Kid's POV

Wind laughed as dark blue clouds surrounded us, they twisted up like an ice cream cone and the air around us was getting cold. The clouds began to hatch little crystal ice cubes, it was hailing. His soul was as big as Asura's soul, about the same size as Lord Death's soul. I looked around me, Maka wasn't coming back and Liz was freaking out, I could hear them both shivering and this will be one of our hardest battle. Wind started mumbling something in his mouth and a icy blue dragon seem to appear in the clouds,

"Meet, Chilly, my personal favorite", he introduced as the dragon flew down onto the ground and landed with a roar, I started trembling as the temperature got colder and the land started to freeze into a thin layer of ice, but Wind was just standing there, not even the slightest bit showing that he's cold even though he was literally wearing just a blue jacket with a scarf and dark blue baggy jeans. He just looked mad but calm at the same time, a little bit like me. He was chuckling at my face,

"What, are you just going to stand there?", he waved, I gritted my teeth and tried shooting, but he dodged it by turning side ways,

"Is that all you've got? Fine, my turn", he smiled and shot his hand up in the sky and then pointed at me, Chilly gave a loud roar and charged my way with icy fangs and cold claws, I dodged its tackle but it came back with a bite,

"Dammit!", I yelped, his fangs didn't sink into my flesh enough to make it bleed when I shot it in the eye,

"Roooaarr!", It dropped me and covered its eye, I landed in a perfect flip with my arms out like a 'T', and then without any waste of time, I started shooting at it with my Death Canon. I was shooting so fast that I could hear Liz and Patty huffing and puffing. The dragon finally stopped and whimpered, I stopped but it was a trick. As soon as I stopped, it quickly dived towards and ice shards seems to shoot out of its mouth, I jumped out of it and kept dodging but it was faster then me, one of the shards went into my flesh and I started bleeding, the coldness seem to make it less painful but blood was splatting everywhere, I had no choice but to quickly rip out a piece of cloth from my suit and wrap it around my shoulder. I finished just in time before the dragon could attack again. It swooped down this time and spat out more shards at me, I made my aim and shot them into tiny pieces making the atmosphere sparkle with glittering ice.

"Nice", I heard wind say, he was sitting cross legged on a chair made out of ice that he made, I ignored his words and continued on dodging the shards around me, I'm going to get tired if I don't do something quick! I thought to myself loudly and spotted a bent shaped tree, I jumped on top of it and as expected, the dragon start shooting shards at me, I dodged and the shards got caught inside the branches, and then with my Death Canon, I shot the tree and it caught on fire easily. The ice was too weak to melt the fire and it slowly turned into warm steam. The dragon charged at me and when its about to grab me I jumped up and it crashed into the blazing tree, without roaring it melted slowly, massive amount of steam rose up and died out. Moments later, the fire was out and the dragon was just a small block of ice. I turned towards Wind and he didn't look too happy,

"Damn, I guess its finally my turn", he yawned and smirked,

"Lets get this over and done with", I snapped,

"Aw! Thats not polite, don't rush the power of ice", he mumbled and took out his scarf and somehow it became skinnier and harder, eventually it became a icy blue sword with pretty patterns on it, I kept my guard up even if the sword was symmetrical, Wind's eyes glowed and he ran towards me with amazing speed, our weapons met within seconds, he slashed his on Liz but I shielded her with Patty, then behind her I used Liz and shot his sword. But the bullet bounced of easily and didn't even make a scratch on the sword, it still was gleaming with symmetry,

"Is that all you've got?", He stabbed me on the shoulder and I gasped for mercy but I guess he didn't get that, he grabbed me by the neck and threw me onto the ground.

"Any last words?", he moved his sword close to my neck only, a millimeter away,

"I w-wondered, h-how did you become a kishin?", I tried to spit out the words as clear as possible,

"Huh? Whats that suppose to mean?", He asked,

"Why did you become a kishin? What problems did you have?", I coughed and he laughed,

"Problems?! Why would I have problems when my parents died after I was born and everyone blamed it on me? Why would I have problems if they treated me as a slave instead of the house leader? They nearly even killed me because I was so tired! Haha! Hahaha! And you know? When my family's house was about to crash down, everyone grabbed their own belongings and left me there by myself, even my big sister had to choose between her favorite book and me and you know what? She chose the damn book instead of me! What makes you say I've got problems?", He laughed madly,

"W-Wind, if you have the power, why don't you just kill them? Why were you being such a doormat?."

