AN: Hello and welcome to my new drabble collection, Unexpected Second Chances. Hope that you enjoy reading these drabbles as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Most of these pieces will connect and follow scenes we didn't see in the show. This first one, however, is the exception and does actually contain dialogue from the episode, "The F-Word." Which leads me to my next point: All characters (except the rare OC) are the sole property of Lifetime. I own NOTHING except the plots of the drabbles.

Definitely Not Plain

It takes a lot to surprise Jay Parker.

So it's no surprise that when Jane – quiet, go-with-the-flow, knows her place Jane – replies with a very emphatic no to his taking over her closing, he's practically knocked on his ass.

"You do not say 'no' to a managing partner."

Her eyes – which he's just now noticed are a rich, chocolate brown – blaze. "When a lawyer is swapped out mid-trial, it throws the jury and a new lawyer could alienate our client, who's already upset with our strategy," she snaps.

"I'm willing to take that risk," he says as he turns away from her. So what if the client doesn't like it? In the end, this is the best course of action. It's like dealing with a toddler (not that I've ever had to); they may not like it, but they'll like the outcome and soon, the temper tantrum will be nothing but a memory.

"I took a bullet for you!" Jane's words crackle through the air and he stops dead in his tracks for a split second before turning around.

"Come on!" It's not like I asked her to. Besides, if she'd stayed put, he wouldn't have shot in the first place.

"I haven't gotten upset or angry or missed a day of work, but you owe me and I will deliver this closing!" Those blazing eyes that are full of indignation and anger dare him to challenge her, to say anything that would cause her to explode.

But he doesn't. It would be foolish to do so, and something tells him that if he were to belabor the point, she'd resent him permanently. Instead, he watches her storm away in a way that she wouldn't have a week ago.

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