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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It.

Rock solid. No nonsense. And above all…

No blubbering.

As much as Jane hates to admit it, Parker had a point. Jane wasn't like this. The part of herself that is Jane is kicking herself, seething over her tears in court.

But I'm not Jane. I'm Deb, damn it, and this entire case was just so sad! she thinks, trying to justify it all.

Sadly though, no matter how she slices this particular pie, she knows that what happened in court and Parker's little pep talk only served to prove that point.

It didn't just prove a point, though. Although she'll never admit it, that little talking to kicked her into high gear, and not because she feared getting in trouble.

No…it had nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the undertone that she could've sworn was in Parker's voice when he said those words.

Now, as she makes her way toward the elevator still high off of the victory, the words replay in her mind yet again.

"Finally heading home?"

She jumps about a mile in the air and her heart rate quadruples when his hand – Huh, never realized they were so big – lands on her shoulder.

"Sorry about that, Bingum. Didn't mean to scare you," he says.

"Oh – no, no, it's ok; And yeah…just going to relax. What about you?" she asks.

He shoots her a signature smirk. "I'm too…wired to go home just yet."

Before she can stop herself, her eyebrow arches and her lips twist into a smirk. "Still loving that settlement figure, huh?"

His own smirk turns into a bit of a sheepish smile. "Absolutely." He pauses, and before Jane can think of anything to say that wouldn't sound to arrogant or awkward, his eyes lock on hers.

"We should celebrate." A beat. "Join me for a drink?"

A thousand excuses flood her mind – Stacy's at home waiting for me, these heels are killing me, I'm exhausted – and they leave when she notices that he looks slightly apprehensive, as if the answer (the right one, anyway) means the world to him.

Her lips curve into a smile. "I'd love to," she says.

Hours later, long after one drink turned into two and three, Jane gets home to find Stacy waiting for her, a bottle of champagne in her hands and a smile.

"Finally! Now we can celebrate; for a second I thought you were going to pull an all-nighter."

Jane remembers the joy at having won this particular case. And how easily the conversation flowed between herself and Parker, which wouldn't have happened if it weren't for this case; she can't help but smile.

"No…but you know what, Stace? Even with the all-nighters…there are some days when I really love my job.

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