"Shut up! I'm not a doormat anymore! I've changed! See? I-I could kill now...", he dropped the sword and dug his face into his hands,

"Is it true? All the cursed kids are like this?", I tried to sit up, he nodded and looked at me, his eyes was filled with sadness as he began to laugh,

"I can kill now...", He muttered and looked at me,

"Wind! Stop this!", I grabbed his sword before he could get to it,

"Give me the sword back!", he said impatiently, but I shook my head and stood up,

"Snap out of it", I told him but he just chuckled,

"I'm not controlled by anyone, this is 100% myself, I guess you'll have to die the hard way", he raised his arm and ice shards shot from his hand, I tried shooting them but it was too fast and way stronger then the dragon's shards, I was hit by a lot of them and fell to the ground. Is this the end of me? Am I going to die now? I guess I couldn't finish a kishin all by myself. I closed my eyes and waited for my death.

"Yo", Rain said, Kid quickly turned around,

"Am I dead?", He asked,

"No you jackass, I'm going to make us even", she sighed and patted Kid in the back,

"What do you mean even?."

"You can be very stupid sometimes...I was the 'someone' who helped you, and since I'm about to die anyway-",

"Wait, you helped me all this time?! And I thought you were just a bit mean...", Kid regretted on every bad thing he thought about Rain sighed,

"Its ok, you helped me didn't you? I'm going to help you, I'm going to die anyway so if I help you defeat this kishin I'll have no other wishes anymore", Rain smiled warmly, a real smile and a happy one, Kid's eyes widened,

"R-Rain! You smiled, and its real! Your so beautiful when you smile", Kid mumbled, Rain blushed and kissed him on the cheek.

"I guess I kind of like you", she scratched her head, Kid quickly leant over and by accident he kissed her on the lips. Rain felt shock but instead of backing away, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged their goodbyes.

I waited for the blade to crash into my chest but seconds felt like days, I opened my eyes and Wind wasn't there anymore, I was in the toy shop with Liz and Patty. Maka and Soul was there too, it looked like we all fainted my head throbbed when I tried to sit up.

"K-Kid?", Liz yawned,

"Kill the kishin!", Patty moaned,

"Huh? Where are we?", Liz rubbed her eyes and stood up quickly pulling Patty with her,

"I guess we won", I moved his fingers, making sure they were all working, Liz squealed and hugged me and so did Patty, Maka and Soul was woken up by the racket and we all laughed.

"Wheres Rain?", Liz looked around, "I know she's mean but she was there with us wasn't she?".

"Hm...", I went back, was that real? Or was that a dream? The kiss felt real and so did the hug too.

"Lets go back to the DWMA", Liz pulled Patty outside and we all started walking towards the academy.

Did Rain really meant it when she said she was going to die? I was thinking about this question and before I knew it, we were in the Death Room reporting,

"Ah? Son! I'm so glad your ok! You accomplished on defeating the Kishin! I'm so proud", he patted me on the back and played with my hair,

"But Sharon did some of the work too", I told him, but he looked puzzled,

"Who's Sharon?", he asked,

"Ah...the new student?", I reminded him,

"Eh, we didn't have any new students", he scratched his head while my mouth wouldn't close,

"But...", the words won't come out of my mouth as I dangled there,

"Oh well, it Saturday, go and have fun", he pushed me out of the Death Room and closed the door before I had a chance to speak.

I ambled into my house and ran into my bedroom, my flexibility helped me easily close the door behind me and flop onto my bed, I laid down, facing towards the ceiling and thats when I found a note there. I jumped up and grabbed it, my eyes were glued to the note when I saw Rain's name, I quickly unfolded it and read:

Dear Kid

If your reading this then I guess you've already finished defeating the kishin, e-even though I helped you, I told you at first I could mind read and I can also tell the future and the past. I know I'm about to die anyway so thats why I helped you, but I won't tell you how I did it because its a secret ;) Also I've left something in the shop that really important and promise me you won't get near it, seal the area off if you please, because if you or someone that looks like you go near it then something terrible will happen! Please, I beg you. Anyways, I realized I've never should even been here, I shouldn't suppose to be in your life so just carry on with whatever your doing, I know you have a crush before me so I suggest you confess to her before its too late! Oh and Liz REALLY likes you so, thats about it...I kinda of like you I guess.

From Rain.

The letter made me happy and sad at the same time, I don't know which one I should be anymore. But there was something with the piece of paper, I looked under it and felt a bumpy thing. I slid the paper off and found a amethyst locket and inside was a photo with me and her in it. I squeezed it hard and muttered thank you as I chucked the locket on.


Hello, I'll be posting another story called 'Lost in the Snow' which relates to this story except its thirty years later when Kid has a child and everyone is all grown up and stuff, in Rain's letter there was something that was about Kid or someone that looks like Kid not to get near that old shop, but when Kid has a son that looks exactly like him what do you think would happen? Tell me if you want to read 'Lost in the Snow' or not cause I don't know if this story was good or not ^.^