Sacred Moments

Rain's POV

I was walking along the streets of my new home, Death City. It was a pretty quiet place I have to admit, I slowly moved my hands inside my

pockets, even if I had long hair, girls will tend to wink or giggle at me. Im a girl for the hundredth time! I thought loudly to myself, why? Is it

because I act like a guy? Or do I look like one. I stopped at a dead end and realized that I have came across a little basket ball court with

trees surrounding it making it look like a place for tea. Some kids were playing basket ball there, three girls and three boys on opposite

teams, theres also another girl reading on the side-lines with the thickest book I've ever seen. I rolled my eyes and turned around, I dislike

popular things, basket ball? Why not netball? There basically the same thing only that you can bounce basketball on the ground while you

can't drop the netball. My hands searched threw my pocket and found the a piece of folded up paper, I unfolded neatly and looked. A smile

appeared inside my head, I honestly don't smile that much in real life, in fact I have never smiled before. Maybe thats why my family

abandoned me and sent me here. I shook the feelings of my mind and concentrated on the paper, it was instructions on guiding me towards

the DWMA. Suddenly my mind was off again, images of my family flashed in my mind, they chose my sister instead of me? Just because she

smiles and I don't?. The thought disgusted me even though I know its true, I was caught in such a trance a gust of wind blew my paper out

of my hand, my light purple hair got caught in my mouth and blocked my view to the paper. Oh no! That was the only way I make my way

towards the DWMA, and now I'll have to ask people and I really don't like people! By the time I got my hair out of my face I'm already too

late, the paper was gone and I blew it. This was the my last chance to improve my skills and I blew it, I can't find the DWMA and this city is

huge compared to where I come from. I ran a hand threw my hair and sighed, then paused. Girls from a distance were whispering again, is

running your hand threw you own hair what guys do? Its comfortable though, so I am boyish after all...

I moaned and leaned my head on a pole next to me, I haven't moved an inch since I saw those kids playing basketball. I didn't dare turn

around, who cares? Todays Saturday anyway, I could wonder around like a lost puppy and nobody would care.

"Hey, is this yours?", a voice suddenly boomed behind me, I turned around and saw a silver haired boy wearing some kind "cool" clothing

was staring directly at me with his blood red eyes. I almost jumped, he looked kinda scary as he smiled revealing his set of sharp white teeth.

"Yeah, thanks", I muttered quietly.

"Hey Soul! Whats taking so long?", another boy yelled.

This one had blue hair that shaped like a star and wore really shaggy clothes, he waved at him as Soul waved back.

"The paper belongs to this guy here", he pointed at me while keeping his eyes on the boy. For the first time now I realized they were the ones playing basketball.

"Soul, I'm afraid that she is a girl", yelled another, he walked towards us.

He had black hair with three lines on the left side of his head, he was wearing something rather stylish a red T-shirt with black pants.

"Huh?", Soul looked at me and pointed at me again, "Im talkin bout this guy here".

"I know, she's a girl you idiot", The boy punched Soul gently on the shoulder.

I was surprised, for the first time someone can tell...

"Greetings, my name is Death the Kid, I was named after my father, Lord Death", he said proudly.

"So you must be Lord Death's boy, nice to meet you my name is Rain", I whispered loud another so he could hear me.

"Kid, you've gotta be kidding", Soul looked at me again frowning.

"WELL THERES ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT", the boy with the shaggy clothes jumped up into the sky and landed right in front of me, he looked at me and lifted my top like the speed of light.

"You pervert!", I slapped him quickly and he covered his face at the place where a slapped him as he backed away. There was a long silent pause as everyone waited for him to speak.

"She's a girl alright", he finally spoke.

I blushed and so did Kid, he was second closest to me so he must have seen something. Kid went up to the boy still blushing and punched him, hard, on the other side of his face.

"Black Star you creep...", he said, still blushing, except with anger this time.

"Hey no more fighting", all three girls walked towards us.

One of them with green hair came up to me and smiled, smiled...

"Hello, I'm Maka and my friends are Liz, Patty and Tsubaki", she pointed at the three girls behind her. Two of them looked like Americans so I suspected them to be Liz and Patty, while the girl with black hair who is mending Black Star's wounds right now must be Tsubaki then.

"You must be new at the DWMA judging by this piece of paper", Maka violently snatched it from Soul's hand and handed it carefully to me.

"Thanks, I appreciate it...I should be really going now", I whispered quietly and turned around as I headed nowhere. Who am I kidding? I have no where to go anyway, maybe I could sleep on a tree or something...

Night fall quickly as I found a nice tree to sleep on, the branches were well spread like a up side down spider. I chose the widest one and rested down quietly, I put my hands behind my head like a pillow to support it because the trees were bumpy as I watched the stars shine.

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