So, I´m gonna make the long waiting up to you by updating all of my stories at the same time.

Well, I have no idea what to write for Alice, but I have an idea… but it´s a bit… weird. But on the other hand I didn´t really have an idea for neither Layla nor Hayley when I wrote their chapters.

Alice Diego

"So what do you think Neddie Boy" Mickey Diego asked his best friend Ned. "Should we…." He stopped when they both could hear a knock on the door. Mickey stood up and walked down the hallway to the door and opened it.

"Hey, Anna." He said and leaned against the door frame. "What´s the matter?" Her eyes were filled with tears and her cheeks were red and swollen.

"My parents kicked me out of the house." She said. "I… I don´t know what to do."

"What?... Why?"

"Because I´m pregnant."

"M-m-m- My child?"

"Mhm." Anna managed to say, before falling, sobbing into Mickey´s arms.

"Hey, it´s ok." Mickey tried to comfort her. While stroking her back.

"I´m sorry, I´m sorry." Anna sobbed.

"Sorry for what?" Mickey grabbed Anna´s shoulders, and looked her in the eyes. "Hey, An. You have nothing to be sorry for. Come on, let´s dry those eyes." Mickey pulled out a tissue from his pockets, and dried Anna´s eyes.
"Come on," he said, laid his arm around Anna´s shoulders and led her into the house. "We´ll see if we can find you some room to stay in. And you know, living here is much better than living with your parents." Anna laughed a bit.

Ten years later

The police knocked on the door to the Diegos´ house. A girl about ten years old, the girl that Anna had carried in her stomach when she first showed up on this doorstep. The girl had been given the name Alice.

"Yes?" Alice asked.

"Hey sweetie," one of the cops sat down on one knee to reach Alice´s height. "Is your mum in?"

"MUM" Alice shouted, "You need to come here."

"What is it Ali…" Anna came around the corner.

"Are you Anna Diego?" one of the cops asked.

"…Yes." Anna said, a bit insecure.

"I think you better come with us to the station." The same cop said.

"Do you wanna come too?" the cop, who still stood on one knee, asked Alice. She nodded, and took his hand, and followed him to the police car in the street.

Three hours later

"Alice." Anna sat down in a chair next to Alice. "You have to be a big girl now. Because me and dad are going somewhere to get some help. And you can´t live with us there." Anna took of her necklace, with a crystal hanging from it. She put it around Alice´s neck.

"Every time you meet a new person Alice," she said. "You hold up this crystal towards them, and it´ll show you a colour. There is a paper laying, and it says which colour means what." Anna stood up, when a cop took her shoulder and led her away.

"Where you going mum?" Alice asked, but Anna just shook her head, and walked through a door that closed after her.

So, that was finally the last chap for my -stories-at-the-same-time-project.