Tracy Beaker

Seven year old Tracy Beaker was lying on the sofa, in hers and her mum- Carlys flat, in a village, outside London.

"Tracy" Carly shouted. "Come here"

Tracy stood up, and started walk to the kitchen, where her mum and her new boyfriend- Jonah was sitting.

"We´re going to Scotland for a week." Carly said to Tracy.

"OK," Tracy said. "I´ll go pack my stuff."

"No honey." Carly said. "Me and Jonah are going to Scotland."

Tracy, who was used to her mum going out with boyfriends, didn´t care much about it, she just turned around and walked back to the sofa.

Two days later, Carly and Jonah had travelled to Scotland, and Tracy was in the grocery store to up for some sweets she just lost her balance and fell down on the floor, coughing so badly, she could barely breathe.

"Are you alright." Tracy heard someone ask, just above her hed. Before she went unconscious.

When Tracy woke up, a few hours later, she layed in a hospital bed, and a woman she didn´t recognize was sitting in a chair beside her bed. The woman rang a bell, and then a doctor came into the room.

"Why am I in hospital?" Tracy asked.

"You fainted in the grocery store." The doctor said. "This lade saw it and called for a ambulance, Bend forward so I can take a listen to your lungs."

Tracy did as she was told, and bent forward while the doctor placed the cold stethoscope on her back.

"I can´t hear anything unusual." The doctor said. "And we´ve looked at some blood-tests. And we couldn´t see anything unusual there either. So I think the reason why you fainted was the cough and that you were exhausted. We´ll keep you in hospital during the night for observation. and if nothing unusual turns up, you can go home again tomorrow. I think I´ll leave you to alone for a while."

Then the doctor left the room, and left Tracy alone with the unknown woman.

"Hi Tracy." the woman said. "I´m Elaine. I´ve tried to call your mum, but there were no answer."

"Mum´s in Scotland, with Jonah." Tracy said.

"How long will they stay in Scotland?" Elaine asked.

"For abaut a..." Tracy began, but when there was a knock on the door, whe became silent. A man of the early middle-ages came into the room.

"This letter just arrived at stowey house." he said. "You should take a look at it Elaine."

Then he sat down on a chair beside Tracy´s bed.

"Hi Tracy." the man said. "I´m Mike, I´m a care worker on a place called stowey house, Elaine is a social worker. That letter is from your mum. She´s asking us to take care of you. She says that she can´t take care of you properly."

"But she´s a good mum." Tracy said "She really is."

"Tracy" Elaine said. "This letter, says that your mum was barely more then a child herself when she gave birth to you. And she says that now, she haven´t got the money, or time to take care of you."

"But I don´t want to go to a care home." Tracy shouted. "I wanna go home."

The next day, Tracy sat beside Elaine in a car, on their way to stowey house. Elaine drove into a driveway of a big house, and tracy jumped out of the car.

"I know it all looks big and scary for now." Elaine said. "But you´ll get settled in soon and you´ll make loads of new friends."

Tracy sighed and took the first steps to an unknown future."