Bonus Chapter: Predicament of a Cute Goddess

Artemis' POV

So, it is my turn now, is it? I want to roast Hecate to a crisp if I can right now. Curses to be in a state such as this. I've never been in this form before, not even when I was trying to trick daddy Zeus into giving me something that I want. Yeah, I'm a bit of a daddy's girl, you know but don't spread that information or I'll have my huntresses assassinate you.

Now, let's see what's happening. After our fun journey to the Underworld, we made it back into Camp Halfblood without any problems. It was awesome! I got to shoot a lot of monsters and it was like I was just playing angry birds! But, I got to say - I hate the shadow-travel stuff. I felt like I was going to throw up unlike Dionysius who looked really sick and was spewing grape juice all over. Ew! Gross!

I toddled over to my Hunters who stood in attention around their Captain. Thalia scooped me up and brought me over to my cabin. When we got inside, I saw one of my new recruits, Allison Argent writhing in pain in a corner, trying to stave off her menstrual cramps with a bar of chocolate. Yeah, my hunters maybe immortal but they can't escape that biological feature.

And sad to say Hermes had been overcharging me with the tampons, sanitary napkins and other feminine products that I supplied my girls. I make it a point to give each one of my dear hunters with their own goodie bag when they sign up to join my hunt. I squirmed from Thalia's arms so she put me down.

Allison whimpered but immediately stood up when she saw me. "Mistress." She said then bowed. I tried to nod my head in acknowledgement but for the love of Zeus! All I managed to do was a cartwheel. Damn this! I'm on autopilot again. It was a good thing that I landed on the bear rug at the center of the cabin. Thalia immediately went over to check if I was okay.

"Oh dear, are you okay Lady Artemis?" Thalia asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I tried to say but all that came out was "Da ya ya." I crossed my arms in annoyance. Allison had slumped back into her corner and grunted. I scanned the room and my other girls were chatting away. Tauriel was struggling to braid Merida's hair while Katniss, and Nyssa were arguing if who is the better archer: Hawkeye, Oliver Queen, Robin Hood or Legolas. "What a bunch of wimp archers." I commented but all I managed to say was gibberish. "And the nerve of my hunters to talk about boys!"

"I personally think Legolas is better looking!" Katniss said. "But Oliver Queen is much more macho…" Nyssa argued. Okay, that's it! When I turn back to normal, I'm going to punish those two.

"Hey girls, are you ready for capture the flag?" Thalia interrupted, she looked really commanding and badass so I felt proud. However, she was shaking my baby bottle so it kinda ruin the moment.

"Yes, Captain." Nyssa answered. "Let's show those wuss who's better around here."

"Now that's the spirit!" I exclaimed but it turned out, "Dum dum! Eeeeeee…" I need to stop talking before I giggle. That would be embarrassing.

"Allison, since you're not feeling well, you'll stay with Lady Artemis." Thalia commanded then slung her bow and strapped on her aegis.

Now, let's make something clear here, my hunters still remain unbeaten in Capture the Flag. Suck on that Campers!

"Captain, they're calling us to assemble." Ygritte said as she entered the cabin, twirling her fiery red hair and popping a gum.

"Alright ladies, suit up." Thalia ordered. "That means you too Susan." She said as she turned to the napping Hunter. "This is not Narnia where you're a queen so hustle up."

"Let's get this over with. I'm getting hungry." Katniss grumbled as she snatched Allison's chocolate.

And so, the camp was bustling with activity again as the campers were readying for capture the flag. We Olympians were not allowed to participate of course because… let's face it, we're pretty much baggage at the moment. I was sitting on a bench just outside my cabin with Allison as she continued to munch on a Hershey bar.

Across the field, Annabeth was discussing their plans with Jason, Piper and Frank. Percy was not suited up so I think he's sitting this one out and he was clearly preoccupied with shushing Poseidon who was bawling from a book thrown by Athena. Oh geez, why can't those two get along. Duh, it's been a few millennia since the Athens and Medusa debacle. Move on people… or should I say, move on gods…

A horn was blown signaling the start of the game. Annabeth kissed Percy before heading off and my Hunters bowed before me before they too went off into the forest. Hmmm… seeing Percy and Annabeth together makes me a little uncomfortable. Not that I'm jealous of sorts but… you know, contrary to popular belief, I do long for the attention of boys sometimes… Oh Orion, if you weren't such a perv, we could still be hanging out instead of you hanging there in the sky.

