"So sweetheart, how did you sleep?" Cam asked her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his chest. "Quite well actually, how about you?" Cam smiled and she felt his lips brush against her ear as he whispered " I slept just wonderfully love" Luce smiled and looked up into his bright green eyes, she saw the intense look there and smiled. Suddenly Cam lowered his hands to her hips and pulled her even closer to him her breath caught in her throat as he leaned his head down towards her. Just then Daniel burst through the door…

"Cam! What are you doing in Luce's room, Holy...what are both of you doing in here?" Cam smiled wickedly and he replied "Isn't it obvious, Luce has decided that she doesn't want to die anymore, she decided that she wants to live, and she wants to live with me." Cam kissed Luce's cheek and then began to kiss down her neck. His hands tightening on her hips. Just then, Miles and Shelby burst into the room. " ALRIGHT I need to talk to my roommate so every single boy who is in love with Luce needs to get the hell out of this room!" All three boys turned to leave, Shelby grabbed Miles by the shirt collar.

"Not you, lover boy", Shelby smirked. Then, most surprising of all, she turned on her heel and strode out the door. Miles looked nervous as he smiled at Luce. Then he looked up at her as she strode towards him, "Do you really love me Miles?" She asked quietly, he nodded, "I'm sorry, I know that you've chosen Cam, and that I'm just in the way and that you probably think that this is so awkward right now and-" his words were broken off with Luce's lips, he began to kiss her back and they stood there kissing until their need for oxygen became top priority and as she pulled away she whispered in his ear.

"It's you, it's always been you." And then he gathered her in his arms and brushed a kiss over her forehead. And with that she drifted into a quiet dreamless sleep. Her dreams were of him and when she woke up and finally remembered what happened she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She snuggled up against his chest and fell back into a dreamless sleep.