Under the Same Roof

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Chapter one. Flames

He shut his eyes once more, trying very hard not to listen to his sister's squeals.

"Does this look good on me?"

"Will it make my butt look big?"

"Syaoran! I need you to see this!"

"Isn't this a bit too long?"

Li Syaoran was out shopping with his sisters. It was a normal friday night, and the girls had gone home to visit. They were all married now, living across the continent. Shopping was one of their hobbies, which is why our poor amber eyed character was slumping.

"Hurry up already!" He bellowed. The whole store seemed to be staring at him. He shook his head and then apologized.

The girls giggled some more. It was their last night in Tomoeda, and they wanted to spend it with their "cute little brother". He was supposed to drive them to the airport after this too. Oh, the things he does for them.

As soon as his sisters had payed for everything, he dragged them to the car. The whole thirty minute drive there, he was bombarded with personal questions.

"Do you have a girlfriend, little bro?"

"What does she look like?"

"Tell me her name!"

He rolled his eyes from the driver's seat, and then chuckled. "I don't have one."

Fuutie, Feimei, Sheifa and Fanren were startled. Despite their teasing, they knew that Syaoran was a very handsome boy. Any girl would fawn over him! Why did he have to be kind of an anti-relationship guy?

After more tears and hugs, the girls had left, and Syaoran drove home alone.

A fire truck was racing down the street. Syaoran looked confused. Were their neighbors' houses on fire? He got off his car by the crooked curb and then ran home.

Home was not what he returned to. His house was on fire, burning before his very eyes. The sight of it made his stomach lurch, and he wanted to scream. How did this happen?

His face looked ashen as the police came. Various neighbors surrounded him as he watched the fire burning his house. He wondered where his mother was.. Shoot! His mother! His eyes searched the streets for any sign of the woman, but no avail.

One particular neighbor answered his unspoken question. "They haven't found her yet, son. But judging by the intensity of the fire, not even you could have survived." His eyes were sad and his expression, sorrowful. He pitied the poor boy. How could anyone bear to lose a mother, at the tender age of fifteen? The man clucked his tongue, and then patted Syaoran on the shoulder.

Syaoran's lip trembled, and suddenly felt weak. He wasn't known for showing strong emotion, for he was known as the impassive mysterious handsome boy at school, but his mother was one of the few people that compelled him to.

Everybody seemed to be talking at once, and Syaoran felt tired. They were discussing his new home arrangements. Right. He was an orphan now. His emotions were not at all welcome to the idea. He saw two figures, conversing quietly with the authorities. The Kinomoto couple. They seemed to be agreeing on something, although he wasn't sure what.

He remained quiet until he couldn't take it anymore. "So, where will I stay now?"

The adults smiled, an attempt to cheer him up.

"You'll be staying with me for a while, Syaoran." Her voice was sweet and gentle, and very familiar. It was the voice of Nadeshiko Kinomoto.

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