Meanwhile, while the other campers and my Hunters were whacking each other out somewhere, I busied myself playing with my bow. The good thing is, I seem to never run out of arrows, they just magically reappear. Maybe not all our powers are not working.

I couldn't use Allison for piggyback rides since clearly she's trying her best not to grimace from whatever pain is hounding her. So, I decided to hop off the bench and run over to where Athena and Hera are playing. As usual, Athena was doodling on a sketch pad and Hera was trying to untie her combat boots. Demeter joined us, carrying a bowl of cereal and dressed in green that she looked like a bean stalk. I came over to Athena to check what she was doodling and saw that it looked like a target – you know, just like dartboards. She grinned at me as she stood up then made a sign which I interpreted to be, "wait here." My dear sister then tiptoed over to where Hades and Poseidon were, just beside the jukebox, listening to Apollo's wailing over the sound of battle of Capture the Flag. Then gently, she placed the target on Poseidon's butt. I don't know how she managed to stick it but who cares? It's a target and my body just went on autopilot. I unslung my bow then notched an arrow. "Bull's eye!" I screamed internally as the rubber arrow struck its target and Poseidon's cry drowned out Apollo's singing. "Ow, crybaby." I commented then Percy picked up his dad and strode towards me. I felt so nervous that I peed in my diapers.

Percy reprimanded me while the traitor Athena was sniggering in the sidelines. I felt so embarrassed that I was getting a talking to from my crush… oops… scratch that… from Percy, Annabeth's boyfriend, Son of Poseidon whom I just shot in the butt and was wailing like a sea mammal.

I notched another arrow and maybe I was just hallucinating but I saw a target on Athena's forehead. And I am a pretty good shot. So yeah, good luck Percy in trying to shush your dad and future mother-in-law.

After releasing the arrow, I ran back to Allison who was on her last bar of Hershey's. She whimpered then got up. "Hmmm… mistress, it seems your diaper is already full." She said. "Yeah, no wonder it's heavy." I agreed. Allison took me inside the cabin and tried to look for a diaper. When she found one, she put me on the table and changed my diapers and fumbled through the process. Although, I don't know why there's a duct tape around my waist.

A cheer erupted outside and Allison carried me in her arms as she made her way to check what's going on. My hunters were cheering so I guess we won again. As expected. Merida was hoisting up the flag as the others carried her. I couldn't be more proud for my girls as we went to meet them. They were all smiling and laughing except for Ygritte who has a black eye and was arguing with a camper.

"You shot me three inches from my heart!" the camper was yelling at her. "Really? He measured it?" I wondered.

"Oh, you know nothing, so shut up!" she yelled back.

"This is for you, mistress." Merida said as she presented the flag to me. I squealed of course then Allison covered my mouth with a baby bottle.

Later that night, I was sitting on Thalia's lap over dinner. She was feeding me with bacon strips and some potatoes while I listened as my hunters talk about what transpired during Capture the Flag. I found out from their conversation that they nearly lost because of Annabeth and Piper. The former using her Yankees cap to sneak through their lines and the latter, using her Charmspeak. It was due to Thalia's timely arrival with Aegis that they were able to survive.

Ygritte distracted one of the guards, a camper from Nemesis while Merida managed to sprint for the flag. Ygritte got a black eye though. Ah, the cost of victory, a punch to the face.

I got bored listening to them so I scanned around. I saw a plate of roasted fish on the table for Cabin 3. And I was thinking that it looked delicious, FYI, it is not an excuse just to go over to Percy… and Annabeth who was sitting beside him.

I squirmed from Thalia's lap. Normally, I would go with "Put me down or let go of me… or unhand me mortal." You know, just for flair, however, since I'm a toddler I can only manage "Ut ohhhn" then I strolled over to Percy and Annabeth who were busy feeding their parents. Hera also approached us and I swear, I didn't mean it at all… I kind of pushed her away then looked up at Percy, trying to be cute as I can then hold my hands up. You know, face it Aphrodite, I can be much more charming if I want to.

"Owww…" Percy said then lifted me up onto his lap. "I think she likes me." He told Annabeth who also lifted Hera beside her.

I pointed at the roasted fish and Percy fed me. I spared Annabeth a glance then grinned before I ate the fish that Percy offered. "Hmmm…" Annabeth trailed then raised her brows at me.

"Do you think they'll remember anything about all this when they revert back to their original form?" Annabeth asked her boyfriend.

"I don't know… maybe." Percy answered as he gave Poseidon some fish too. "Why?"

Annabeth stared at me then smiled. "Nothing… I just thought of something… that's all."

"Uh oh…"

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