"Peter, hey, wait up!" Kagome ran up to her boyfriend, giggling happily, shouldering her book bag as she held a platter in her hands.

Peter chuckled, grabbing the platter easily with one hand, before kissing her on the cheek. "You ready?"

"Yup! I can't wait to see your parents, I've been wanting to meet them for a while!"

"Listen...there's something I've forgot to tell you...my parents..." He didn't know her oppinion on Gay Rights, but she was from a shrine, which was of the Shinto Religion, back in Japan... He didn't want a scene where his dads- meaning Tony-got offended and threw her out...

"Hmm? What is it, Pete?"


"Master Peter! Come on, your parents are worried!" Happy ran up to him, smiling at the beautiful young lady, before ushering them into the car. "You two can talk in the car!"

"What, wait! Why...are they worried..." Peter trailed off, seeing Happy put up the divider. He groaned, and Kagome, sensing his discomfort, stayed quiet.

Kagome looked around the car in wonderous, child-like curiousity. It held a mini-fridge, filled with candy bars and cola, some fruit, and water bottles.

"You can have some if you want. I can never eat all of this, anyways." Peter finally said, sighing.

Hesitantly, feeling Peter's eyes on her, she plucked a pear and bit into it, smiling at the sweet taste.

"We're here, Master Peter," Happy chimed in, looking only slightly nervous.

"Tony! Peter's bringing his girlfriend, and you're in your boxers! What is she going to think of us if youre acting like a slob?"

"Well, Peter's serious about her, they might get married. She'll get used to it."

A pair of sweat pants landed on his face. "Pants. Now."

"Steeeebe," Tony whined, trying to get out of the fabric, "It's too hot for pants."

Shorts flew at him, just as he got out from underneath the pants, and again, they hit him in the face.


"That's Peter!"


Steve glared at his husband, silently telling him that he'd better put his shorts on, quick.

"Come on in, Peter!" Steve called out, calming down after someone finally put their pants on.

He has a visitor, sir. A girl.

"It's alright, JARVIS, let 'er in."

Yes, sir.

The door opened to reveal a young girl with short stature, long, mid-thigh in length, raven hair in a tight braid, wearing a sleeve-less black tank-top and basket ball shorts, with black sandals. Next to her was Peter, looking nervous.

Kagome looked up to see two men, one she recognized from glimpses at Sesshoumaru's parties, the other was unfamiliar.

"Are you Peter's parents?" Kagome asked, breaking the ice.

"Ah...yeah, I'm Steve Rogers, and this is Tony Starks...we're his fathers."

Kagome handed the cake- she'd taken it from her boyfriend's arms in the car, his hands were shaking so badly- to Steve, smiling widely.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi-Taishou. It's so nice to finally meet the two men who made Peter into the swell guy he is."


"Tony," Steve warned, eyes narrowing.

"Alright, alright!"

Kagome put out a hand to shake with her boyfriend's fathers, then grinned. "I baked a cake, but it's been a while since I've cooked for others, I dunno if it's any good or not..."

'She's lying', Peter mouthed over her head, rolling his eyes. Then he smiled.

Everything worked out far better than he planned...