY THINK YOU'RE A LEAK!"

Annoyed, Angie growls. "WHAT?" she sighs before glaring at the two guys. "get out."

Dante nods. "I think she's real."' He lowers his voice. "And if anything, I'm getting some action from this one so … let's take care of it another ti-" he's cut off by a fist to the back of his head as Angie stomps out the room.

Sharing a look, Lyle and Wyatt nod in agree. "She's real."