The helicopter was soon pursued by Natasha and Clint, while the others rushed Kagome to Stark's tower for the medical care.

Peter began growing as pale as Kagome at the sight of her blood. Come on, Kagome.

"Kagome, come on. You have to stay awake. Focus on me, come on." Steve, who was carrying her, ordered her attention on his eyes. "Do you know who that was?"

"Kikyo...Inu..Yasha..." Small tears dribbled down her cheeks as she clung to the large man.

"Pops, is she okay?" Peter asked, his eyes behind the mask going wide. Civilians gathered around by now, pointing to the white haired girl in Captain America's arms.

Fury spoke into his walkie talkie, ordering a perimeter control for about 2 miles, then ushered them inside a copter Maria flew.

"Sir, is the girl secured?" Maria asked, her eyes on the sky.

"Captain, is she alright?" Phil took the girl gently from his hero's arms, and placed her down onto a seat.

"She got shot by an old aquaintance, Phil, but she'll be fine."

The flight ended shortly, and Peter slid his lap from under Kagome's head, unbuckled her, and brought her into the medic center immediantly, yelling for JARVIS to ready the necessities needed to remove a bullet.

Kagome removed the hand from her chest, and took off Peter's mask. Using all her strength, she reached up, gave him a light kiss on his lips, a bitter-sweet kiss if he'd ever had had one, and stroked his face tenderly. "I love you," She whispered, her hand falling away, her eyes closing and her breathing all but stopping.

Peter stood there, shocked, before screaming for Uncle Bruce to hurry.

Peter wasn't breathing as often as he should have been, and Natasha was the one to comfort him. "Peter, she will be fine, I promise."

"But how do you know?"

"You remember how your father used to joke about Budapest?"

Peter nodded.

"Clint doesn't remember because he had a very bad head wound. I was fighting off a lot of people, without my partner there. He almost died. But I kept fighting, because you know what? If you believe, the percentages go higher."

Peter nodded again. "Okay, Aunt Tasha."