Kagome hummed in the kitchen, her eyes shut as she chopped the washed carrots.

"You're gonna cut your finger off," A voice startled her into snipping back, "Well, I will if you startle me like that!"

Bruce raised a brow when she slapped her hands over her mouth, red in the face, squeaking an apology.

"It's okay. You have to have some snark if you're going to hang with Tony's gang," he replied with an eye roll.

She giggled. "Is that what he's taken to calling you guys?"

"Earth's mightiest hero kind of thing," Tony grumbled, pouting over the fact that he was being gossiped about. "It's clever, it even rhymes."

"Oh, don't look so put out, Mr. Stark. I'll give you some extra dessert?"

"Kagome, don't give him power," Bruce warned her good naturedly.

"Bruce!" Tony looked aghast, "how dare you accuse me of trying to corrupt Miss Kagome?"

The scientist smirked over his cup of chamomile tea, "I'm only surprised no one else has."

"Why, you-"

"Before you two old ladies start bickering," Clint yawned, entering the room beside Natasha, "Tasha and I already did."


"You did?" Bruce grinned at his lab partner, who was currently making faces at the spy and archer.

"That's right," Natasha grunted, tired out from some paperwork that she and Clint had put off due to...well, they were having a lazy day. "So did Rogers."

"Ah, you overheard that?" Kagome laughed.

"When?!" Tony asked, confused as to whether or not he should be offended or amused. "When did all of this happen?"

"Well... Captain Rogers warned me when we were making dinner-he didn't seem too worried, though, and Miss Natasha and Clint-chan," here, said archer crinkled his nose in distaste, "warned me yesterday. Doctor Banner warned me aproximately ten minutes ago, and Peter warned me in the car ride over..."

"Even my own son!" Tony yelled. Kagome placed a cup of coffee in front of him. He shut up.

"Speaking of Cap," Clint asked, "where is he?"

"Eh, he was entirely drained from yesterday, so he's probably still asleep."

"Poor thing," Natasha tsked. The two women looked at each other, then nodded. "We'll bring up some food for him later."

"Aw, you girls are so nice," Clint mock-gushed, "taking care of us guys."

"It's only because boys are dumb and can't take care of themselves," Kagome informed him matter-of-fact. He held his chest in fake pain, and the two women rolled their eyes.

Peter came in suddenly, his hair in dissaray and his school clothes wrinkled. "Kagome? Why aren't you dressed for school?" He asked sleepily.

Her blue eyes widened, and she disappeared from her chair in a flash of violent swears, the last one permeating the air was a giant, "FUCK!"

The adults looked at each other, before bursting into laughter. Natasha bumped shoulders with Clint. "I guess you rubbed off on her already, hm?"

"Don't pin it on me, it was probably Stark!"

"Probably," agreed Peter, sitting where his girlfriend had lept up from, and began eating off of her untouched plate.