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Chapter 2

We Took a Bunch of Toddlers

Percy's POV

I managed to toss a drachma into the aquarium and sent Chiron an iris message. The old centaur had a surprised look when he saw me in the mist. I was of course, holding Baby Poseidon who was squirming and trying to break free.

"Chiron, I think we need reinforcements." I said while struggling to hold Poseidon still. Baby Zeus was lying unconscious on the floor, thanks to baby dad's mean right hook.

"Hephaestus!" I heard Lady Hestia yell. "Put down that hammer this instant!" she added but the toddler kept on running after Baby Demeter along with Hades. Baby Dionysius apparently had given up with the chase and was running over to a basket filled juice boxes.

"My lad, what happened to you?" Chiron asked stroking his beard.

"Um... I have no time to explain..." I said. "Just send someone here to help."

"Alright…" Chiron nodded and the mist disappeared.

Annabeth was busy with her mom while Baby Artemis was shooting her with rubber arrows.

I heard a loud ear-piercing cry and turned around just to see Baby Aphrodite had fallen off the cart and Baby Ares and Hermes were laughing.

It took us nearly half an hour to contain the situation. Lady Hestia had Baby Hera on her arm that was snoring away. Annabeth had Baby Athena and Artemis on both arms as she sat at the front of her mom's throne... her hair was a mess and had a few scratches on her beautiful face.

I was still holding Baby Poseidon along with Baby Hades whose diaper was really stinky.

Zeus had fallen asleep at the lap of a cute minor god. Baby Apollo was lying on top of Baby Hermes who apparently tripped and knocked himself out with his own caduceus. Baby Dionysius... well, was still drinking a juice box. Baby Aphrodite had exhausted herself from crying with Baby Ares sleeping next to her. Baby Hephaestus was playing with his plastic hammer. Meanwhile, Baby Demeter was playing with her boxes of cereal.

"Lady Hestia, what happened here?" I asked feeling tired from all the running and shouting.

"Well..." Lady Hestia started while catching her breath. "The goddess Hecate was experimenting with a powerful spell and it backfired. Her spell accidentally turned the gods into toddlers."

"Can't she reverse it?" Annabeth asked. Baby Athena had fallen asleep on her shoulder and Baby Artemis was yawning too. "Where is she anyway?"

"She's in her temple trying to find a way to reverse the spell." Lady Hestia replied.

"Can't they reverse the spell instead?" I asked pointing to the Olympic toddlers. "I mean, they're pretty powerful. Uncle Zeus or Lady Athena can think of something." I added.

"No they can't do that. Especially when they're at that state… I mean look at Baby Hades, he's trying to eat your dad's diaper." Lady Hestia pointed out and I smacked Hades' hands. He looked at me and was about to cry. "Oh great!" I thought.

A few minutes later our supposed reinforcements arrived in the form of Katie Gardner, Clarisse La Rue, Chris Rodriguez with Connor and Travis Stoll.

"Hey Prissy, so what's up?" Clarisse asked as they strode into the throne room. Her face turned into a frown when they all noticed the babies.

"Whoa! It's like a child adoption center in here!" Connor exclaimed.

"Wait, where are the gods? Where's mom?" Katie asked as she strode forward and went over to Baby Demeter who was waving a box of cereal at her. Katie pinched her cheeks and Demeter smiled.

"Um, that's your mom actually." Annabeth told Katie.

"What!" she exclaimed.

"Well, our parents were turned into toddlers." I told them direct to the point.

Connor and Travis laughed. "Nice one Percy!" Travis exclaimed.

"He's serious my dears." Lady Hestia stated and their amused expressions turned into bewilderment.

"How could that possibly happen?" Chris asked.

Lady Hestia went on to explain again. Clarisse went over to a sleeping baby boy. "I bet this must be dad." She said as she lightly nudged Ares with her foot. The baby opened his eyes looking like he was going to murder someone.

"Then, where's dad?" Travis asked as both he and Connor examined the toddlers. They saw the sleeping Hermes holding his caduceus. "Dad! Look at you, looking mischievous as ever." Connor exclaimed and lifted Baby Hermes from the floor.

"What should we do?" I asked as I turned to Lady Hestia.

"I don't know." The goddess replied who somehow recovered her composure and her warm demeanor as she stoked Baby Hera's hair. "I'll talk to Chiron." She said and handed Hera to one of the minor gods. She then puffed out. A warm blaze was produced when she teleported… probably she was going to Chiron.

Annabeth came over to sit beside me with Baby Athena in her arms and Baby Artemis tugging along at her side. "Gods this is crazy." Annabeth said as she swiped the loose golden strands of her hair from her face. I sat down beside her holding baby dad and Baby Hades. Annabeth leaned her head against my shoulder. She looked very tired as she let out a heavy sigh.

"Stop doing that!" Annabeth shrieked and we all turned to her. She smacked me.

"What?" I exclaimed. "Oh…" I trailed off as I saw Baby dad had a hand on my girlfriend's boobs! Baby Hades too was trying to get his hands on the other one but Baby Artemis smacked him with her silver bow toy. Oh it was so hilarious! Baby Hades fell over. Clarisse let out a loud laugh and soon we were all laughing again.

"Hey look at this!" Connor called and I turned to see him grabbing his baby dad by both shoulders and shaking him. "Poor Hermes." I said and Annabeth laughed as baby Hermes whacked Connor's head with a caduceus.

Clarisse was holding Baby Ares on her arms awkwardly. She looked really weird and I stifled a laugh. "What's so funny Prissy?' Clarisse asked looking really pissed.

"Nothing." I replied but smiled secretly.

"Travis, stop doing that!" Katie shouted and I saw Travis was using Baby D for target practice. He was throwing grapes at him while Baby D was trying to catch it with his opened mouth.

Moments later, Lady Hestia puffed in and she had a brilliant smile on her face as she looked at us mischievously. "This might be good." I thought but hell I was wrong.

"So what should we do?" Annabeth asked.

"Chiron and I came into an agreement." Lady Hestia started. "You'll be taking the Gods to Camp and babysit them until we find a way to reverse the spell."

"What?' almost all of us exclaimed at the same time."

"But what about Olympus?" Annabeth asked again and Baby Athena stirred in her arms.

"I'll run things here for a while." Lady Hestia said and smiled.

"You got to be kidding me!" I exclaimed. "We? Babysit?"

"Yes Percy." Lady Hestia told me. "Besides, according to Chiron… this would be a great time for all of you to bond with your parents."

I face-palmed and dad nearly fell from my grasp.

"Now off with you then." Lady Hestia commanded. "Argus is waiting for you downstairs."

"We'll take all of them?" Katie asked as she cradled Baby Demeter on her arms.

"Yes dear." Lady Hestia replied. "And since Artemis and Hera had no children, I guess you can sort things out for yourself." She added.

We all sighed as we gathered the toddlers. I carried baby dad and Uncle Zeus while Baby Hades tugged along at my side. I don't want to carry him because he stinks.

Annabeth had her mom and Baby Artemis. Clarisse had her dad and Baby Hephaestus. Chris had Baby Apollo and Baby Aphrodite. Connor had his dad and Travis had Baby D while Katie had her mom and Baby Hera. We looked like we went shopping for babies as we descended the elevator and walked towards our impending doom.

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