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Chapter 1: Battousai`s Bride

Kamiya Kaoru was sitting in her bedroom looking at the window. She was sad and her face was pale from all the tears. She was crying. She was crying for her peoples` fate but also for herself. She was now Battousai`s mistress and slave.

Lord Battousai was the powerful leader of the vampire clan and also king of all demons. His power was legendary. He was the most powerful man in the world. He was once a human and a Hitokiri in the Bakumatsu. His name was Himura Kenshin or Hitokiri Battousai.

Battousai enjoyed killing innocent humans and drinking their blood. Especially, women's ` blood. He loved their blood. Sometimes if the female was still pure and a virgin he used their body for sexual release and also he was taking their virginity before killing them.

There were two kinds of slaves who lived in his castles. Blood slaves and also sex slaves. Blood slaves were usually young people or peasants who Battousai had chosen in order to take slowly their blood. The sex slaves were young girls especially virgins who served Lord Battousai with their body and blood.

Kamiya Kaoru was one of them. One day Battousai attacked her village and killed everyone. He kidnapped many girls from the village including her. She had lost everything in a day. Her friends, her family and the man she loved. Once they arrived in his palace, many soldiers and demons grabbed the young girls. No one knew where they had gone. Battousai chose only the most beautiful girls and also those who were still pure.

While the others girls were raped and abused by Battousai and his demons, Kaoru was still untouched. Although , she was having her own room and also two servants who helped her with anything she wanted. She was also free to go wherever she wanted but always with a guard following her everywhere she went. Also no one of the soldiers had tried to rape her or kill her like they had done to other slaves. She didn`t know why she had this special treatment. But she wanted to find out. The other girls were jealous of her. Once a girl slapped her hard and tried to kill her. But suddenly Battousai appeared in front of her and protected her. Battousai punished the young girl with death. Shocked and with tears in her eyes she asked him.

"Why, Battousai, why you did this? Why you protected me"? Kaoru asked him.

"Because you are mine little Kaoru. You are someone very special to me and I want to make you mine. I always protect what is mine. And you belong to me my bird. , only to me. No other man will ever have you. You are mineā€¦

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